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  1. My wife (USC) and I (LPR) always go through USC line. If fact, in the beginning I did not since I am not a USC and the CBP told her that next time she should bring me with her. Ever since we go through USC line together.
  2. Your assets will be split the same as any US citizen would in the state in which you are. You have absolutely 0 power over her green card. You said marriage was entered in good faith. Leave this part alone as any spiteful action can be used against you in case of ugly divorce court. If you want a divorce do it and move on. Be prepared to give up 50% of what you accumulated during your marriage. Likely spousal support too if you make much more than she does. Good luck.
  3. "We applied for 485 for my mother while she was in US but since things were not moving and she was near her 6 month stay limit she went back" Doesn't filing I-485 grant an authorized stay? What am I missing here?
  4. There is a big fuss about I-864 on here. I am yet to see a post where someone sued and enforced I-864. Lawsuits are expensive and cases that sued for I-864 in the past are mixed bags. If you are already in doubt of a relationship then what is the point of it at all? Plus you had to convince her to come over... What am I missing here? I respect the comments of all the other knowledgeable and valued members on this platform, however at times these comments very extreme and assume the worst. Rarely I see anyone provide statistics which is and should be your single source of truth. If out of 1000 marriages 2 sued for I-864 and 1 prevailed that should be a pretty good starting point to assess your risk. What could or would be is not a great one.
  5. Makes sense to me. Do you know if the USCIS prefers IRS transcripts over actual copies of filing, meaning 1040?
  6. There would be no change in terms of actual tax numbers (payments or refunds). It is a simple error. I guess I will amend it and call it a day. My only concern is if I get asked to have a knowledge of claiming to be a US citizen on N400... I'd have to answer yes.
  7. I agree. I think I need to. It will demonstrate that I at least tried to correct it. Do you know of any cases where this became an issue? Is there a question that I have to answer on the N400 about this and say I accidentally marked it? Perhaps I am overthinking?
  8. I have an accountant to who files my taxes. I found out that last year he marked me as a US citizen on business taxes 1065. I am making sure that does not happen this year. Do I need to possibly amend last year taxes to reflect correct citizenship? How problematic is this going to be when I apply for naturalization? This was an honest error on both my and my accountant parts. Tax return documents are very long and it is hard to read every single line...
  9. Reach out to you local congressman and schedule Infopass asap.
  10. Not everyone naturilizes. This approach has many flaws. They need to scrutinize marriage based adjustments more and just get rid of ROC.
  11. Realistic facts: If you file I-751 ASAP NOA and the extension letter come within 2 weeks or so (more times than not). Biometrics will likely be reused. if all goes well and you get the extension letter you will then make a copy of it and mail the original to her via secure shipping method. She will then be good to travel back. Make sure she does not stay out more than 1 year or else she may risk problems at the border. They key here is to file ASAP. There are too many things to go wrong. good luck.
  12. Based on the answer OP provided unless the separation/divorce began before the GC was issued there should be no problems. USCIS will scrutinize a bit more but given that OP entered marriage in good faith it is VERY likely to lift conditions. Now, if the separation or divorce happened before the GC was issued and the OP failed to notify the USCIS then this may become a huge problem. When OP applies for I-751 and produces separation/divorce papers this will be an issue if the USCIS officer notices it. OP has not been upfront with all the facts therefore we cannot help.
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