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  1. You'll only need the flu shot if your medical is done during flu season. I was pregnant at my medical and I didn't need it because it wasn't yet flu season. I'm not sure if you can be exempt from it.
  2. For sending your i-130 packet, just paper clip it. Don't hole-punch, don't put it in a binder, don't staple. Organize the documents in the order you put them on your cover letter. For the interview, I put my binder together with divider folders and labeled tabs. I put original documents in sheet protectors, and hole-punched everything else. The details don't matter, though. When you go to your interview, they will ask you to hand over certain documents, so you'll have to take them out of the binder. Having it all organized, however, makes it much easier for you to take the papers out and put them back in when you're finished.
  3. Nearly everyone has to wait 8 weeks. Some people think calling NVC every day will make it faster but that's just nonsense. Mine took 8 weeks, give or take a day or two.
  4. Even lawyers can make mistakes. A friend of mine went through this process and their lawyer failed to tell them to submit a document and it delayed their process significantly. I did it on my own and I didn't have any delays or issues.
  5. Expect a wait of 8 weeks for an interview date. Montreal is slowwwww.
  6. It's pretty simple. It took me maybe 5 minutes to go through. I told the guy that I was going through on a CR1 Visa and he took my passport, typed in my info, looked at something on his screen, asked me my husband's address, stamped my passport, and let me through.
  7. Hi, sorry for the delay. I didn't see this comment until today. I got my original documents back at the interview when they called me up. They should've given them to you.
  8. I would put the closest date possible and not worry about it. I did that for my employment history, as I didn't know the exact dates that I began and ended certain jobs. You could write up a note and bring it to your interview explaining yourself. I doubt it would be an issue either way.
  9. My interview was on a Wednesday, and I picked it up on the Monday after.
  10. Has she done her medical yet? They may be able to give her the MMR shots at her appointment. I got a diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis shot because I was a few months overdue for it, as it had been 10 years since my last one. It cost an extra $40 at my appointment. I hope it works out for you.
  11. You'll need your interview appointment letter in order to make the medical appointment. Schedule the appointment at least one week before the interview so that they will have the results in time.
  12. They will tell you when you schedule your medical what documents you need. However, here is what they told me in preparation for mine: list of prescribed medications (either from your doctor or pharmacy), vaccination records, passport, interview appointment letter, note from doctor if you suffer from a mental illness. The interview appointment letter will be sent via email, so you simply print it off.
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