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    In 2017 2 people who ride Honda Hawk GT motorcycles met & fell hard for each other. In 2019 they married and filed for immigration, which then led to joining the VJ community.
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  1. @Jonathan Sidwell, this thread is for Montreal/ Canada. Please check other places for discussion regarding Turkey.
  2. a) document linked in my signature using desktop view b) live thread in forum
  3. extension letter arrived... sent to NB. 17mo processing time per https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/
  4. we sent a recent statement and an old u statement--not like anything is different inbetween. electric & cell & garbage service...
  5. USPS delivered to lockbox today; awaiting USCIS text-- tomorrow?
  6. none. but all property tax statements, which list both of us.
  7. everyone, threads get locked at 200pgs... someone needs to start the pt 2 thread for this topic!
  8. AP varies per case. This one should be easy, resolving a document delay, but the consulate is notoriously slow.
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