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  1. Just curious. Has anyone or group filed complaints with US Department of State regarding how long the CJ consulate is taking for granting interviews for spousal visas? Time frame is horrible when compared to embassies in other countries. Why is this happening and being permitted?
  2. There is still not activity(almost 11 months) by USCIS on our CR1 I-130 application. The processing times have become so long I am sure others will encounter this problem. I had to renew my passport recently and now it has a new passport number. My wife will also need to do the same with her passport. What is the process to notify the Service center to update the change in these documents? I am US citizen and wife is Mexican citizen.
  3. Yes dead in Mexico for states covered by Ciudad Juarez office but I'm thinking it is still open in Mexico City. see below USCIS to Close All International Offices By 2020 AILA Doc. No. 19053131 | Dated May 31, 2019 USCIS will close its international offices, starting with Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and Manila in the Philippines. All offices, including the main district offices for the separate regions, are scheduled to close by March 10, 2020. Watch this page as AILA tracks which offices are closed. According to BuzzFeed, in September 2019, the Monterrey, Mexico, office is projected to close, as well as the station in Seoul, South Korea. By the end of January 2020, the majority of the offices, including those in Mexico City, London, Athens, and Guatemala City, are slated to cease operations. All offices, including the main district offices for the separate regions, are scheduled to close by March 10, 2020.
  4. Can I cancel current CR-1 application or change it to DCF . Timeline is getting longer everyday. NSC just changed processing times to 11-14.5 months, CD Jaurez consulate has backlog so Interview appointments have 8 month wait, plus NVC time looking at at least 2 years plus for CR-1. Wife is in Cancun (would file DCF in Mexico City Consulate as Cancun is in their area), we have been renting there for 4+ years, I have place in TX but spend a lot of time in Mexico. We were married before in Mexico, got divorced now re-married. I can get retired resident VISA for Mexico, had one for 8 years in past. Any input appreciated. Thank you in advance for your response. JohnOC
  5. This is complete BS. Just changes in the past few days. Then for us couples in Mexico the TH CD Juarez consulate is 6-8 months before giving an appointment... a dd in 1-2 months for NVC so total time will be 24 months... if your lucky
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