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  1. hey did you get your citizenship? I became on in January and its the best feeling!!

  2. I just came to say thank you all. I became a citizen last week and I feel the blessings 🙌. I wish everyone the best.
  3. Hi @sandranj as a VAWA beneficiary can I apply citizenship online or I have to send hard copies? If yes where do I send it?
  4. Hello family am glad to see many approvals. So am here to ask anyone who has filled their citizenship, because am eligible to apply. Now my issue is I finally gained courage fill for divorce, and I have not received the mention dates yet. Do I wait until I get the divorce to apply for citizenship or file with the copy on marriage cert that I have? I will appreciate your input thanks
  5. Hahahaha there is one on Facebook even threatened suing USCIS and I felt his despair, I just saw they approved his VAWA 👋 🤣 😂
  6. You are one person whom I prayed for to be approved! Even after VAWA approval I said a silent prayer for you! Those long complaints made me get in your shoe and just experienced you despair , lol one day you became so bitter 😂 and if you had gotten a chance you could have walked at Vermont at kicked their legs 🦵 hahaha. Am glad this journey is done enjoy!!!
  7. Thank you so so much this explains everything to me!!!! I was checking and I could not see that part.
  8. What if I do not have my ex cert, and have divorce cert?
  9. Congratulations on approval, am due to apply for citizenship come May, would you please tell me what documents you attached?
  10. I have been silently praying that your time comes!! Congrats and I hope the consular process goes fast for you
  11. I did hel afriend filing and they have never responded almost 3 times !!! Am glad I do not live in NJ. This lady filed her case in Aug 2018 and no response at all.
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