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  1. Those late April filers are extreme exceptions; focus now is on mid-March, which is a really heavy group. 2.3k March filers are waiting still, along with a handful of February. There were some oddities in processing a few months ago when a whole bunch of April filers got taken, but that appeared to be a mistake and never happened again. For reference, it appears as if they'll be processing at least 300-350 cases from here on out, so take that as you will. Follow us March filers to see where they are, and best of luck!
  2. This is one of the reasons I hope the call with the Director on Friday focuses a lot on the I-129F delays. At least we're being processed right now, but so many people who don't see the VisaJourney forums are trusting what the website says and are in for a surprise soon. I completely understand/respect the delays caused by Omnicron, holidays, and staffing shortages, but now that I-129F has allowed to go 100% of its original processing time, more people need to be put on it to bring it down. I also hope whatever question gets posed to her directly addresses the real processing time, and not the estimate on the website. I don't think anyone (especially us, lol) would complain that much if it was a 9.5 instead of 8 month maximum wait time. But 12 months is really insane, especially given there's every indication it will only get worse for the filers after us. *sigh*. In any case, 48 cases done today. Looks like we may hit 250 done by the end of the week, a new record for us. Despite the original fear the 625x block was impenetrable, lots got done in it today and the 620x. Pretty much every other March group up until that point was touched as well. February also continues to process well, which is positive. One of the March FB filers saw about 100+ "updates" for January/February/March yesterday, though those do include responses to RFEs and the like. February now has >10% untouched, and while processing is still 'split' between us, March filers are definitely getting far more work done on them than ever before. Good luck tomorrow, everyone! At such pace, by the end of February, roughly 1.5k more of us or so will have approvals, leaving only 1k of us left. Let us hope speeds continue to improve so that becomes a 'high' estimate
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if this is directly tied to I-129F. Although green card wait times are also up, so there's that... seems like everything associated tangentially with the K1 process is being delayed, lucky for us lol. At the same time, Ombudsman's involvement in our entire process is probably somewhat of a relief. Makes me feel like the worst is behind us, and I feel like the daily numbers show that it is. Speaking of that, our good friends are updating the chart now, but providing I can do basic addition/subtraction, looks like we have at least 52 cases touched today! Pretty good. 620x was the last group hit today, but as I've said before, they are the last big group before 645x - so expect to see lots more of them in the coming days. They're mostly March 11 filers, so it's prime-time for mid-March. Early March filers are down super low, and keep getting picked off day-by-day (good to see!). Combined with yesterday's total, we have 99 March files touched in two days, so that's pretty cool. Of course this is slower than needed to get everyone done by the end of February, but processing should hopefully only increase from here on out. We lost two, three months of good processing time since Omnicron and the holidays, but at least we've overcome that together. Good luck tomorrow everyone! And thank you @J&D1008 for that link to the conference! For all those interested in participating, your questions must be submitted in advance of the 2/2 meeting - I think even by this Friday? I doubt there will be a chance for live Q&A during the presentation. Hopefully a couple I-129F-related questions get into the discussion; can't imagine they won't, every time a video on YouTube goes up with "K1" shoehorned in the name, it gets like 1k views in an hour (despite it being just a rehash of the posted processing times lolol )
  4. I don't think at all you should worry about being passed over, 635x still hasn't gotten much consideration, even though most March 8 filers were like 600x if I recall correctly. There were lots of delays at the lockbox when we filed, I think literally only beginning of March were things sorted out. I've seen some really, really strange things with the WAC numbers on CaseTracker; I think there's a whole group of March 23 filers that are like 580x or something. I wouldn't worry about anything honestly... including denials, they're only 35% done with March and the majority of us seem to have filed early-mid. Hoping for good news for you soon!
  5. Sure; your Congressman should get back within 4-6 weeks with an update from the Congressional Liaison at the CSC. They provide vague information, too, but they can also let you know what's going on with processing generally and give you an overall idea of what to expect. Not sure if they can give you more information once your case is actually assigned. Congressional inquiries don't speed up your case, necessarily, though the Ombudsman does specifically inquire if you've tried that route, lending credibility to such inquiries actually carrying more weight. I personally think they're a great resource. I'm sorry, do you mean you're between 620x and 625x? If you're somewhere around there, then you guys are now in consideration and are getting more attention! There's about 190 filers in that group still waiting to be adjudicated, so there's no timeframe we can really provide (plus, remember too they're not going to 100% that group before continuing onwards - they never do). Just know your group will be getting lots of love soon, and keep checking back with us for the updates
  6. Got the same response as you when inquiring (second time) a week later, though I also filed mid-March so that was to be somewhat anticipated. From what our charts are showing, your group is in active review. I wouldn't be all that concerned that you didn't get a 'favorable' response January 3rd; honestly, they didn't pick up speed until last week, so there probably weren't many cases assigned until then. Wish you the best of luck. In any case, there were 47 cases touched today, the majority of which came through in the afternoon (virtually no progress made in the morning). Not sure the amount of February filers touched, though on Friday it appears about 30 of them were. That'll bring those filers to down 200 not yet reviewed. I'm still very confused as to why there's so many of them left, and a bit concerned seeing that literally every February group has people waiting. In fact, I don't think I've yet to see a single group, ever, with 0 people left. I'm shuddering at the thought and will now conveniently push that out of my mind. 50 cases on average does get us to a nice 250 per week, which would actually be enough for them to 100% the 570 - 595 groups. After they got to about 50% of the 600x (March 8 filers), they proceeded to start the 620x - the next 'big' group left until the 645x. There are about 300-400 cases between 620 and 645 but it seems like USCIS definitely hits the larger filing dates first (after all, we saw 600x get touched back in early December and routinely dominate the daily approvals - they had over 300 filers alone). I believe there's lots of high hopes for February. It seems like 47 cases is the baseline, so who knows? They did 60+ last Tuesday, anything's possible coming up... Mondays are always slow days, after all Best of luck tomorrow troops!
