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  1. I felt how you feel, not even a whole 3 days ago. To not know is the most heart wrenching thing. I don’t want to sound like the typical “happy go lucky person” because when you’re in this position (where you’re waiting with no news), you don’t feel that same energy when someone tells you to “just be patient, it will come”. I know what that feels like and it’s hard to be patient. However, I do have to say that once you do see the status change - whenever that is- you will feel a lot better. Since you submitted your application, we know the moment Will* come and it’s just a matter of When*. So hang in there! Hopefully you do continue to remain positive throughout, but I know it’s easier said than done. You will hear back soon and I pray for all that are waiting that the moment comes sooner than later. Good luck to everyone! Continue to Keep us posted on your journeys!
  2. Finally!! Congrats ! I had asked the other day if anyone was waiting for an interview and you responded to my message stating you were waiting. I was also waiting for my husband to get his since he filed around the same time as you and he finally received his interview notice yesterday (NYC field office)! We are over the moon now that things seem to be moving along. I hope all goes well for you! Good luck 👍🏾
  3. Hi again! Were you able to get an interview scheduled? My husband finally got his interview schedule notice today, for April 2024. The anticipation had us on edge. I know we are no where near finished, but at least this is some progress. I hope that everything for you is moving along smoothly. 🙏🏽
  4. Yeah same. My husband applied for the 5yrs. He’s been a resident for over 10yrs. Idk why he took so long to apply. Apparently the process is getting slow again I hope we hear something soon.
  5. Congratulations on the interview status !! I’m so happy for you!!! 🤗🤗 Your field office is basically where your case’s interview will be conducted. Where did you file from? What city/state?
  6. Hi, my husband as well. He applied 10/20 and application was received by USCIS On 10/26/2023 and still nothing… which is your field office ?
  7. Hello no I have not seen this message on his portal yet. What I see is *3months*. However, I have seen it on a group I follow on Facebook where others post screenshots of their online updates and it says “taking longer than expected”. If my husband doesn’t get an interview by March, I’m sure his wait time will change to ..longer than expected*. Most people that have waited 4-5+ months have that message . Hopefully we hear back soon. It’s a bit nerve wracking huh… the unknown lol.
  8. Hello ! I’m wondering if anyone that filed Oct 2023 is still waiting interview ? Husband applied Oct 20 2023 and still nothing. Anyone experiencing the same thing ?
  9. Hi there! Thank you for sharing. My husband filed under 5yr rule. He’s been in the U.S for over 10yrs. He’s just now applying for citizenship lol. Idk what made him wait so long. Nevertheless, I’m not sure why some are being processed faster than others. I’m hopeful that we’ll hear back very soon. Question: did you file with any criminal record, violations, unpaid traffic tickets, unpaid taxes etc? Asking because I noticed that the people that filed with these things are taking longer to process. if you don’t mind, keep me updated on your status. I’ll let you know how it goes for my husband. And have faith! I’m sure we’ll hear back soon enough.
  10. Hi There! I've been looking for NYC filers for weeks. A lot harder to find than I originally thought. Glad you submitted the application and are starting this journey on becoming a U.S citizen. I'm looking forward to hearing about your process with the NYC field office. My husband filed his N-400 in NYC: Oct 2023- and we are still waiting for an interview. All the best to you!
  11. Hello, I have tried to look for forums that discuss the N-400 application process in NYC and can't seem to find any recent 2023/2024 information. I created this topic to hopefully hear from those that have filed through the NYC field office in 2023 and 2024 and their timeline or experience with the overall process. At the moment, my husband is pending his N-400 Interview (to be scheduled). He filed online and submitted the N-400 Application on 10/20/2023. The case status online is currently pending since 10/26/23, with an approx. processing time of 3 months* (I know this estimation isn't always accurate). We are anxiously waiting for the status to change to" Interview scheduled". We are trying to be patient, but in the meantime would love to hear from those that have filed and how long it took to get an interview (specifically at the NYC office). Any questions, thoughts or comments are appreciated and welcomed ❤️
  12. LOL! Good luck to us for sure!! I have faith that we’ll get an update soon. Hopefully by the end of the month 🙏🏽🙏🏽
  13. Not sure about an official tracker as I just login, but I sympathize with you on the nervous part! My husband and I check daily since we applied on 10/20/23. Maybe we shouldn’t check everyday lol 😭
  14. Hi there! Thank you for responding. I saw another post on this site that mentioned they are from NYC, they filed in Nov ‘23 and already have an interview. I have no idea if it’s due to being in a big city. I think it’s at random. It’s pretty nerve wracking though. Hopefully our statuses change soon. When did you file?
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