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  1. Thank you C90, oddly this RFE does not state either photocopies, nor does it state anywhere "originals." In the entire RFE the only place it states one or the other is in the last paragraph where it states: "Please include a copy of this letter with your response." I guess this means go and buy originals of any document. I think I have enough time to do that. Odd
  2. Thanks mushroomspore, but it really, really does not feel like something "not worth thinking about." Apparently we got a "stokes interview," therefore marriage fraud is suspected. It quite feels like a RFE is a preliminary to a denial. Thanks for the affidavits as being "weak evidence," well get 2-3 anyway from unrelated people, one from a neighbor, one from a tenant who rents from us and one from an English teacher where my wife is learning English and who asked me to take a group on a woodlands trip which included, by the way, identifying and collecting wild mushrooms--grifola frondosa. The RFE asks for evidence such as documents of ownership of property, joint bank accounts, joint bills, Do we need to send originals or are photocopies ok? The RFE asks for proof of legal end of my prior marriage. Do we need a formal, original, divorce certificate + "long-form version of the court form proceedings" or can photocopies of either suffice?
  3. If, in the worst case scenario, our AOS is denied on a K1, is starting over as CR1? 2nd Question: Sworn affidavits from others with personal knowledge of the validity of marriage: Would a sworn affidavit from the Justice of Peace who performed the ceremony be worth getting? Since she signed the papers for our wedding ceremony this may simply be redundant. Thanks
  4. Balamban

    Best way to send document from Cebu to USA?

    Thank you all for the excellent information.
  5. Balamban

    Best way to send document from Cebu to USA?

    Philpost has "International Parcel Services," that would cost about us $40 https://www.phlpost.gov.ph/XXXXXXimages/rates-2017/intl_rates1.jpeg Warning, big images...if you want to see remove the XXXXX Anyone ever use this method? The advantage would be that the relative would not have to spend an entire day travelling to Cebu City.
  6. Balamban

    Best way to send document from Cebu to USA?

