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  1. Yes there was a written test. The officer read it out while I write it on a tablet. It was preety simple. Congratulations!
  2. Had my interview today and everything went well. Interviewer was very nice and friendly. We started with the civics test and then continue with the written test. I believe our interaction certify the speaking test. After the test, she then went over the application with me. She took my green card and congratulate me. She couldn't conduct the oath ceremony right after the interview because there was a national network problem in printing the certificates. So all applicants that were approve citizenship today were asked to wait still 12 noon. And we had a big oath ceremony. It was awesome. Good to those waiting. Civics test questions asked were; 1. Who is the president now? 2. Who is the vice president? 3. How many years do we vote for senators? 4. What stop one branch of government from becoming powerful? 5. What is one right for everyone living in America? 6. Who is the father America?
  3. Do you think it is necessary to take some pictures as evidence or is that not needed?
  4. I submitted my application on October 16. It was 10 months wait time before a decision is made. It then came down to 9 months and on November 8, I got scheduled for intervie. My interview date is December 14.
  5. it was 10 months for me when I submitted my application and the wait time came down to 9. Then, it went to interview has been scheduled. I'm in Boise.
  6. Just an update. As of today, November 8, I have been scheduled for interview on December 14. This came as a surprise since I wasn't expecting to have interview schedule for this year. Now I have just few weeks to prep for the interview. Good luck to us all.
  7. Just submitted my application with all required documents. Case is actively being reviewed. I'm in Idaho and the estimated time until decision is made is approximately 10 months. Good luck to all!🤞🤞
  8. Thank you. I so far have all the necessary documents scan and I will upload them when submitting the application.
  9. I'm about to apply for naturalization and I would like to know if we have to scan and upload the supporting documents online. Thanks for feedback.
  10. Hi everyone, I am about to file for citizenship online, and I would like to know if I will have to upload all the supporting documents online or I will have to mail those separately. Thanks!
  11. December 2 will mark my three years permanent stay on green card (married to a US citizen). When can I submit my application for naturalization?
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