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  1. yeah the sponsorship letter seems like the least helpful (if even looked at)
  2. do you think it's bad to include the sponsorship letter then? and it's only sponsoring the place to stay at, not the other spending (food, plane tickets, etc.) totally agree! do you think having a job + school + rental lease agreement are enough to show ties to returning home?
  3. interesting, i thought that not having job/school/ties was usually reason enough to deny the visa.
  4. good question. i am also curious of this.
  5. i was under the impression that you should buy any plane tickets until you get your visa. doesn't that make more sense, since you don't know if you can even fly to the destination prior to the interview? most airlines do not allow for refunds. fair points, luckily this Brazilian has already traveled to 14 different countries in 3 different continents and has never overstayed their visa. hopefully the consular takes this into account! out of status in another country? what gave you that idea? she is living legally (although temporary, not permanent) in Ireland with a stamp 2 visa. also, a boyfriend (not fiance) is considered a strong tie?
  6. yes, thanks! interview is next month. fingers crossed!
  7. oh wow. yeah, i've heard that theory before too, that they usually decide even before you enter the room almost. the interview is almost more of a formality of sorts.
  8. interesting. you think they'd be interested in that!
  9. i understand no one here knows for sure on any of this, but based on experience/stories you've seen/heard - how do you feel about the chances of getting a b2 visa if this is the information the interviewer will have: purpose of visit: visiting boyfriend and meeting family and go to disneyland family ties to the US: none job: yes school: yes lease agreement: yes has been to the US before: no has been to other countries via visas and has not overstayed: yes does not need any sponsorship/affidavit for financial reasons, although will be staying at no cost at boyfriend's parent's house wants to visit for only 2 weeks that pretty much covers it! something else to note: the person applying is a Brazilian citizen, applying at the Dublin, Ireland embassy (currently living there temporarily for school & work) any advice/thoughts on if you think this has a high/low chance of visa approval/denial?
  10. whoa, nice! this seems pretty unheard of. no tie to your country or a job and you still landed a tourist visa? do you know why/how that is possible?
  11. did they ask how long you were at your current job in the interview, or did you job verification letter state that?
  12. CBP pre-clearance? How does that work? Does it happen at the CBP in Dublin, instead of when arriving in the States? How do you know which airports have this>?
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