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  1. Thanks for sharing. Technically the extension letter provides 18 months so I will just use that date for eTA application.
  2. I need eTA to travel to Canada. I got one in 2019 when my GC was unexpired. Since then I have obtained a new passport (last one expired) and now my GC is also expired too due to pending i751. I have an 18 months extension letter. The problem is that when I go to fill out online application for eTA it asks for the Alien number and GC expiration date which does not give an option to select any past date.. I am unable to proceed because of it. Has anyone experienced this and if so how did you get around it?
  3. Hi all, I looked and could not find any topic that focuses specifically on below. Pardon me if I missed anything. I want to start a topic where people will share their journeys throughout ROC with divorce waiver. Suggested details - How long it took? - Any RFEs? - Interview details -Anything else important Thanks and good luck to y'all.
  4. I traveled as a conditional resident with an extension letter with no issues. You will be fine. I would definitely think about what to say at customs when you return since you already married.. when I was entering the US 2 weeks ago the office asked me a few weird questions about my ex wife and made a point that my GC is based on marriage.
  5. I know the wait sucks but does it really matter that much? We all still keep the LPR without a problem. Get a stamp and wait until eligible for citizenship. You can then apply concurrently and that is all... My two cents.
  6. Came back with my mother. No issues on her entry at all. PCR was checked before boarding the plane to JFK.
  7. I returned to the States yesterday. There were no problems at any boarding point with my extension letter at all BUT I want to share my experience about clearing US customs which was different than any other entries I have ever had... The officer asked me where I was coming from and how long I stayed there. Then he asked me where my wife was. I answered that she wasn't with me and that we are not together anymore. He asked so it didn't work out? I told him that it did not. He then proceeded to tell me that my GC was based on marriage to which I responded that I was aware and also that I had requested removing conditions based on good faith marriage. He then stamped my passport, handed me my docs and wished me a good day.. While there probably isn't anything unusual in this I still found my experience to be different/unusual. This was first anyone ever directly ask about my ex-wife at the border.
  8. No worries and thanks for reaffirming. Traveling gives me anxiety and with Covid being a thing adds to it. Looks like I have all I need.
  9. No, we will travel through Istanbul airport as a transit. Our Route is TBS > IST > JFK (Layover in IST and staying in the transit zone)
  10. So I am going back to my country in a few days (I am LPR) and will return woth my mother who has a tourist Visa. We will travel through Turkey and then directly to NYC. I know of PCR requirements. Is there anything else I should know? I have read all there is to read but for piece of mind wanted to check here as well. Thanks in advance!
  11. Same happened to me and when they called back I was told what I wrote above. Good luck and keep us posted.
  12. I called the USCIS for infopass appt to get the stamp but they said they won't schedule I-551 appts unless your extension letter expires within one month of your request. Mine expires on 2/2022.
  13. Submitted ROC in July of 2020 and received extension letter in 10 days. Fingerprints were reused from my AOS and so far have not hear anything since fingerprints were applied mid August. I was married for about 2 years. Original AOS interview went with no issues and had no RFEs. For my ROC I submitted - joint lease - joint checking account statements - joint car insurance proof - joint health insurance proof - transcriots from medical claims (proving we both used it) - personal letter describing why marriage was dissolved. - joint tax returns - affidavits from mutual friends and frim professional relationships my attorney did not include any pictures or some other info which I provided her with. I trust her expertise. She said I have a decent case but I also worry naturally.
  14. My attorney advised me set up infopass appointment to get i-551 stamp in my passport before I travel. Is this a safer way than traveling with extension letter?
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