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  1. Check your ceac status once or twice a day once they have the documents.. best of luck
  2. Download the forms attached to email, proceed to drop off location with your passport and the forms. Your status would be updated as soon as they deliver the documents to the consulate
  3. It is mandatory for all visa applicants to register online; to secure interview date, for passport pick up location and to track your passport when visa is issued
  4. You know funniest thing, the guy is a Nigerian too.. i think he's just a bully coz he's not suppose to do that! He kept on saying the documents in the brown envelope is not complete, said pictures aren't inside and all, then I answered the embassy official gave it back me at the visa interview and he said lemme see it..
  5. Honestly, this guy asked a whole lotta questions, he even asked to see my pictures with my fiancee.. like I was in another visa interview!
  6. Take all documents and pictures related, I was asked a lot of questions.. it all depend on the mood of the officer, so prepare yourself you be could be ask any question..
  7. Ready to AP is a standard procedure, give some few days.. I'm just motivating the op..
  8. You are good to go... keep your eyes on the status, it's going to come out good!
  9. Firstly, I would advise you to keep eyes on ceac status, probably they want to run additional background check as per the birth certificate. Secondly, they might send it back with your visa to the pick up address.. best of luck
  10. As far as your interview appointment has been schedule before the expiration date you're good to go... best of luck
  11. Most welcome sir.. We are doing well. Regards
  12. They called and I received instructions via email, I took the financial documents to the interview, it was collected there
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