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  1. Ok your case out of processing time try reach out to your congressman or senator hope you hear some good news soon
  2. We had the same time lines except I'm still waiting for i485 interview
  3. Did you take this letter to your local office or try to communicate with the officer interviewed you.
  4. Take the letter to your local office you might don't need a waiver there's possibility they approve your case
  5. Me all the time 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. That's on you you will have to go out and find employer who are hiring and able to offer you immediate position
  7. Regardless of your immigration status the employer by the law has to verify the employe immigration status this question goes to both USC and none USC also you need SSN without it you can't work legally in the United States
  8. They will approve your case soon as long you did your own part don't worry its just a waiting game
  9. 1- No why would you send the medical exam before uscis ask for it you can't force them to approve your case just wait and see their response 2-it depend each case is different it can take upto 5 years if you not lucky enough 3- ask your congressman to do inquiry on your behalf they can help in this situation 4- it's difficult for your mom to get b2 visa she becomes a potential immigrant, the way I see it when you become USC you can sponsor her Hope I help good luck
  10. The i360 has nothing to do with medical examination wait until you receive the letter or it could be a glitch
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