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    Ana and myself met on Facebook through family of hers/friends of mine. We started talking and I quickly booked a trip to Mexico to meet her in person. We were married in Mexico on 06-Feb-2019 after dating just over a year.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. We are in the same exact situation in Jalisco. Nothing available in May 2023.
  2. Does anyone know the restrictions on the police background reports? We were ordered to obtain one in 2021. Then again we were ordered to obtain another one in 2022. Are they only subject to one year? The one my wife has will expire the day before our appointment.
  3. Thank you Vicky's Mom. As it turns out we just left this blank because there was no asterisk noting a required field. Do you know if we need to bring that receipt to the interview? The state website says no but maybe it's a good idea.
  4. Is the NVC case invoice number the same as the DS-260 id number? They are asking for this when registering our appointment.
  5. Hello All, We just recieved our interview dates for my wife and stepdaughter. The dates are scheduled about 2 months out and it's to be in Ciudad Juarez. Finding an acceptable vaccine (one that is acceptable by CDC and/or FDA) is proving to be more difficult than I imagined. It's not safe traveling around Mexico so I would rather not do it. Has anyone been able to use the waiver for their medical examination prior to the interview in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico? Can they provide a full series in the form of a single dose vaccine at the medical examination? My brother in law had to do a mix and match vaccine last year to re-enter on his B type visa, but even then the airline turned him away at first. I need this to be as smooth as possible. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello all and thanks in advance for the helpful knowledge. I recently changed my address. This matches my passport and driver's license. However, this does not match the address on my DS-260 that I submitted to the NVC. All documents have been approved and we have been waiting for an interview appointment for 90 days now. I have my wife and daughter and each have their own case ID. Our priority date is 08-12-2019. Our consulate will be Juarez, Mexico. Our POE will either be Houston or San Antonio, Texas. (I say "our" because I'll be traveling with them.) The question is do I need to see about changing the address before the interview? Will we need to bring it up at the interview? Will it be best at the POE? I can still receive mail at the address on the application. So, do I even need to worry about it at all?
  7. We received notice by email that I was missing and had to re-load some civil documents on 28-Dec-2021.


    For my daughter they want the marriage cert for her mother and I and my 1099 tax form for 2020 (even though the tax information is included in the transcript). I will need to try to upload custody paperwork.


    For my wife they requested the same tax form and wanted an new upload of her previous divorce paperwork. This was uploaded but the scans were bad. I'm hoping that this is the only problem.

  8. So after a 2 year court battle for custody of my step-daughter, for my wife, she was granted full custody of our daughter in the summer of 2021. This set our timeline back about 1 year and 2 months. One lawyer dropped our case for personal reasons. That set us back 6 months. The later lawyer had promised us that the remaining process would take a short time and that the previous lawyer was not working hard enough for us. Then came Covid.


    l took great care as to have each document translated by a professional before any civil documents or DS-260 were submitted. It was very tough compressing the files per NVC's instructions, but I was able to finally fit everything under 2 megs.



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