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  1. Yes, it means that on first sight your application meets all the requirements. In time they will look deeper and verify stated information. They will notify you in writing if they need anything else from you. Buckle up, if all is good after some time you'll get nice and shiny approval. As for 1 year validity - do not be mislead that your application will be adjudicated in that time. (I hope you'll prove me wrong!) Most of us receive Prima facie automatically for a year followed by 6-month extentions. Some have to request primas, some don't get any at all. It is quite random. There is no limit how many primas you can receive. Good luck!
  2. Hi family, finally movement on my end. June 6 got a notice for request for additional evidence. Already did initial for good moral character end of 2020. Lawyer didn't get the letter yet, so I use my time to quietly freak out. Hoping for something easy like updated ID or something. Not mentally ready to open up wounds and dig in for good faith marriage, cohabitation and abuse. Any input from experience is much appreciated. What was your RFE and how you overcame it. Thanks, fam! Hope they are working on all of the 2020 and will push all the backlogged out as well asap. Timeline so far: 2016 Marriage to USC, we did not file anything together. July 2020 filed I-360, 485, 765, 131 Sept 2020 RFE GMC Nov 2020 Bios for 485, 765, 131 Dec 2020 RFE received by USCIS Feb 2021 Prima 1 year Mar 2021 Reuse of bios for I-360 Dec 2021 Combo received valid for 2 years Feb 2022 Second prima 6 month June 6 2022 RFE (not received yet)
  3. @europeantravel212 Hi there! To answer about RFE - yes. If the deadline says Oct 1 and they receive the reply by Nov 29th, they will take it as it's been replied in time. It is 60 calendar days extra, so if the letter is delivered on Nov 30th or later - you'll have missed the timeframe to reply and they will not take it into consideration. Please clarify what is going on. Looks like your I-485 has been withdrawn and you just have filed VAWA petition a month ago. What kind of case/s do you have pending besides the new VAWA that you are worrying about the deadline for the RFE?
  4. What deadline are you talking about? If the one printed on the RFE - it is already extended for 60 days after the printed "respond by" date because of covid. https://www.uscis.gov/newsroom/alerts/uscis-extends-flexibility-for-responding-to-agency-requests It's a blessing and a curse. You have more time to respond and they have more time to add for excuses for your case delay😞
  5. Thanks! I think I'll wait a little. Hope this inquiry will trigger someone looking into this. My lawyer did an unsuccessful expedite request in January. Don't want to anger them with too many inquiries even if they are at fault😳
  6. A friend of mine did. NJ, reuse of biometrics. It was super fast imo. Can't think of exact dates but it was about 4 month. He also got an automatic prima renewal.
  7. Still waiting for an initial EAD/AP. July 24 2020 filed petition with AOS March 24 2021 did e-request for outside normal processing April 13th my lawyer said he got a letter stating that USCIS can not provide any information online. Either lawyer has to do an inquiry or I have to mail Vermont. I don't know if with VAWA cases e-request will work at all. My guess is not... unless there's incompetence from USCIS... conclusion... high chance?
