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  1. From what I understand, "Assignment" means that it has been assigned to an FOIA person for review. The process is: Submitted > Evaluation > Assignment > Processing > Closed
  2. Go to: https://www.foiaonline.gov/foiaonline/action/public/search/advancedSearch Look Up By: Agency, and type "CBP" From there, you can start looking for requests submitted in August and see where they stand. From what i can see, they received 8,810 requests in August 2018, and 2,832 requests are still pending as of today.
  3. Probably because the spouse had an encounter with CBP and returned to his home country. The attorney wants to know if he was given a Voluntary Return (good), or an Expedited Removal (bad!)
  4. It varies, but typically between 4-6 months. Also, they stopped processing FOIAs during the government shutdown, so they're about one month slower than normal. From what i can tell, they're currently working on FOIAs from August 218. So you might hear from the soon. Do you know your FOIA Tracking number? You can check out the status here: https://www.foiaonline.gov/foiaonline/action/public/search
  5. Use a paperclip to attach the check to the first page of the application. I've done this about 4 times in the past and haven't had an issue.
  6. I am also on DACA and currently in the same process... When did you first enter the US? And, did you ever leave the US and came back? How old were you when you first entered the US? How old were you when you received DACA? Regarding the 601a waiver, you and your spouse really need to sit down and seriously consider how he/she would deal with it, if you had to leave the US for 10 years, or if he/she had to company you to your home country for 10 years. Consider the following: Safety concerns Family separation Physiological factors (Get your spouse to go to a psychologist) Language barriers? Employment prospects? What does your spouse do for a living? Can he/she do the same job in your home country? Would he/she make the same kind of money? Loss of your income Get letters of support from your spouse's friends and family Other... Every small reason will eventually add up to an "Extreme Hardship". You should also consider getting a new lawyer. Check out: http://i2us.net/forum/showthread.php?115907-Examples-of-Approved-I-601A-Waivers-HSL
  7. How old were you when you received DACA?
  8. Yes, you can renew EVEN if your DACA has already expired. As long as you've had DACA in the past, you can still renew, for now. You may want to get this done as soon as possible.
  9. That is perfectly fine. However, the friend should be fully aware that it will be a one-way plane ticket.
  10. Your DACA recipient friend will need an Advanced Parole document, which would allow him/her to depart the country for a brief period of time and request re-entry to the US. This is the problem: DACA recipients are not allowed to apply for Advanced Parole, since 09/07/2017. Some people will say, "You're friend is allowed to leave whenever he wants", but immigration services sees that as "abandonment" of his/her immigration benefit. Your friend should NOT leave the country. See: https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/deferred-action-childhood-arrivals-response-january-2018-preliminary-injunction
  11. hello! Yes, lots of people here have went through this process. Do you have a specific question? Good luck!
  12. Hi, Are you positive about not having a second interview? It is my understanding that your husband will have to go to the Ciudad Juarez for a second interview. From what I've heard, the embassy is currently very slow on scheduling interviews. Some people here have said they're receiving their interview appointments for 5-6 months after waiver approval. My wife and I are still waiting on our i-601A approval. Good luck!
  13. I applied for my DACA without a lawyer, and renewed it three times after that also without a lawyer. I've never encountered any issues, just gotta make sure to submit your renewal application with time in advance and include all the documents and copies required.
  14. Yeah, what everyone has told you here is correct. Unfortunately, your husband received a 10 year bar the first time he left the US, for being in the US illegally for more than one year. Then, he received a permanent bar (9C) when he entered to the US a second time without inspection. Here is the only solution: Your husband needs to leave the US for 10 years. Once that has passed, he may apply for a waiver.