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  1. I think they are but I havent called them so idk what time is best. Look up the facebook group 'citados al consulado de cd juarez'.
  2. Found it it's Duke & Marie you might want to reach out and ask em how they handled the Aus PC situation. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=311062
  3. I remember something like this in the January thread. Ill see if I can find the VJ member who went through that too.
  4. I understand. At the time I was uploading docs there was another member who was advised by their lawyer to upload the PC anyway and I followed their advice 😊 Even though it was stressing, the whole process was much easier than I thought. Its your call and its worked for other people so fingers crossed 😁
  5. I lived abroad for 9 months and the documents page requested my pcc from the foreign country. So I requested it via mail and uploaded it. I got DQ in January on first submission so if its not a big deal Id say upload the police certificate(s)
  6. Yeah it happens all the time. Either click the title several times or wait until the message is displayed. Or try changing browsers. Its kinda tricky to get the message to display πŸ˜…
  7. Quick search and found em My intention is not to stress anyone on this thread, just to share a bit of information I've read in the past few months. Ultimately it is the applicant's & petitioner's decision to use whatever form they want.
  8. Its not recommended to use the EZ version. We've seen several RFEs and NVC asking for the I864 instead, even if the petitioner applies for the EZ one. You might want to read about it in the previous threads. (Ive been following the NVC threads since November.. got DQ Jan 2020)
  9. I figured you could change your interview embassy since youre living in Mexico but since youre not a resident then I dont know 😁. Youre better off interviewing in Colombia anyway !
  10. I found out through facebook groups of my embassy. You can also monitor the spreadsheet posted in this thread. Search for your country
  11. Holy that took a while. Congrats !! I dont recommend you to interview in Juarez. Wait times after DQ used to be around 12 months. Now with covid its gonna be longer maybe 15 months. I got DQ in January 2020 and I was expecting to interview in January 2021. Now Im thinking more like April/May 2021.
  12. Thats what i was gonna say. Not sure why you guys had a translation if the interview is gonna be in the same country. Anyway that lawyer sucks !!! And you have every right to be upset. We never know why things happen but they happen for a reason and thats the only thing that ever keeps me sane. Please be patient and know that your case is in our prayers πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  13. Yes people have had to reupload and wait again for docs to be reviewed
  14. Yep Many references made (cellphone check, work proof found) were not posted by the OP so there are posts that were obviously removed
  15. I agree, you never know when their decisions are going to come back to bite them... as long as I'm following the rules and I'm at peace with myself and with the process I'm following... This is an enlightening post! Interesting to understand differences between immigration systems and how the US is actually more lenient than we thought it was
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