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  1. I just checked and yes however I didn't include her in my I 360 form but she is included in the approval notice as a beneficiary. I was almost loosing it
  2. Ok I realized I mentioned her in form i485 only because she was not around and I didn't have her A number, is that ok to file for her after I get my greencard and file i824 or she is not eligible because she is not on the approval notice, please someone help to know if she is eligible to use form i824 after I get the GC approval
  3. Thanks do you mean if they were in the form I360? Then I can file to follow or if I mentioned them in the form. Because I only had my form I never filed a form for my daughter
  4. Great to hear from you once more, am happy for you atleast you finally met your family, Just a quick question have you filled for your kids? How does it go? Do I have to be a citizen first or I can do it immediately after I get my GC? And how long does it take? What's the process, am waiting for an interview and I have a kid back home whom I would like to start her process too after my approval of GC.
  5. Anyway that's my observation and am really open to correction, after what I went through I always am considerate with any word I pass to anyone, after 2 yrs of therapy I have learned to be polite to anyone hurting. Denial is not an easy thing, only that can break every bone of you flesh, adding salt to the injury having to face removal proceedings, I pray for comfort to anyone hurting and all who are waiting for their responses
  6. Am glad you said personally and also remember that everyone story is different, you might never know what one is going through God bless
  7. You are wrong, I know how to read and I can understand wording by wording in your writing, I never mentioned in anyway that you discouraged the person, but I pointed out the use of your words, and I tried to assume that the person might be working behind the scene, I will take you back to what Sandra just mentioned that she already advised the person in question, with her her sandraj ter it means something is happening, and thus it will be upon the person if they want to share the documents he submitted here or not, rem this is internet and how sensitive our cases are. So I hope you understand my point of view and it can put to rest this matter
  8. Are you an attoney do you know if he is online or not? Please be considerate with your choice of wordings in this platform, people on this platform are hurting and you sounding this mean breaks my heart, you sound as if you know everything, PLEASE LET him be, as Sandraj said she already advised the person. Am sure the person is working on the issue.
  9. Hi after how long was the transfers done
  10. That's what I wanna know am not sure cause it just said that, maybe it's at NBC or local office am not really sure of the process maybe someone can tell me about it here
  11. I applied in june 2017 form I360 Applied for EAD renewal in September 2018 No response until 15th oct 2018 approval notice for I360 Applied adjustment of status an Ead on 23rd November 2018. 21st dec 2018 fingure prints notice 30th dec 2018 case moved to another office for processing. I hope I get a date soon for interview
  12. Congrats to all the approvals, just a quick question, does it mean when the online status say your Cass has been transferred to a different office for processing means it's now in my local office? I applied for adjustment of status on Nov 23/18
  13. Wow that's long, I got mine in 1 week
  14. Hi did they deny your 1st I 485 form