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  1. Hi everybody, I just received my new 10 year Green Card after being approved for my i-751...I originally have 2 last names (Paternal & Maternal) but my first green card, driver license, ss card have only my first last name as suggested by my lawyer when filling the AOS that 1 last name is the common thing here in the US and I agree. Fast forward I filled my i-751 by myself last year and now I'm surprised to find out my new green card has my 2 last names even thought I didn't make any reference to my second last name on the application. Now starting to work on my N400 I'm forced to put my 2 last names and probably will create some type of issue as I wanted to drop my second last name from the beginning and all my USA Documents reflected this until now that USCIS decided to put it back. Can somebody shed some light about this, consequences and possible fix if there is any at this point? Thanks in advance
  2. My day has finally come guys! I just received the long waited message: "New Card Is Being Produced" No transfer, No RFE, No Interview. This is a super happy weekend! Good luck to everybody specially those still waiting.
  3. I'm almost sure it is a Biometrics Appointment letter, same thing happened to me and that's what it was.
  4. Quick Update Guys: Today I went to the ASC to try to do walk in Biometrics, they were super nice and process was done in 10 minutes. Now fingers crossed for a rapid approval. Good luck to everybody!
  5. Hi everybody...just an update: Today I also received a Biometrics Appointment Letter after almost 3 months of receiving the reuse notification. It is dated 5/10/2019 and the appointment is for May 31 2019. I will try to do a walk in to see if that saves me a couple weeks on this eternal waiting.
  6. I'm scratching my head trying to understand the logic on USCIS work.....Mine was received in May 4 2018 WAC1819250XXX........ Nothing happens, I see a good number of approvals under & above my number, even tracked few of them and they were received either the same day as me or even later and got approved and new cards sent. 🙁
  7. Hi Leon, first let me say Congrats on your approval! Now, to help me and probably others understand a little better can you share some details of your process? I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how CSC is working right now, mine is WAC1819250XXX, Application received on May 4 2018, NOA1 June 5, 18 Months Extension Received and 2 weeks ago received a letter about Reusing Biometrics. My case on the old system says the error that at this time they cannot provide any info and on the new system Only shows Case Received on June 5 2018. No transfer letter, no RFE....nothing. So please can you share those details on your process like if you had an Biometrics done, any notification or change in the online system before receiving the approval...etc? Thanks in advance and congrats again!
  8. Just for correction and clarification: USCIS has nothing to do with Visitors Visas, those are handled by the Consular Section of the Embassies, and they are part of the Department Of State. USCIS only comes into play when there is Immigration or work in the US involved.
  9. Now I'm starting to freak out....I've seen few approvals on applications received 1 month after mine at California....example: Mine is WAC1819250XXX received on May 4 2018 I received the notice last week that they will be reusing Biometrics, no transfer notice and no change on my online status as a lot of other people....Old System says they cannot provide information and on the new one it says Case Received.....Then I found a couple approvals and RFE's issued recently on cases in a range way above mine, I checked those and 1 of them was received on June 12 2018 and was approved yesterday March 15 2019. What is going on? Any input on this @GBOS ?
  10. Thanks @GBOS, I know, that's why I said they "got it working now" as it never worked for me before even when I had it set up properly. Weird as everything with USCIS, we can just either speculate or assume based on others experiences. @GBOS My package was received on May 4 and Notice Date is June 5, am I considered May or June filer for USCIS? My N-400 window opens up at the end of this month but I'm debating with the idea as I guess I can see an approval in the next weeks/months opposing to send my file to NBC and deal with getting stamps once my 18 letter expires...advise please? Thank in advance!
  11. Me too, I have never received any updates even when I had set up on the account. I know that the system is supposed to send you an update every week or so even when no changes has been made, maybe they got it working now. I'm really hoping this is signal that our files are being "touched" by the adjudicators loading up their next work batch.....what do you think @GBOS?
  12. I really think/hope that they will process our files in the next days/weeks. They are touching them now and that's a great advance after all this waiting and backlog.
  13. Hi Everybody, today I received the letter from USCIS California Service Center regarding reusing Biometrics. It is dated 2/22/19. This at least gives a good vibe that they are touching our files/cases. Good luck to everyone and I hope we'll see approvals starting next week.
  14. You asked for advice/opinions, as previously said that is direct and on point.....This is a public forum so everybody is entitled to giver their opinion. The Visa application is a process and hers will be the same as yours and everybody else. Maybe you are looking for the "Everything will be fine and she will be approved, wonderful things will happen" type of comment. Concentrate on giving her confidence about the interview.
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