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  1. You made a mistake on your renewal application, c31 is only given when your I360 is approved. I guess that's the reason why they are not taking it is because you have been using C09 categories. That makes sense
  2. Have you requested the congress to check in for you?
  3. Can I give little I have to buy food for her stay in the hotel
  4. Yes when I called that's what they said and gave me an address to send to in VA. I used fedex so it was overnight .
  5. @MitchEdi @Pinkrlion this is great we all seem to be on the same route. I just sent the other documents, and I asked about I864w because its nolonger on the website and the lady told me I do not need it I just needed to send the other documents by mail because I do not have an option of electronic. So i sent it and am waiting to see if they will request for the Affidavit of support.
  6. Hey there, what form am I supposed to fill for exception now that the I-864w is not being used anymore? I need to submit my Docs but am not sure what to do.
  7. Do not be disgusted or unhappy, you just filled last year, can you imagine there are people who applied in 2018 and they are still waiting on God for the right time? Army you can get into it until you are 39yrs. So no need of getting troubled. This might be hard but the only reality, wait and patience! Prayer and faith! Until then keep yourself busy with the job. By the way you can only get in the army with a GC, so I believe you will cross that bridge and get in the army and serve this great country.
  8. The copy might work well, incase of anything. Would you mind sending me a copy of the form?
  9. Just wondering which form will you be filling cause I was to file I-864w but its no longer on their site?
  10. Just to give people hope they started working on cases that were submitted in December 2018.
  11. Congrats to those who are DQed am at the stage of paying fee, so I just paid for AOS waiting for them to unlock the IV FEE part. I hope it doesn't take long.
  12. Congrats mama it's been a journey of pain and tears, amid the pandemic God gave you cheer. Take that stethoscope and stay safe, all the frontlines me included you are our heroes and may God be with you and protect you as you come in and go out.
  13. That means one is eligible with a greencard too
  14. Hey is one eligible for fafsa with a greencard too
  15. Ooh lucky you I hope I get mine created soon though am EAC! Approved 3/10
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