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  1. Yay!!!!! Just received a text then checked update on the app... New card is being produced for me and my K2! 🥰🥰😍😍 PD Oct 3.
  2. My husband has it figured out though guess hes using turbo tax... but i do want to be able to make my own spreadsheet and compare... oh well, maybe next year
  3. Yes that’s what I am believing too and will be doing with our taxes as soon as everything is ready... im trying to understand how they calculate things here, havent really fully understood their system yet ( I am not an accountant too ) Unlike in my country where its easy to compute for your taxes even if our company files it for us
  4. Yes this is what i know too but i’ve been reading from some peoples post saying that spouses should have been here in the U.S for 6 mos before they can be included. This confused me a little bit. Any idea? Anyhow, we have not finalized our tax filing yet since we are still waiting for my sons SSN (also looking into filing an ITIN in case it wont arrive next mo together w his combo)
  5. Wow! Congrats!!! 🎉🎉
  6. Not sure. Some people say you have to file before your I-94 expires but I also know some people who applied after 2 or 3 years due to financial issues and they were fine.
  7. yup. That is so you can come back here in case you wanna go home for a vacation for a few months
  8. yep. I actually remember how relieved I was after we finally sent our application. It hasnt been long since we just applied last month but it actually feels like a distant memory already...hahaha It'll get better.
  9. yep we applied immediately after our wedding. I was just added under my husbands insurance.They did send a letter though that they need my SSN. It took us a while to reply, plus my son doesn't have his yet. Turned out ok. We've actually used it already
  10. Nope, you didnt. I don't think so. I actually hated that I applied for SSN first. For some reason our office here is not familiar with the process even if the first time I went there, I specified that it is under K1 (its not everyday they have to process K1. Had to go back to the office after waiting over a month to talk to another officer and stressed again that its a K1 process-got it a week later. I also wanted to change my name when I went there,bringing with me my marriage cert but they said NO-I didn't wanna argue with them anymore. So I would need to go back there again once I get my GC or EAD card to change my name. This delayed my AOS filing I have to wait for my actual SSN to arrive so I can put my SSN nos in the forms. I applied my K2's SSN thru EAD, btw.
  11. You will have it figured out. I think you have mostly of the supporting documents in your hands since we had them before we came here. Print your I-94 also, you need to send copies along with each form. Just follow the list I sent, if you have questions feel free to ask. So far I didn't get an RFE yet so figured I filed them correctly. I am just waiting for my interview now. My status said it is ready to be scheduled. Just hoping it will soonest
  12. Yes, you should apply EAD with your AOS. Once you start filling out the forms, you will see in Form I-797 a box asking if you need to request your SSN. Just answer yes.
  13. The best way to do it is apply the SSN with your EAD once you file for AOS.
  14. Are you in a hurry to get the SSN? You can request one when you fill out the EAD or I-765. Not sure about not being able to apply after marriage, all I know is I had a hard time getting my SSN, it took me almost 2 months. Had I known, I would've not wasted time getting it in advance.
  15. yep, thats too much money considering ALL the fees we had to pay in this journey PLUS the unemployment for a couple of months... But it will get better
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