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  1. I wrote: "Methotrexate is a common med for Chrohn's.  Average pharmacy cost is $79/2.5mg pill.  Goodrex has a discount through Costco at $26/pill. "


    It's Goodrx.com  not Goodrex


    The place to check is pharmacychecker.com  I've used several companies over the past decade with zero issues (other than one who took 5 weeks to deliver the meds).  I always check who the pharmacy is and search their qualifications.


    Cipla is a common supplier, very high quality, a med bought here at $20/40/tablet from India 0.50 to $2- there, it's sick.   Also suggest to your friend if he needs, for instance xx milligrams (let's say 40mg) per day, will the doc allow writing a script for the 80mg/day dose, and can it be cut in half?  


    Heck I do that with rosuvastatin.  My doc however acts as pharmacop and so I say: yes I take 20mg, in reality I cut them into 1/3.  But you cannot do this with some meds!  I have access to lipid blood testing equipment so I played around cutting it into 1/4 for 2 months, so taking 5mg, then 2 months later, 10, then 2 months later 15.  After a dozen fingersticks I settled on 1/3 (that's about 6.3mg)  My HDL:LDL ration is about 2.2 which is brilliant.  If your friend is smart enough to act like a weasel he can get his meds for a small fraction but he must do it carefully.


    Good luck,


    No response necessary.


    Btw, I have dry eye syndrome and use Restasis.  My co-pay was $550/3 months, I bought it from one of the Canadian pharmacies for $130 shipped... that's sick when I can buy from a legitimate pharma for 25% of my co-pay.  Yikes.

    1. John & Rose

      John & Rose

      Thank you so much.  I will pass this on. I feel so bad for him (and anyone else in that situation).  

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