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  1. Yes I’m currently going to college and I’m receiving a bit of financial aid. You have to fill out FAFSA online, but only once you have applied to a school or are already accepted. They’re gonna ask you for your tax returns and personal information. Once that is done you’ll have to go to the financial aid office of your school and present the prima facie because you cannot submit the prima facie online. They kept telling me that they cannot accept it and I think I printed out a piece of the law showing that it is actually accepted to receive financial aid and they accepted and processed it. You can do it! 💪🏻
  2. I wanna wish everyone a blessed holiday, no matter what you're celebrating. I hope the new year brings everyone healing from what they have been through and that everyone gets approved this year. Merry Xmas!
  3. I would just inquire with the admissions office at the school you want to apply. I know for sure that you can get financial aid for college with prima facie.
  4. Thank you @sandranj . Do you think they'll interview me then the same day or reschedule because of the mistake?
  5. Queens Field Office. 6/2017 filed I-360 (I-485 been pending) 10/2018 VAWA approved 12/2019 interview notice 1/2020 interview so excited however worried about the I-751 thing on the notice!
  6. Hey everyone, just got received my interview notice in NYC for early January. I am super excited, however it says I-751 interview for removal of conditions but I don't have green card yet, I have an approved VAWA. Has anyone ever been in the same situation? Please help, it's making me nervous. Thank you guys!
  7. When you make an e-request with USCIS on their website because you haven't received a notice and it says "a response to your inquiry was sent, referral number SR....." where can you look at the response that they say they sent? Will I receive a letter or can it be viewed online?
  8. thank you for your response @Villanelle I appreciate that! It's just that a notice was sent to me regarding the case that was undeliverable and sent back to USCIS and I am just not sure what is going on or why I am not receiving mail at my current address that my congressperson has confirmed....
  9. Hey guys, today I got an update on my I-485 that a reopening notice couldn't be delivered to me. My attorney then went ahead and changed my address to hers online after 5 months of refusing to check with USCIS to see if they had my correct address, we sent an AR11 to VSC but only signed not notarized. I called the hotline and they said to write a letter to VSC. The congressperson said the local office received my I-485 file after it was sitting at NBC for a whole 12 months idle. I don't know what to do anymore, everything seems like such a big mess and complicated. If @sandranj anyone has some advice, please let me know, I would appreciate your input. I am losing sleep over this.
  10. I don't know if any of you remember about my case but after a year of having an approved VAWA my I-485 file was just sitting at NBC for no apparent reason, not even USCIS knows why. My congressperson helped to get the ball rolling again and the file is finally at the local office in NYC. They can't expedite it, even though it just sat there for the longest time. They also said that they'll schedule me "as soon as a date becomes available." I guess the long wait begins once more....
  11. I want to fly within the country and my EAD expires before I travel waiting for my renewal to come. My state ID is still valid, but the “Temp. Visitor” Date on it is expired. Would that give me an issue for a domestic flight? What should I use as an ID? Thank you guys
  12. I think this shows how much he has manipulated you, I used to think that someone was following me everywhere I went, but it just goes to show how he ###### you up mentally. I wouldn’t include it in the affidavit because it sounds strange. I’d rather explain how he has made you paranoid where it has gotten to the point of where you feel like he knows how you are feeling and what you’re thinking.
  13. Ok. Have you had any cases like this where they didn’t send the file to the local office after VAWA approval? Do you know what the reason could be? Thank you.
  14. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, it’s an unfortunate situation but I will ask the congressperson to request an expedited interview date if possible once the local office has the file. I wonder what went wrong... Thank you again!
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