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  1. I would be very, very surprised if they brought it up. I was 18 when my husband and I met and we have an 8 year age difference. There were no questions asked related to age or our age difference. We dealt with family being judgemental as well, so I understand that as well. Don't worry about it! It seems like such a big deal when you are going through the stressful immigration process, but you will make it through. Best of luck with the interview!!
  2. In my opinion, you have to remember that these are strangers that have no idea about your situation. If there are gaps or situations that are not explained, then you are just leaving it up to a stranger to assume whatever they want. We had a special situation with health insurance and lease/housing at the beginning of our marriage, so we wrote a letter explaining it and adding any evidence to support the letter. We had no issues. If your marriage is real (which it seems like it is ) have no worries, you cannot assume what they are going to think, they understand that life does not follow an exact path. Hope this helps!
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