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  1. Murph4865


    I TOLD HER TO GO TO WORK THAT IS NOT IT, i will flat out say this she Hates sex does not want intimacy
  2. Murph4865


    Intimacy is the deal nothing at all flat disgust her
  3. Murph4865


    This is not about job stuff this one is about intimacy has flat said no nothing at all, do you put out for your SO
  4. Murph4865


    She has never worked a day in her life, but there are other personal factors involved also. The bedroom style ones
  5. Murph4865


    Things sure do changed once they get here to the states starting to regret doing this journey the true one is now showing itself, after not seeing each other for 2.5 yrs you would seem to think you would be happy to finally be in the arms of your SO but wow. Not even 3 weeks yet and already wants to find a job instead of being together for awhile and enjoy a new land. No huggy no kissy nothing. Does even have SS card yet and things are changing drastically.
  6. Nothing will be asked about your diabetes what so ever, they are only concerned about your vaccinations and also about highly contagious diseases that could spread to people in the USA like this bug they say the world has going around
  7. Just keep trying, so many world wide are uploading stuff their servers are not capable of handling so much coming in. Maybe try in the early morning hrs of USA time, good luck
  8. He is responsible for his own action and application, it smells like a little bit of fraud to me so he could get what he wanted
  9. These mask do not stop a particle size of 0.0125 microns, even the N-95 mask has a problem stopping it, you need to a little more research on the micron size of this scanddemic bug and what size of particle these mask can only stop. It clearly says on the back of the mask it does not stop it but may slow it
  10. But ( Old Joe) is bringing up to 30k plus to the states to be housed on military bases here in the states
  11. This is nasty i have decided to go get this safe vaccine now so i can be just like everyone else ( NOT). https://www.dailyveracity.com/2021/08/19/covid-vaccine-causes-womans-skin-to-rot-according-to-doctors/
  12. Yup lucky you but i am happy for you, finally getting done with your journey
  13. This admin i do not believe anymore what they do https://thepostmillennial.com/breaking-biden-threatens-action-against-governors-who-refuse-to-force-masks-on-school-children
  14. I would be curious also, or is it the SLEC needs to upgrade to the newest technologies for x-ray equipment and get out of the golden ages
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