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  1. Hi! So I’m stressing out about filing tax returns(I want to do it myself to save money but my husband wants someone else(J&H) to do it for us and pay like $150-200 which I think is a waste). I came here in the US late last year through K1, got married and has a pending AOS. Should we file jointly or separate? I’ve read that by filing jointly, I also need to report my income for 2019. I only worked a few months while in the Philippines and only made just around $1000. Is filing separately a better option for us? Help please. Thank you!
  2. I don’t know how to contact them. What number did you use to call? Thanks.
  3. Am I the only one who filed in November and hasn’t received a biometrics schedule yet? I’m so happy for everyone who had done it already or are just waiting for interview schedule. It’s a bit frustrating that I see people who filed December and January and have done them already. Oh well, I’ll never understand how USCIS do it and all I can do is wait patiently.
  4. Thank you. Should I avoid volunteer opportunities that requires background checks as well? Will a background check affects my AOS application? Thanks!
  5. Hi! I’m planning on doing volunteer work in a hospice place doing office administrative tasks. My husband says it’s not a good idea cause it’s gonna be like I’m gaining work experience by volunteering there. Will the USCIS see it that way? Will it affect my AOS/EAD application? Thank you!
  6. Hi, we’re getting the papers ready and I’m just a bit confused on what to include as one of supporting documents for I-864. I have the 1040s with W2s and Tax Transcripts. Do I include both just to be sure and prevent getting an RFE or I have to pick just one to not get an RFE? Please help. Thank you!
  7. Fiancé called NVC and got the case number today. NOA 2: July 19 Case received and assigned #: August 12
  8. What a Monday morning indeed! We got the approval today. I was on skype with my fiancée when I received an app notification that there was an update on my case. It was approved on the 19th but was only updated today. NOA 1 - April 15 NOA 2 - July 19
  9. Hi, I just wanna ask what’s the RFE for if it’s okay? I feel like we kind of have the same situation as I was a J1 holder as well. Thanks 

    1. Rosiedannielle


      Hi! it was just for a missing check box. ooh, when did you program end and how long did you wait before you applied for a k1?


  10. April 12 - Sent it April 16 - It was delivered April 19 - Got NOA1 receipt # via text And now for the long wait...
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