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  1. Lately, I have been reading a lot about having a parent visit the US. I would like to once again express my gratitude toward VJ community! I have had smooth sails with all procedures related to visas and immigration thanks to this place. I am a GC holder (became LPR in August 2018). I helped my mother fill out the DS-160 application and she was approved her visa today. She was asked the following questions: 1) Where are you going? 2) Who are you visiting? 3) Have you ever traveled to other countries? 4) Are you employed? 5) With who do you live? 6) Does your son (me) and his wife have a kid? 7) What is your son's birthday? 8 ) How long has your son been in the US? 9) Where does your son work? My mom is a homemaker taking care of her grandchildren while other family members work. She does not work and she has not traveled anywhere in the last 35 years. She answered all the questions honestly and was approved her visa. She does not speak English and had translator during her interview. The officer did not request any of the documents that my mom brought with her. It took a total of 4 minutes and she was out. By the way, B2 visa denial rate in my country is about 62%. Hope this will help others as much as other posts have helped me! Good luck with your own journeys!
  2. I don't know why a lot of people here get so aggressive when OP is genuinely trying to ask questions and do the right thing in order to keep the family safe. Did everyone lose any sort of empathy? I know we all went the right and legal way and took some time for us to become residents/citizens, but OP is in need of help to stay alive. Have some humanity for Christ's sake.
  3. Generally, online accounts update either immediately or in the next few days. If you don't get any updates or GC within one month make sure to create a ticket online and set up infopass (if your office allows it). Mine was recommended for approval but I did not hear anything for one month. After that I created online inquiry and reached out to congressman and senator which helped get it approve within a few days. I hope that your application will be approved in a few days and that you receive your GC very soon, however if that is not the case do not wait forever. Sometimes they forget to hit the button on a computer and applications sit on shelves for a while.
  4. Had the same exact problem. Reach out to your senator, congressman and also ombudsman. I actually wrote to a couple of senators and co congressman. I got approval message literally the next day after my inquires. Good luck!
  5. I had similar situation. Approved at the interview but did not hear anything for a month. I called USCIS but they give generic answers which doesn't help. Make an infopass if you can and inquire in person (in my case this was not an option since my field office only makes appointment through calling the USCIS center so they did not think I had a valid reason). Also, reach out to your congressman and senator and put in inquires that way. I received a decision literally 2 days after I made congressional inquiry (could have been senator too. I am not sure since I reached out to both). Good luck!
  6. Wow this was fast. Mine just got approved! 1 days after congressional inquiry. Thanks for the tip, I really appreciate it!
  7. I reached out to about 5 different offices. In the past they have been helpful. I hope that is the case now too. IO did mention one thing. He said that we sent too much documents and our file was very thick. He said he was gonna go over it and dispose unnecessary documents. Maybe he does not wanna do it for some time idk. It is indeed unfortunate. Another thing is that IO forgot to take my fingerprint at the end of the interview and chase me down to the parking lot. We went up and he took my fingerprint there. Not sure if this affects at all.
  8. Let's hope that happens to me as well. I had contact info and fax numbers from my previous inquiries from earlier this year and I just asked for help again. Sent it to 2 senators and Ombudsman. Thank you so much for your info. How long after you inquired you got approved?
  9. I have not had any updates still yet. It has been over a month. My field office takes infopass appointments only by calling and the reps would not let me schedule it. They say 120 days needs to pass before I can go in. There is absolutey nothing to be done but wait which is bs. Often times someone forget to press 1-2 buttons and that is the reason of the delay.
  10. Thank you so much for sharinf this info! I appreciate it. May I ask what steps you took and what dragged the process for so long? Currently I have been waiting a month since our interview during which we were told that we are approved.
  11. They used to show up on the old website but that no longer works for me.