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  1. If this were absolutely the case then people with PF won't ever be asked for RFE and we know that is not true.
  2. Nothing. Still only the fees are waived blah blah. 2PFs so far though, 1 for 1 year, 1 for 6 months
  3. No, but i figured we would be hearing more by now. It's been about 18 months for me which has been about average in this forum in the past.
  4. There haven't been any 2020 filer approvals on this board yet, right?
  5. Good to see that they have indeed switched to 2 year EAD. If you selected that an SSN be automatically sent to you in the form you filled, you will get it in a few weeks. I did in my case but then I still never got it so I had to apply for it locally.
  6. Looks like USCIS is going back to their previous policy of requesting RFEs instead of denying applications outrightly. Great news.
  7. I got my EAD without fingerprint in August 2020...then a few months later (after i sent them a message to say i never got the biometric info,) I got the biometric information scheduled for Feb 2021.
  8. I did, very recently too. Not sure how it will work in your case though because my scholarship came as part of my financial aid loan from my school. My school used my PF to grant me a need-based scholarship.
  9. Anecdotally, it is also the advice that I got, and one of the reasons I have delayed divorcing him for now even though we are separated. I just wanted to leave without trouble so I wanted a no-fault divorce, and even though I ended up not using a lawyer, it was definitely the advice I got...and took because I heard it from a few credible sources but it is possible it actually doesn't matter in the grand scheme.
  10. Hard to say because not everyone gets PF. I got mine exactly 60 days after I applied but this was right at the start of the pandemic so unsure how that has affected their timeline. So it could be that yours is just delayed or you aren't getting one but impossible to say which for sure.
  11. I am assuming you did the RPR test. They are not perfect tests, especially at the beginning or towards the end of an infection. They can do more specific tests to be 100% sure but those tests are typically more expensive than the penicillin, and penicillin is such a low side effect profile medicine that we err on the side of giving it. I am more concerned he/she wants 3 shots not just 1. Unless he/she just wants to scam you which makes no sense to me why they'd want to do that, that makes me think they saw something they are concerned about or its unclear when you may have gotten the STI because typically 1 shot should be fine. You can get another test, and go from there but syphilis is not something you want to go untreated in the event that it is indeed a false negative test.
  12. I don't think anyone will give you that many vaccines in one day. Depending on what they are, you may be able to get 3 or 4 in the same visit, but can't imagine more. Also who told you they all expired? A healthcare provider?
  13. Congrats everyone! Any 2020 applicant approvals yet?
  14. Same. Just got the letter with the biometric appointment for february
  15. I thought so too but the poster I responded to said in a previous post that they became concerned for TB after s/he presented with a lesion on the left arm which to me sounded like a PPD test. Didn't think anyone still did it.
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