  8. Hi, Family!!! Hope everyone is warm and healthy😘 I have a dilemma and did not find anything useful online. My AP is outside of normal processing times and EAD is months away according to their new estimate. Should I inquire about AP to nudge the case or I will risk just getting just the AP, not the combo card? Which form is corresponding to the combo card AD or EAD? Some relevant details: 7/24/2020 Initial filing I-360, I-485, I-765 and I-131. VSC, local Philly 11/30/2020 Biometrics for I-465 and I-765 only. No mention of I-131 which is still at case received online. 1/13/2021 lawyer tried to expedite EAD/AP 2/11/2021 USCIS replied that the case will be processed as normal. I have a feeling that he did not include any evidence (I might be wrong) and it's not relevant any more so there is no need to fight with him or resubmit. Don't want to poke the lion but it's been 7 months since filing and to think that I might need another 4 for the initial EAD is making me want to cry. Still, my case was pulled once in January and I don't want to make things worse. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. @Restez Forts Short answer: Lawyer's office. Long answer: All my mail has been and will be going to my lawyer's office. He is updating me ASAP with an email copy of anything received and will mail originals as needed (will keep record if all, of anything is lost or just in case). I know it is less than ideal, but in my case, it is as safe as it comes. My field office is in Philly PA and my lawyer is not there, not even in the same state. Even if I move, the mailing address will remain the same. Theoretically the I-485 interview will be at the original location of filing or at the lawyer's office's location. I will not change my address with USCIS for any reason, unless my lawyer is not representing me anymore for any reason or he tells me to. I am able to keep his address as my safe mailing address and deal with USCIS, if needed, for not updating it. As long as your lawyer is aware of your whereabouts, gets your mail and can get a hold of you, with VAWA, you should be ok to do so. (Lawyers in the forum, please confirm!!!) I've paid a flat steep fee for the pleasure, but a peace of mind is priceless!!!!! While my now ex hubby was out with his shenanigans (out on a 'business' trip), I've gathered all the courage, packed up and left. No trace, nothing. Ghosted that M♡F. Yet, somehow, even after changing address and a workplace, I was served my second round of divorce paperwork (yes, second - first dismissed) - at my 'secert' new workplace!. Thank God my higher-ups were not around when this has happened, because I was most definitely terrified and not even close of be able to breathe, not even talking about smiling and working. I work in a legal hospitality business (restaurant) before anyone decides to judge me. Still, 11 month's since Covid hit, still hanging on to the 'temporary' on and off closed worlplace, because no other way with no EAD.
  10. @Achyb Congrats and thanks for giving all of us hope!!! NE states' joke, courtesy of Orlena:) PS: hope to put at least one smile on anyone's face:)
  11. Third time is a charm for a reason!!! Glad you've got your EAD! Godspeed and strength to the rest!😚
  12. ***somehow with edits this part has disappeared and it won't let me edit again*** 9/18/2020 USCIS sent me a request for additional evidence dated 9/11. I received it on 9/29/2020. It is for a good moral character for i-360. Lawyer said to go do private fingerprints to be sent to FBI. 10/09/2020 Lawyer mailed my fingerprint card to FBI.
  13. My timeline so far is: 07/21/2020 Mailed all to VSC 07/24/2020 Case received I-360, I-465, I-131, I-765 (My priority date) 07/28/2020 Notices sent for all four 07/30/2020 Check cashed 08/05/2020 Notice received by lawyer, emailed copy to me. All four receipts. 08/27/2020 Received divorce decree dated 8/19/2020 10/09/2020 Lawyer mailed my fingerprint card to FBI. It took about 2 month to get a clearance certificate. 11/13/2020 Got notice for biometrics appointment for i-485 and i-765. Dated 11/7 11/30/2020 Completed biometrics in Philadelphia ASC 12/1/2020 USCIS updated online that fingerprints have been applied to i-485 and i-765 on 11/30. Nothing on i131 since filing 12/07/2020 Lawyer replied to RFE 12/30/2020 Update that my RFE reply has been received. (On Saturday! Go figure!) 01/13/2021 Lawyer sent an expedite request for EAD/AP. AP was within a week of being outside of normal processing times. A couple days later USCIS moved dates for AP a month back. I wish all of workplaces would allow moving a deadline or shrink quotas when someone can't meet them. Until today 2/2/2021 no updates on any forms. Hope others will have better luck! Wish us all the best!🙏
  14. Hi there and welcome to the main thread of VAWA filers! Glad you've already filed the I-759 (c9). The timing is hard to predict. During spring/summer Covid mess many of us who filed then are facing major back ups. Especially with biometrics appointments. USPS also did not help with holidays and election on top of the pandemic. On the contrary, newer filers seem to have their applications rolling faster. Seems like up to Sept is the cut off. Other filers faced a delay with notices, cancelled appointments and interviews, which added to the backlog. That's my personal view and hope for at least the new applications to get normal treatment and the ones in a backlog to be 'reimbursed' down the line. I'm going to put my timeline separately for to be easier on the eyes. Good luck!
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