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  1. I see it as a donation of $160 with the same chance as winning the lottery. You filed an immigrant form telling the government “I want to live in USA” Now you show up with another form that says ”I don’t want to live in USA....Just visit” What would you do?
  2. He submitted statements from Western Union showing monthly transfers of money to the mothers of the 2 kids when he applied, at the interview the officer couldn’t find on the file (maybe the lost it) so my friend got the RFE . At the end I suggested to include a signed notarized statement from the mothers with their name, address and phone numbers confirming that he support the kids, actually my suggestion was on the RFE itself after he received it. 😁 That plus all the transaction statements that he could get from Western Union worked fine and he got approved couple days after the evidence got to the officer. Here is a copy of the RFE
  3. You didn’t applied for her...She applied for herself.
  4. Same thing happened with a friend of mine recently in Oakland Park, FL field office. They wanted to see child support evidence of his children living abroad which even though was included on his original submission they wanted and updated one so they gave him an RFE to which he replied via mail to the office. Estrange thing is he later saw a second RFE on his account. I checked the mail tracking number for the response he sent and surprise it was delivered the same day the “Second RFE” was issued. I told him to wait until he receive it and was suspecting it was a glitch, 4-5 days later the status changed to Approved. I guess that “second rfe” was the officer just putting the info about receiving the documents for the first RFE and at some point messed up. Their system is full of glitches and the are humans that make mistakes on top of that. Hope your case is the same and your approval is coming! Good Luck!
  5. Like previously said if you have all the documentation you will be fine. Keep us updated, when you become a Citizen celebrate with.....Pizza! Pay for it twice just in case. 😂
  6. I think it will work for an “Expedited Denial” if they think you have it.
  7. The recipe is pretty easy: $160 US Dollars & Time to apply and attend the interview. Cook for 1-3 minutes im front of the CO and voila.
  8. Sometimes the applicant run his/her mouth and provide a lot of unnecessary information just trying to be casual and open...or “too open” I should say. If the CO got to it by himself I applaud him too.
  9. Agree! Play with fire and you will get burned. She is living here half of the year on a Tourist visa. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
  10. If you do it play the Lottery too....It could be your lucky week.
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