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  1. Just had this exact conversation so any ideas on how to get more straight forward answers are appreciated 😌
  2. I’m still waiting to hear the person who wrote to them what contact information did you use?
  3. Yeah it’s been the hardest 64 days of my entire life.. 4 days to go .. eeek. Wouldn’t be so tough if my family weren’t already heading to the states tomorrow and I’m still sat here. Yes I am super lucky I know. I was determined.. primarily because his work is crazy busy for the starts of May so we won’t get quality time ... damn Florida wedding season 😂🤣 xxxxx
  4. Eeeeeek hope we are all holding up well! This time next week I’ll be down in Heathrow in my hotel ready to set off to RSW To see my fiancé in possibly his busiest wedding season ever.. however.. I’ve a) extended my trip and b ) will be back out there June 10th for 6 weeks!! in the middle of there I’m hoping there will be a few NOA2s for us. I’ve been apart from Jeremy for two months this weekend and can truly say it’s been the hardest two months of my life.. we’ve got this guys xxxxxx
  5. I’ve just noticed you’re going to be in the 239 too!! Awesome !

  6. Hey doll, also UK folk with an noa1 of 2/28! Can’t wait for the second one to come. When are you traveling next month? I’m heading out may 1st thru 28th and head back out June 10th for another 6 weeks. Hopefully approval lands in that time ❤️. My fiancé is originally from Boston but his family moved to Florida so that’s where he is ☺️
  7. Soo finally our NOA 1 arrived today.. well yesterday depending on what time zone I fancy right now😂. Tooth ache has kept me awake most of the night but got to speak to my fiancé at least! We are back dated to 2/28!! EEEEEEK ❤️❤️🥰🥰
  8. Haha thanks buddy wasn’t so much a case of being annoyed more so impatient! HOWEVER just found out our NOA 1 arrived in the mail today backdated to 2/28! Yay😌. I know a year is nothing in the grand scheme of a lifetime.. I guess the cold crappy wet weather,a lovely arthritis flare and missing my fiancé were enough to get me frustrated ha🙈🙈
  9. Welcome guys!! We are still waiting for our NOA1. I’m climbing the walls here 😂😂 sooo annoying ❤️❤️ Our petition arrived 2/25
  10. So our check got cleared yesterday after mailing in on the 22nd!! Still waiting to receive the Noa1 though , but there’s light at the end of the tunnel! Eeeeek!!’❤️❤️
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