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  1. looool i'm the doctor in this scenario so everyone from my siblings to my cousins and nieces/nephews, even close family friends, all hate me for this reason because my parents/their parents won't give it a rest.
  2. is there a reason you don't want to just use the AP? I didn't have h1b but i had an f1. Used it till it expired then moved to AP but I also never mentioned the AP/vawa application to them at the border at all.
  3. Found someone online, also worked 6 days a week so i did it virtually over 3 months (jan to march 2020); 2 hour sessions each x3. paid $1000. Evaluation was super detailed with >20 pages. This forum emphasizes in person but especially now post covid, virtual is probably fine - at least it was for me.
  4. Get a detailed psych eval. You need that or a police report.
  5. I know but i may not have a choice. I am starting residency soon in the midwest and we don't usually get enough time to travel so i am worried about not being able to get time off to come back for an interview that far away but i hear you, i don't want to touch anything about this application at this point. right now, i intend to leave it as is and figure out the rest later. wow. i literally got my 360 notice at 8am and 485 transfer update at 8.01am. hopefully you hear back soon That is correct. Literally came 1 minute after. Not sure where it was sent though at this point because the email just said another office. There has been a recent processing action taken on your case. Receipt Number: EA***** Application Type: I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR ADJUST STATUS Your Case Status: Initial Review On May 17, 2022, we transferred your Form I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR ADJUST STATUS, Receipt Number EAC***, to another office for processing and sent you a transfer notice.
  6. Thanks. Yes, I got both emails back to back. Currently in the DMV area but I graduate this week and i'm moving to the midwest soon so still weighing the pros and cons of changing my address now.
  7. 3PFs. No RFE. Applied without a lawyer. i485 has also been transferred so that wait has started but for now, I am grateful. Good luck to everyone still waiting.
  8. did it DIY but had a lot of help from @sandranj. I went back and read all the older vawa threads i could find till I kinda got the hang of it. The application hasn't changed much since them. No approval yet, 3 PFs, 2EADs and no RFE (don't worry these words will make sense as you start reading) but yeah, if you have the time and think it is something you can do, go for it - if not, find a good lawyer. so many of them just want your $ and actually know nothing about this.
  9. yes we have seen jan 2020 and feb 2020 approvals.
  10. Call USPS and try to change it if it hasn't been delivered. Those are very different addresses, if it isn't lost, they may be able to at least return it to you
  11. Any other march 2020 filers here getting excited? looks like they are in feb 2020 now. so close.
  12. Ah, finally a 2020 approval! Hopefully, it is not an anomaly and they have actually started looking at 2020 filers. Fingers crossed
  13. Have officially hit the 24 month mark since I applied. 3 PFs thus far. No RFE. Hopefully, I will get approved in the next few months.
  14. wasn't out of work at all but my situation is unique
  15. Just got my renewal for 765 approved. Applied June last year.
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