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  1. There is that option but I will fight it too. 😂
  2. It is easier for my eyes to see, I post 99% of the time from my phone and I guess age is staring to show up but I understand your point and will correct that.
  3. Not correct, when you go into the portal to reschedule the system doesn’t limit to only later dates than what you have. You can change it to the next day If it is available. As said before not guaranteed but if you watch the portal several times a day sometimes you can find new spots available at a sooner date.
  4. I would say experience, long time members of this forum have seen it all in different colors and flavors. Even me, relatively new member here have seen a lot. That’s why this forum is such an excellent source of information. There is even a distinguished member that is writing a book called “Tales Of The Green Card” I can’t wait for it to hit the shelves, will be a best seller! 😉
  5. ☘️🚬🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🛬
  6. they have to be truthful and honest, having said that volunteering information is not a good idea, even worst of it is not going to help the case. Point is “Visiting my family (sister, brother etc...)” is a valid a common reason. When you say “Visiting my sister/brother that is having a baby” is when the bell goes off in their head and the free nanny service comes to play against the applicant. If they ask about it then they have to answer with the truth. Good Luck
  7. The most complete your case is at the time of review the smoother it will go, I submitted mine with everything from the beginning like joint accounts, cars, boat, health insurance, life insurance, mortgage documenta, school documents for the kids etc.... Looks like the Officer did his review in advance and not a single document was asked for so it was english & civics test and approved on the spot. In & out in 10 minutes. During my entire immigration journey having the most quality evidence available from the beginning has proved to make USCiS work easier and of course smoother for me at the end. Good Luck!
  8. When you go to check your passport application status you only need Last Name, Date Of Birth & last 4 digits of Social Security. No application number needed.
  9. So this thread never happened....Let’s call the Men In Black guys to erase our memory. 🕶 🕶 🕶
  10. It may sound harsh but....Family members + New Born Baby makes for a bad recipe at the time of applying for a tourist visa. Usually that means “Free Babysitting” to the CO which is a no no as that’s a job taken away from a US Citizen or LPR + not authorized work on a tourist visa.
  11. At some ceremonies they have people from the Social Security Administration, Department Of State and Voting Commission so you will have the option if you decide to apply right there. Even they mention it on every Oath Ceremony letter this doesn’t happen all the time.
  12. After an incident like that almost everybody I know would run home to be with the loved ones and of course would have a trauma....but going back to that “place” where the incident happened, scared to be at there and not wanting to live in that dangerous place. That’s me just thinking of course 🤔
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