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  1. Now that my fiancé has her fiancé visa, as the petitioner, am I able to sponsor her aunt and uncle in Colombia for a tourist visa for them to come visit us? They raised my fiancé, so they're pretty much her parents so to speak. The uncle is employed, the aunt is a school teacher, and they jointly own their home. Anything I can do for them?
  2. My fiancé's NOA2 was May, 2020. Case created June, 2020, was sent from the NVC to the embassy this June. We could've interviewed earlier in July, even in late June, but we decided to wait until I was off from work. From my case, and others, it seems it's about a year, + or - a few months, from the NOA2. My fiancé had her interview in July on a Monday, we didn't bring the correct version of her divorce papers so they couldn't make a decision until they had that and the medical exams. Two days later we were home and sent in the proper paperwork. That Saturday she received an email saying that the package was being sent to the DHL shipping center in Medellin. We picked up the package the next Thursday. All in all, it was a week and a half for us. If you have specific questions, send me a PM or reply here. I'm not on here much anymore, as we're focused on getting moved to the US. It was about a week and a half from the interview, until my fiancé and I picked up the package, with the passport and visa from the DHL office in Medellin.
  3. Last night, my fiancé picked up her package from the embassy. It had the passport with the visa, some photos we submitted with the I-129F, and the sealed packet she needs to give immigrations in the US. I appreciate all the help and advice we've received. Does anyone know of moving companies from Colombia to the US? We have some large and heavy boxes to get up there that will probably expensive with the airlines.
  4. I also wanted to share some news, my fiancé checked her email and saw this from the embassy: Hello ___________________________, The U.S. Department of State Consulate located in Bogota has released document related to your Visa application to our courier DHL Express. The document is being sent via the courier option you selected at registration. The tracking number for the package is 5____________. It can take up to 1 business day after receiving this notice before your shipment is available to be tracked. Please do not contact the courier company before this time as no additional information will be available. You may track the progress of this shipment at http://www.dhl.com.co/en/express/tracking.html?AWB=5_____________DHL. The shipment process takes an average of one to two business days from the time you receive this notice. For a list of identification required to receive returned document(s) and additional information related to courier services, please refer to the information at https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-co/niv/information/courier The data we have on file is: Applicant Name: _________________________ Passport Number: ______________________ Best regards, The CSRA Visa Appointment and Information Service Team We also checked the status and saw that it was changed to "issued", which I thought was fast considering our interview as about a week ago and that we had some paperwork issues.
  5. With my fiancé's interview now behind us, we are waiting for medical exam results to be sent to the embassy and a decision to be made, we are starting to think about how to move to the US. We will donate furniture and appliances to her family, but we still have a lot of things that we need to move that simply can't be replaced and I think will be too much even with excess baggage costs for the airline. Any ideas? The other idea is on a cargo ship from Cartagena, but we aren't sure if this is feasible.
  6. My fiancé had her interview yesterday (7/26), and although she did her medical exam 7/13 with Dr. Roja, laboratory work 7/15; the results from neither were sent to the embassy in time for the interview; it's upsetting that the results couldn't be sent within the 10 days from after her lab and the interview. Immediately after the interview we went to Dr. Roja's office to pick up my fiancé's vaccination record, there were three other people there in the same situation. So if you can avoid Roja, I would agree with Josm. My fiancé explained the situation to the receptionists and asked them when the paperwork would be sent to the embassy, she was told yesterday; but we shall see. My fiancé also brought the incorrect version (?) of the divorce papers, the embassy emailed instructions and a voucher for DHL to send the document to the embassy. I was able to attend the interview, although trying to keep our son relatively behaving and I wasn't asked anything nor spoke with the interviewing officer. The interviewing officer kept her passport and told my fiancé that a decision will be made once the embassy receives the medical exam results and the correct version of the divorce papers. We also were able to schedule and attend the interview without instructions, my fiancé received them the 23rd, which neither of us saw in the emails. I guess technically we did have the instructions prior to attending the interview, but not to schedule the appointments. My fiancé was not asked about the instruction packet. Scheduling and attending the appointments can be done without the instructions. I was wondering since the embassy kept her passport, if it is a good sign? As we were sitting on the bench waiting to be interviewed, I was watching all the tourist visa applicants as they were leaving trying to see who had a passport in their hands, and those who didn't. A lot of people were applying for a tourist visa, some people sad and others happy. The interviewing officer told my fiancé they have a child not much older than my son, so hopefully all of us attending helped. I really hope her visa is approved and she has it soon, ready for this process to be over.
  7. Edited my comment due to the sensitive nature of people, I was going to hurt some feelings.
  8. Has anyone interviewed recently and been able to go in with their beneficiary? I’m off from work, so I’ll be there, but don’t want to be doing circles out front. How difficult is the interview recently? Any mention of questions of previous visa denials? Keep on trucking boys and gals…
  9. Well, I thought it would never happened. Interview is scheduled towards the end of July, and I'm glad it's for when I'm off for work, so I can be with her and our kid. Last night, after a late night at work, I did a final review of the DS-160, submitted it, paid the fee and scheduled the interview and biometrics. So relieved that it's finally happening. I'm worried about my fiancé's previous four denials for tourist and student visa applications, which I hope will be a non issue, especially since we have a kid together and despite the long waiting time in the process, we're still together. Hopefully the interview will pretty easy as well. Any advice for the next steps? I'm having visions of me sitting in a beach chair with a cigar, watching her and our kid playing in the water on Miami Beach, taking them hiking and camping in Glacier National Park near where my dad lives, and other things I've been dying to do.
  10. Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm not sure if they have her email address.
  11. My K1 petition was sent to the embassy in Bogota, and it’s now “ready”. My fiancé moved to a new apartment in February, do I need to update the address in case the instructions are mailed to her apartment or is every thing emailed? If I do need to update it, where and how? Thanks for the help.
  12. I just got to Munich Germany via Kazakhstan, Inchon and Narita where I started at 4:30 this morning (maybe yesterday morning, I get lost in what day of the week it is; the perks of flying cargo around the world :D), but after getting to my hotel room from enjoying a nice TALL German beer to finish the day before I sleep and fly again tomorrow, I happened to check the case status and it’s FINALLY in transit to the embassy in Bogota. I’m so happy, The million dollar question, now what do I do and how soon do I do it? This was totally unexpected, I didn’t think anything was going to happen for at least another few months.
  13. So it really wasn’t really being denied or disapproved, just approved contingent upon submission of the necessary documents? I had the same problem when doing the CRBA for my son, just a lot of stuff that was needed.
  14. I’ve seen that cases that were created late May 2020 (K1) were in transit to the embassy, so hopefully my case is in the next round to go in a few weeks, if the embassy is having more sent.
  15. There are also a few K1s who’ve had their cases sent to BOG, they were from 03/20 time frame. My case was created 6/6/20, so I hope it will not be too long for us.
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