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  1. You're not to blame. You haven't failed. Marriage is two people. Don't be so hard on yourself (yes, easier said than done). This is just a rocky path and you will get through it. IMO, those saying the beginning of marriage is all happy and roses - full of BS. Let go of what others say/thing, especially those with no K1 experience. You will be happy again. It will take time. Your life will most likely look different than you expected or planned, but this isn't a life sentence.
  2. It gets better or it is possible to get better even if you have to make hard choices. The time waiting for the EAD and AOS to be approved was awful and miserable. There is so much to it that I can't possibly type out here. All of the things that come with AOS (not being able to work, so much down time, etc) on top of having a spouse that has just moved to a new country/culture and being away from their friends and family. I think it is great that you are going to counseling. I suggest going to couples counseling if possible. It helps to have a mediator to deal with the new changes that are going on in your relationship. You have two people that have lived individual lives, but stayed connected through technology, but it is completely different when these 2 people are now living together. You have to work through a lot of stuff. We went to marriage counseling during the AOS process and it helped us greatly. However, if you stick with it and have two people that want the relationship and are willing to put the work in - it gets better. We have been married for almost 3 years. We have a house. My husband (immigrant) has a good job that makes him happy. We are expecting our first child in March. Our marriage/relationship is stronger than it has ever been. Were there points in the AOS phase when I was scared and worried that it wouldn't be like this? Absolutely. Marriage is hard. Marriage is even more difficult when you have USCIS as part of your relationship and you're dealing with all of that. You may live in a small town that you aren't happy with, but do you have to stay there? You may not be able to move right away, but you can make a plan. A job may not be your dream job, but it will help create normalcy. It will give you a schedule and get you out of the house. Of course, your husband is going to go out and have fun, but voicing how it makes you feel to your husband could help you get it off your chest. I don't know all of the information in your life or relationship, but I am the American spouse and I knew that I would and should make compromises in my life, since my husband gave up A LOT to move to the US. I hope this may help a little bit. Just don't give up, especially not yet. Also, I am the same age as you are, if you want to reach out to me, I would be happy to talk and listen.
  3. They are at MSC - National Benefits Center..where it seems like most original CR1 cases are going and they are moving much faster than the other service centers.
  4. Ours is still showing that fingerprints were taken. Texas Service Center - ROC from AOS from k1 visa
  5. Yes. But we peoples are still going through ROC which is where these questions/threads are coming up and "newbies" aren't familiar. I just don't want her to be alarmed over a normal process.
  6. As it shocks many people, we had our AOS interview waived from K1, now as we await for the decision on ROC, we expect an interview. Titania, do not be alarmed. Just have all your proofs and evidence ready.
  7. Here is a great example/guide for ROC. I agree with the others, USCIS is not looking for chat logs and text messages for ROC. They want to see financial and life co-mingling (legal documentation).
  8. Removal of Conditions SRC - Texas Service Center 7/19/19 - Mailed to Phoenix Lock-box 7/22/19 - Delivered at Phoenix and Signed for by "T WRGHT" 7/26/19 - Check Cashed 7/26/19 - Text and Email Notification - SRC Texas Service Center 7/29/19 - Received NOA1 dated 7/25/19 9/28/19 - Received Notice that Bio-metrics would be re-used dated 9/20/19 11/9/19 - Received Notice for Bio-metrics appointment 11/18/19 - Bio-metrics appointment completed
  9. Anywhere from now to a year +. There is no set time frame. It is important to follow the progress of the Service Center that has your case.
  10. I completely understand and I am very grateful/thankful for it. I am sorry if I came across as being rude. The system just makes no sense and I know it will never make sense. I am very glad for movement, just wish bio metrics guaranteed a time limit for interview/approval instead of anywhere from 6 months to 16 months.
  11. It is a biometrics appointment for 11/18. So now all of a sudden they want our biometrics...why send out the waivers first?! Using as much paper as they can?
  12. We were told that it would take weeks. We stupidly waited a few weeks without checking and it had already been available. It may take weeks, but I recommend calling every so often to see if it is already available.
  13. Soooo...... As of right now this is my latest update, 9/28/19 - Received Notice that Bio-metrics would be re-used dated 9/20/19 and online it says, "As of September 24, 2019, fingerprint review was completed." Today our USPS mail email shows a letter from USCIS Texas Service Center..... No idea what it could be, now maybe they want biometrics? I will update when we get our mail.
  14. There is no set time that you will get an interview after biometrics. Could be a month or could be a year.
  15. I really have no idea. I sometimes wonder if people enter the incorrect information and I just don't understand the rhyme or reason for how the service centers work. I could totally be incorrect, but the only patterns I have seen are that they seem to split CR1s and K1s to different service centers and if you have had an AOS interview - good! - because you probably won't have another one. I am starting to think that having my AOS interview waived might backfire now for wait times. No, it is completely okay. I have to be brought back to Earth or I start getting really worried that the process isn't moving a long for me. I am thankful to have this community to have other people to talk to that are going through the same journey.
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