    Thanks, the error is understandable, most issues are USA to the Phils, not the other way around. Nah, they really should have an ink signature on them. We've been hit with an RFE (k1 aos stage) which asks for affidavits and it seemed to me that an affidavit from the family who talk to both of us on a weekly basis might be appropriate to add since USCIS asks for "sworn affidavits from others with personal knowledge of the validity of the marriage." I (US citizen have no close relatives that I can use, and I'm new to this area so have no friends that I can use either. We'll use neighbors but I wondered if a family member might be worth adding to the pile. It would be quite a trip for them to get to Cebu so I was wondering just how long a Phil post letter would take (cringe).
  7. We need a few documents (no value) sent from Cebu to USA. Can anyone suggest the best way such that they get here in a week or two? I know sending from USA to the Phils is at best, questionable, but how about the other way?
  8. SB5130 you asked "quick question. are there transactions on your bank statements? Not sure if a joint account "for show" would help." Plenty, but we haven't used a check for payment in ages. So almost all payments are simply done online and that does not show who initiated the transaction. I'm not sure how to differentiate a "for show," and not for show account. She could go down and empty both accounts and walk away with quite a lot of cash. If that doesn't prove something, I'm not sure what would. Jorgedig, yes there is a significant age difference, from the Philippine forums that does not make (nor did it) a difference at the Phil embassy. Perhaps that is the reason why the RFE? A big age difference does not mean marriage fraud, or is that a big red flag when it comes to AOS in America?
  9. Will done. Medical directives--good idea! State Driver's License, she only became eligible to take the test not too many days ago. NH requires an EAD in hand but that will be good evidence. Taxes, she only came here last summer so 2018 is not yet done, I'll do joint takes and have copies by the time the package has to be sent in. Don't need to list as joint beneficiaries if the checking/savings is joint account--or am I wrong? She is survivor benefit on my 401k. Nice ideas, thank you.
  10. K1Visa Hopeful, we DID just receive a RFE, today. Our interview was just a week ago. It seemed positive but the agent brought us in separately, not together at all. I was in with him about 30 minutes the same for my wife, we were not interviewed together. Now, after reading I’m wondering was this a “Stokes interview?” Oddly, we thought, we had everything in file folders including a photo album which could be looked at together. The only thing he asked for and took was a copy of our marriage license and copies of bank statements—nothing else. My wife when stressed blinks her eyes repeatedly almost like a twitch and I’m sure that occurred and that may be thought of as a negative thing. Short take: We had every document that they asked for (if it existed) except affidavits in hand.
  11. Thank you for your input C90. I checked today with a lawyer, cost to put her name on our house is $200 + ~$50 fee so I’m doing that. About credit cards, what new immigrant with an EAD that is exactly ten days old would have any credit score at all? And I agree my FICO is 767 and I have worked a decade to bring that up from 625 and don’t want it hurt. Yes, we have 0 friend that know us as a couple. I’m full-time in college and she is taking English and an Office Skills class. No co-workers as I am not working now since I’m in college (and income has not been an issue, my 2016/2017 income was excellent. 2018 = zero. But USCIS does not seem to care about that. My tenant knows us as a couple, since I introduced him to “my new wife,” and naturally he sees us coming and going all the time—though we are not social friends. The reality is that I’m much closer to her family (and extended family) in the Philippines. I wonder if a sworn affidavit from her previous employer in the Phils would be useful. I proposed to her at their house in Cebu, have spent a good deal of time, and they are in weekly contact with my wife and naturally see me if only to wave hi and say Kumusta ka (they speak predominantly in Bisayan). Would USCIS even look at a an affidavit of an overseas person/couple? The former employers are not true relatives. Thanks again
  12. RFE's are scary things! A few questions: RFE asks for "Documents showing joint ownership of property, such as mortgage agreements or payment, property titles, or property registration; Lease showing the same residence. I (American citizen) own a "triplex." I have not put my wife's name on the title but am happy to do so, will doing so after the RFE be an issue? Will it help our case? "Documents showing shared finances and obligations" She is a signor on a few of my credit cards, but we have no "joint" credit card. This seems odd to me, should I ask one of my credit cards to "add her" as both signor and as person with obligation to pay the card? On the cards she is a signor, the statement lists only my name. We have no joint insurance. I cannot add her to my medical insurance so that ends that. We both have dental insurance with the same company but (as recommended by them) they not be joint because her policy costs 2x as much as mine and allows (after a 6 mnth waiting period) for orthodontic work. We have no life insurance and don't care to. Should I get some form of life insurance after the RFE? We do have two bank accounts (2 checking, and 1 savings) joint. One was added last year, the other just before our AOS interview, so that seems covered. Everyone seems to focus upon "joint phone" though we do not. I use prepaid Straight Talk @$35/month. I bought her a iphone5 for $32 on Ebay and we use H2O which costs (really) less than $5/month (no data, limited minutes/texts. It irks me that so much seems to be put on "joint phone bills," but, of course, that does not matter. Will this be an issue? I have added her to my oil bill, and will add to electric and water/sewer, will "late add" be an issue? "Sworn affidavit's" This is the area I worry most about. I have no relatives that have ever met her, nor do I care. My siblings attempted to "write me out" of an inheritance and I responded with legal action so there's hard feelings there. We are a very private couple, with no close friends so when I ask, who could have "personal knowledge of the validity of the marriage," I'm at a bit of a loss. We do have a tenant who has seen us and he was introduced to her as my "new wife," upon her arrival and subsequent marriage last July--would that be useful? He sees us together all the time, but has no "personal knowledge of the validity," only that he sees that we live together and say we are husband and wife. The only other person that I can think of who know us as "husband and wife" is the teacher of an English class for new immigrants. This teacher asked me to take the group of students on a woodland walk because I am a bit of an expert on wild mushrooms. Naturally I was introduced as my wife's husband. Would this be useful? Any suggestions, please?
  13. After looking up "putting spouse on deed" I came across this, "The deed is the document that names the owner(s) of the property. The mortgage is the instrument that pledges the property as security in case a loan ( note) is not repaid. The mortgage that we get to buy or refinance a house is comprised a note and the pledge of security for that note. Therefore, the mortgagor wants all people that own the property to pledge it as security for the note. However all of the people that are on the deed and the mortgage do not have to be on the note. If you own a house with a mortgage and note on it, and then add someone to title, you have in fact broke the terms of the mortgage and given the lender the right to foreclose. you have invoked the alienation clause in the mortgage contract which requires that the note be paid off prior to any transfer of title. So in short if you are on title or on the deed), you have to be on the mortgage. However, if you are on the mortgage you do not have to be on the note." https://www.trulia.com/voices/Financing/can_a_person_still_have_name_on_deed_but_not_mortg-256452 So it seems easy to put a person on the deed (~$100) but then what about the ramifications of having the person on the mortgage? It's the questions that make me uneasy, rather than the actual doing it. With creditors, the world we live in is not always a kind one.. Thoughts wise folk of visajourney?
  14. Of course it's me--who else would it be, haha.... Actually I'm not sure about the ramifications, tax-wise, legal-wise and exactly how to do that. Do you know Red? Is it go down to Registrar of Deeds and say "do it," or does that need a lawyer? We (I) own a triplex. It has a net value of ~80k. Let's say something happens and a person is injured on the property and is awarded 1 million $, and insurance covers 250k. If she is put onto the title then she is jointly on the hook for (the unlikely scenario) of $750k. It's a good suggestion though. More information if you know how please.