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  1. I filed a marriage petition with my ex husband in 2016 and then in June 2017 VAWA. It got approved in October 2018. I waited 16 months for VAWA approval. I never got any notices that my case was transferred or a courtesy letter to redo medical again. My old I485 was held in abeyance with the local office since my ex and I broke up before the interview. My attorney filed an address change online so I guess USCIS didn’t have the correct address, but I wonder where the mail is going to anyway because my prima facie and approval all went to my attorneys office. If anyone knows anything about where an old I485 gets notices after filing VAWA sent to please let me know.
  2. My VAWA was approved in Oct 2018 and my attorney messed up my address change so they didnt have my new address until May this year... but after filing VAWA the old I-485 apparently takes over the attorneys address as safe address.. correct me if I am wrong. So I have not heard anything since October last year and I am in NYC
  3. How do I find out who my congress person is that can inquire about immigration? I am in Queens, NYC
  4. Does the “safe mailing address” on the I-360 update the address for the pending I-485 as well as being the safe mailing address? When I filed my VAWA we put my attorneys address as safe mailing address, and I am wondering if my interview notice is going to my attorneys office because of this or to my home address. I thought maybe some of you might know. Thanks!
  5. @sandranj does it have to be notarized and a letter written as well or is AR11 filed with Vermont by mail enough? Please help
  6. Thanks @sandranj, we did send AR11 per mail and not online. Is there anything else I have to do?
  7. Hey guys, can anyone explain again how to properly change the address with Vermont for the I-485 after vawa approval? I am so confused. My lawyer sent an AR-11 that I signed to Vermont and that’s it. Is there any hotline I can call as the petitioner to find out about the interview status? I’m in NYC and been waiting for 9 months for interview. Please help.
  8. My lawyer sent a signed by me AR11 to Vermont to change my address and my field office in NYC does not offer Infopass appointments. What can I do to see if the address was changed?
  9. Dear @sandranj I went to the attorneys office to change address finally they listened to me that it needs to be sent to Vermont and not done online / via phone. I have one question: They set their office address as the mailing address for me when we sent I-360. It was approved in October, but the I-485 was sent with ex husband before VAWA and held until adjudication. The attorney receives all my mail, does that mean that when I sent I-360 Vermont updated the mailing address for the I-485 as well to the attorneys address when they received my VAWA petition? I don‘t know if this is clear, I am a bit confused too with this address change issue. Thank you.
  10. Thanks for your words. I don’t know when it got to the local office I never received anything after haws approval. The website says about 18 months but I feel like a lot of people get the interview notice around 8
  11. So I just checked today with my attorney and they said they changed my address online. Im going to the office next week to send a letter to Vermont to change it. I was approved in october 2018 and live in NYC I just hope I haven’t missed any mail. It’s frustrating. Is there any way to find out if the interview was scheduled besides the online case status?
  12. I am sorry to hear what you had to go through. I think many of us have been in similar situations, that's what brought us all here together. Gay marriages are just as valid as straight marriages and do not lower your chances of approval. You can divorce her anytime you want, since you can file for VAWA up until 2 years after the divorce is finalized. I divorced my ex spouse while it was pending, and it took a long time to finally get finalized. Also, the VAWA wait times are the same everywhere, no matter where you live, since it gets processed by the Vermont Service Center and not the local office. It seems like you sent a bunch of good evidence for your case. If I were you I would try to get away from that toxic situation, leave that house, stay with a friend or go to a shelter but I would not stay in a place where your wife or your in-laws can easily find you and harm you. I know that that is one of the hardest things to do. I have been there. Be safe and best of luck with everything. Thank you for clarifying Sandra!
  13. Thank you for your answer Sandra. I don’t think they changed it with Vermont though. They contacted the local office to change the address and that’s the message I see when I log into my USCIS account.
  14. What about after VAWA approval changing the address for the I-485 that has been with the local office pending? When I changed my address last year my attorney did it with them and the message on the USCIS website says: On (date) your request to change your address, referral number ... was completed. Does that mean they changed it?
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