  7. Exactly one month (30 days) from the time you received your inquiry response, not the date filed. If you don't know when this is, you can call USCIS and they'll provide you the exact date.
  8. As your NOA1 is fairly recent, NVC may even automatically transfer your case by the time it arrives. It's my understanding Russians that are only now getting NOA2 are experiencing that, but Warsaw is being slow to take them. Those Russians who self-transferred themselves have various experiences. I caution about Warsaw because of how backed up it will be soon, with all of Eastern Europe forced to go there, but hopefully staff will increase. If you can somehow manage to transfer elsewhere (say, to Kazakhstan), you may have better luck time-wise. There will most certainly be more guidance put out by the State Department by the time you get NOA2, though. Best wishes to yours in Ukraine.
  9. I've heard before military deployment may be grounds for an expedite. Someone else on here may be able to better assist, though I think in those cases they involved an imminent assignment. Not sure if your situation changes because you're already there. Your waiting right now is, unfortunately, normal; I don't think any March filers have an interview yet, though about 30% have NOA2. Thank you for your service, particularly in this stressful time, btw.
  10. The overall VJ stats seem to show IR1/CR1 still being a delay of 100 days more; we still list K1 as taking roughly 450 days from start to finish, which is probably reasonable for the current cycle (though just a short while ago, people were getting everything done in around a year flat it seemed). The embassy stage is the 'great equalizer' for us, if somehow I-130s were getting prioritized for interviews over I-129Fs I could see the issue but I don't believe that's the case, given we schedule our own appointments. This all was entirely unpredictable for us filing in March/April 2021, and as many people have said here before, processing times fluctuate constantly. Given the comparatively great processing March filers had last week, there's reason to hope/pray/believe that we're coming out of the tunnel again. It also seems to me that the various processes after AOS are bound to increase in speed, too, as those should be high-priority for USCIS. In my opinion, so long as our time to be united in the US with our fiancees isn't actually notably longer than going the IR1/CR1 route, we should be very thankful. Lots could've gone wrong this year, and at least for us March/April filers, we've been through thick and thin but literally could not possibly be any closer to the embassy stage. We're all going to be okay
  11. Hopefully you will indeed! Good luck tomorrow everyone - if we did 207 cases in a week with only 4 days, let us hope we can reach 250 in a week with 5! Another 300 cases down (10% of March) before the end of the month won't be anything to complain about, and bodes well for the majority of us finally clearing the woods in February It's exciting, really, that even at this relatively 'slow' pace we're rapidly approaching the finishing line. Good luck!
  12. Hello everyone! I know my flag is Belarus but I have a question pertaining to Polish filers here. In the Russian subforum, we're interested if there's a 'priority' system in place for scheduling interviews in Warsaw. Russian applicants have been holed up at NVC for a while, and those who do get past it and get to Warsaw are having all sorts of oddities once there. There's talk of there being 650 Russian petitions in the works, and nobody knows where they'll be placed. Plus, the Russians apparently can't find any interview slots - period. Poles that have recently left NVC or scheduled interviews: how long were you at NVC and what was the approximate time to find an interview slot? It's my understanding that Belarusians are going to be treated like Poles for interviewing purposes (as we've always interviewed together); that is, if there is a priority system, we're on the same 'level'. Can anyone here help me out? Thank you kind in advance!
  13. That's very interesting to know, thank you. So are you implying that Belarusians are still getting some sort of priority in Warsaw? I'm of course concerned because of my fiancee still being in Belarus during this process that just keeps getting longer (awaiting NOA2), and it would be a great relief to me if Belarusians weren't being made to wait longer. I'm very sorry to hear about what's happening with the Russians, however.
  14. Congratulations to you!!! I've popped into this thread every now and then to see if you've ever gotten your update. Your positivity and resilience throughout this process is an inspiration to us all, you earned it
  15. You think I'm being negative...? I'm being honest, and everyone has the right to as much information as they can get, whether or not that makes them happy or sad. For the past 3 months, processing time has slowed down incredibly. March filers were supposed to get processed starting October - it is now end of January and we've only just really started. It has been confirmed several times over that getting 4,000 I-129Fs in one month is not normal. Our calculations are also not somehow incorrect b/c of the "current situation," our estimates have come from spending every night adding up approvals/RFEs and communicating to you guys exactly where they are. It's because of us that the March/April filers aren't all thinking right now their applications have been lost in a bin somewhere. We're just trying to keep people informed so they don't get crushed when the VisaJourney and USCIS estimates come and go.
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