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  1. No, there is no intent to adjust, just to visit. She is unemployed for the moment, and she is getting ready to start school, as I asked her to get some extra schooling while we wait the CR-1 petition out. We are bound and determined to do this the correct way, and AOSing without going through the proper procedure of waiting the CR-1 process out isn't an option. We are not going to take any chances.
  2. She is in Spain now, and has been for the last 3 months. The paperwork is going to be submitted shortly, and I have indicated she is not present in the US right now, and the paperwork will be physically sent and probably in the USCIS lockbox before she arrives in the middle of this month. But my concern is, if she returns before NOA1 stage, when USCIS officially acknowledges receipt of the paperwork. Would this cause problems? The more I think about it, the more I grown concerned.
  3. Guys, I am getting ready to submit the complete CR-1 paperwork, and this will be sent out by Tuesday. I need to ask a question, because I don't want anything to cause any problems in this process. My wife wants to visit me in the middle of May, about 4 months after she went back to her home country of Spain. She is in between jobs and schooling... Since the paperwork might not be received by USCIS before she arrives, and for that reason I wouldn't be getting the NOA1 confirmation of receipt wouldn't yet be issued, is there any possibility this could cause problems? I've heard there can be problems for filing the CR-1 paperwork when a spouse is in the US, as USCIS might think someone is intending to AOS without observing the proper procedure, this or anything that might be construed as such is something I want to avoid. Thank you all for your input! TenderHearted P.S. > Moderators, sorry if I have placed this in the incorrect forum. Not intentional, and please move this if you see fit. Thank you!
  4. OK, that means there would be some time, but It's a little more limited. Still, extra time is time I can use. Thank you for bringing up that point. I will tell her she needs to get to it as fast as reasonably possible. While it's not a big rush, best to get this done early. It would be one less thing to have to worry about.
  5. I figure that they will need an apostilized marriage certificate. She is checking into this now.. I told her now is no rush though, having found out what I have about the need of the name on the passport being changed for the consulate stage. It takes a little pressure off.
  6. Were got married here in the US. She has went home and we are getting the paperwork ready to send in for the CR-1 petition. However, she is looking into what is required for her to get her passport re-issued with my last name, as she no longer wishes to have her maiden name. Is Spain, last names work differently than they do here. So it has caused just a little bit of headache.
  7. Guys, When me and my wife married, her last name was recorded as her maiden name. That is the way it shows on the marriage certificate. One the form for her last name, since she wishes to use mine, can we my last name as her last name now? I'm a little confused about this. Or, do I need to get something done with the marriage certificate?
  8. It would, but I'm not going to hold my breath. It seems like the help is only being given to those who have entered illegally, not legally (Just look at our southern border). I hope that will happen, as there needs to be some humanity and compassion in this process, something that the US immigration process no longer has, and hasn't had in a long time. It's not hard for spouses to immigrate to almost any other country in the world, but of course the US always has to be the exception. We'll see what the future holds. I'm a cautious optimist (I rather think of myself as a realist, with optimistic tendencies), but words mean nothing; let's see some real positive action. I believe the actions, not the words. That would be the only way to make immigration reform really correct though, so if this administration is indeed serious about that, something like that will happen sooner than later.
  9. I could only wish the wait would be only 16 months for us. It's looking like, considering current wait times, to be between 18 months and 24 months. I hope things will go faster, but realistically, COVID has seriously jacked a lot of things up, so it's hard telling how fast things will go. But, we knew we might have to endure a little wait when we went into things. But like any couple that loves each other, we don't want to be apart any longer than absolutely necessary. It's still hard.
  10. Hola! I'm not sure about CR-1's at the moment, but I think they are. CR-1's are considered, at least from my understanding, "mission critical visas", that they must process. This is the best of what I understand anyway. I am getting the final part of the package for our CR-1 petition ready to send right now, and I'm hoping this weekend to have it done and send to the lockbox. As regards where you are, it doesn't matter too much, as your fiance going to have to start the ball rolling on that petition. To start it, is not very hard, but there is a fair amount of information you need to get filled in correctly. Then, it's a waiting game, as it has to get processed and approved by USCIS, and then to NVC, and then it goes to the US embassy in Madrid. It's a long process on whichever petition you file for, as COVID has messed a lot of stuff up, and there is a huge backlog right now. Unless there is some kind of presidential order getting things really moving, it's going to take a little of time to fix that backlog. Get your paperwork in as soon as you can.
  11. That just plainly sucks dude. I'm sorry to hear that has dragged on for you that long.
  12. Overall, it's a good place to raise a family. The schools are good, at least here in Knox County, and there's not much crime to speak of, although there has been an uptick as of late in certain areas around here. Cost of living isn't nearly as bad as it is in Asheville from what I've heard (I don't know anything about that as regards Nashville, but let's assume more because it is Nashville). The entire state of Tennessee has a lot going for it, much more than in other places, but especially East TN, just because of the mountains. This is just my opinion. But, you couldn't pay me enough to move back to where I'm from originally (Montgomery County, Ohio).
  13. I'm not from TN originally, but I've been here the majority of my life (since I was 15; now I'm 48). I can't speak for Nashville, but as far as I know, if there are any Spaniards here, they are hush hush. Knoxville and the surrounding area is about a third the size of Nashville, with plenty of access to more rural areas. It has become more metropolitan over time, but it has a long way to catch up to Nashville. That is both good and bad, and of course that depends how you define it. If you like nightlife, maybe this is not the best place to be, but if you like the outdoors, probably one of the best places to be this side of the Mississippi river. This whole area I deem the "Cherokee playground" (Before anyone takes offense, know that I am 1/4 blooded Cherokee). The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is very close. Asheville is not far away either, about an hour on the Interstate. Thankfully, Knoxville has become somewhat of a melting pot over the last few years. There is a lot more diversity from different countries here now, and courtesy of UT. I personally don't like The City of Knoxville, but you might (Funny since I've lived here since 1998). However, I love East TN. You should come and check it out.
  14. OK, you'll see an e-mail from me sometime early in the week then. Take care!
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