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  1. Update on our case: Got the text yesterday that my husband's green card is being produced, and a text this morning that his I-485 is officially approved! Hooray! It's been almost exactly 30 days since our interview on Jan 7th when they informed us that they were still missing his medical packet, but we otherwise passed the interview. I'm just relieved they found it and aren't going to force him to redo his medical! Good luck to everyone in our March batch! Your GCs will be coming soon! 🙂
  2. We just finished our green card interview in Houston this morning. Everything went well except that the NVC forgot to send my husband's confidential medical packet to the Houston field office. Happens every now and then, our officer said; and it's pretty true from some of the stories here on VJ. So our status has changed to "Interview Was Completed and My Case Must Be Reviewed". Still, we breathed a sigh of relief that we passed the interview! Now we just need them to complete the packet so they can approve and produce the green card. The officer said it should be within 30 days. I just hope it's not truly missing and that they only forgot to send it. If it had been anything else, we would have had a copy because I saved everything, but the confidential medical packet is surrendered at the port of entry so we have no way of making copies of it. As for the interview itself, my husband was nervous but the officer only asked him the basics -- when did he enter the US; when did we get married; our current address; and the usual questions about terrorism, criminal acts, etc. As long as you've got the basics down, you should be fine!
  3. Hey, I know it's been a long and hard process and I'd like to encourage you to stay strong you're almost done and everything will work out, I promise! I actually think that no questions asked was a good thing. The same thing happened to my husband during his embassy and point of entry interviews where they never asked him any questions even though he was prepared for them. Most likely, everything looked good to the interviewer and he did not need to ask any questions he already knew the answer to.
  4. It's been quite a while but I'm back! Just received a text message today from USCIS that our interview has been scheduled! My husband received his EAD in September and I honestly was not expecting an interview until late next year. We're in Houston TX and the office here is reportedly slow, so this is good news!
  5. Literally just came back from Chase to research this topic after getting turned away for the 5th time in trying to put my husband on a joint account with me. Chase would not accept my husband's passport because it has his unmarried name, and would not accept our marriage certificate as a proof of name change. Instead, they'd rather have us go all the way to the consulate to have his passport changed, even though the last time I was there they said all I needed to do was go to DPS (and waste an entire day) to get his state ID in his new name which should serve as his proof of identity and proof of address. Now they're saying that his ID is great, but his new name doesn't match his passport 😠. They just keep moving the goalposts on us and it's beyond frustrating.
  6. Hi everyone! I've been away from the forums for a while since there's been no news, but yesterday we got an email (and much later, a text message) from USCIS saying that the card for our EAD is being produced! Woohoo! All in all, our EAD took 5 months and 9 days (162 days) to get produced. It sounds like several others in here are receiving theirs too so it looks like they've gotten to our batch!
  7. Yup, my EAD/AP estimate went from July, to August, and now to September in just a span of 2 weeks. Sigh.....
  8. Just got a text and e-mail update as well today that our case status has changed to "Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview". It took a little less than 2 weeks for our case to update after biometrics. Since we're in Houston, we're settling in for a long wait for the interview. But now we can look forward to receiving his EAD/AP. Fingers crossed!
  9. No updates yet on either site for us. The nice news is that our EAD/AP estimate on VJ improved again, this time to between July 5th to 20th. Fingers crossed!!!
  10. Yup, I've that get rejected but also seen others get approved. It always seems so arbitrary. Just cross your fingers that you get a lenient adjudicator who can see that the needed shots are actually there even if the correct box isn't checked.
  11. Got done with our biometrics yesterday! Forgot to bring our marriage certificate so they questioned his past surname on his passport but thankfully we had his new state ID which matched his new name on his appointment letter, which they accepted as proof of name change. So just reminder that if you had a name change, bring your marriage certificate as well!
  12. Do you know if the EAD/AP combo card is enough for visa-free entry into Mexico for a Philippine passport holder? I would love to take my husband on a cruise as well, but friends have told me that only a green card would let him enter Mexico in the first place.
  13. Got our biometrics letter today too! Ours will be on April 11th.
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