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  1. vawa sent 3/2020 Vawa approved 8/2022 1485 sent 10/2022 Medical exam sent 9/2023 1485 approved 10/2023 No interview
  2. My GC journey has come to an end i started my process through marriage since 2017 and end up filling vawa in 2020 whoever going through this process please don't give up the waiting wasn't easy at all but it’s worth it you will make it just believe in yourself, I'll update you guys when i join the military. Last but not least I'll like to thank this amazing vawa group Sandra G I'm absolutely grateful for your help god bless you. Good luck my fellow American
  3. What I'm going to expect next this process laterally drain me off
  4. Family court in the United States has nothing to do with an individuals immigration status they don't care about your immigration status, it's all about the best interest of the child if you are the mother of the child the court Higley more than likely will award you with custody plus please request a child support too those abusers needs to pay child support remember it's all about the best interest of the child not your immigration status best of luck.
  5. Ok your case out of processing time try reach out to your congressman or senator hope you hear some good news soon
  6. We had the same time lines except I'm still waiting for i485 interview
  7. Did you take this letter to your local office or try to communicate with the officer interviewed you.
  8. Take the letter to your local office you might don't need a waiver there's possibility they approve your case
  9. Me all the time 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. That's on you you will have to go out and find employer who are hiring and able to offer you immediate position
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