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  1. Hi, My wife and I sent our IV and AOS documents to NVC one week ago. How long is the NVC currently taking to review and "Okay" the documents? Thanks!
  2. That is a big YES! I am also on DACA. Your I-130 will take around 10-12 months to get approved. Are you applying for Adjustment of Status (AOS) or are you going through consular proceedings? If you're going through AOS, you may be okay but NOT if you're going through consular proceedings. I submitted my I-130 back in Oct 2017, and I am still not done with the the consular proceeding process.
  3. There was a court rule on 10/11/2019 that prevented USCIS from implementing the new form: ALERT: On Oct. 11, 2019, judges in three separate cases before U.S. District Courts for the Southern District of New York, Northern District of California, and Eastern District of Washington enjoined DHS from implementing and enforcing the final rule related to the public charge ground of inadmissibility under section 212(a)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality Act and postponed the effective date of the final rule until there is final resolution in the cases. Two of the injunctions are nationwide and prevent USCIS from implementing the rule anywhere in the United States. Until final decisions in these cases are issued or the injunction is lifted, USCIS will accept the version of this form on this landing page.
  4. Thank you! not sure what the big fuzz is all about, if that's all they're changing.
  5. USCIS posted a new I-864 Form that must be used starting on 10/15/2019. However, I looked at the new and current forms (side by side) and can't find any differences. Does anyone know what changed, besides the edition number? https://www.uscis.gov/i-864
  6. Hi everyone, Our I-601A waiver was approved: Received: 01/17/2019 Biometrics: 02/19/2019 Approved: 09/26/2019 Office: Nebraska Thankfully, we did not receive and RFE.
  7. Did anyone else notice the processing time in Nebraska for 601A applications got pushed back another month?
  8. Get a doctor's letter. Have the doctor mention in the letter specifically what it is and how it prevents you to walk, sleep, etc. From there you can try arguing that you need your spouse around you at all time so you can accomplish some basic tasks around the house, etc.
  9. 1) No, she will not need the I-601A waiver 2) Yes, she still needs to leave the US and go to her home country for a vista interview Have her talk to a lawyer!
  10. About 8-10 months from "Received Date". When did they receive yours?
  11. I've seen a some approvals on Facebook groups. Looks like USCIS is currently working on submissions from September & October 2018.
  12. Hmm... that's unusual... Did you hire a lawyer? If so, typically they receive a copy of correspondence from USCIS. If not, I suggest calling USCIS and ask them if they have scheduled a biometrics appointment for you. Either, correspondence got lost or they have not sent it. Good luck!
  13. It takes 2-3 weeks to receive the biometrics appointment letter.
  14. Don't think so. The 10 year bar is a serious issue. If you know you're going to trigger, or have already triggered the 10 year bar, then you should submit a waiver request. Good luck!
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