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  1. Hah! This is my husband's life almost anytime we meet anyone new. He has a thick accent and talks very fast, so it usually catches people off guard when he first says something and then they go straight to, "So where are you from?" We live in the Midwest and haven't got any unfriendly comments about it yet. He does say, "I am from The Netherlands, Holland" because most people have no idea where or what The Netherlands is. If people still look confused then he throws in the, "windmills and wooden shoes place." I personally have felt like the curiosity of Americans is kind and welcoming..being open to different places. From my experiences, I (the American spouse) have had many more rude situations about being an American in the Netherlands (the Dutch are blunt), than what my husband has experienced in the US.
  2. Thank you for bringing that up (and reminding me)!
  3. I wouldn't hold up applying over this. As already said, the wait times are long. I can only speak from my personal experience. We got a RFIE for the marriage certificate even though we sent it in - it was either lost or someone made a mistake. Included in the RFIE was bona fide marriage evidence (we didn't include any in the original AOS package because it is not in the instructions to send it in). We then sent in a boatload of evidence in the RFIE response and our interview was waved. Just a little tangent about my experience.... Moral of the story: Don't wait! Really important as brought up by another member: K1 to AOS interviews are not being waived anymore. - Save up your documentation for the interview.
  4. Being a member of the European Union, why not move to another country in the European Union?
  5. ronniebreda

    Oath Ceremony today!

    Congratulations to you and your wife! Celebrate!!
  6. The main concern is if you have enough evidence of meeting within the past years. I believe you do. I just do not get the concern about having too much...I do not see any negative in sending "too much" if it is what makes you feel at peace with your evidence. We sent in double the amount of evidence than you have listed and we were also dealing with a Western European country, but it is what made me feel good about the immigration situation. To each their own.
  7. Oh boy...you're back again...... If your previous posts didn't help you get the memo, then......
  8. ronniebreda

    Impact on relationship

    Hi Sarah, I feel for you and your spouse. We all know what it is like because we have all been through it and it sucks! I am also a control freak that is also a pessimist, so I struggled greatly having no power over the situation. It feels like it will last forever, but it really won't be forever and that is a positive - it is longer than we all want, but this is the decision we have all made and committed to and we have to accept that. I agree that you and your spouse should take this time to work on communication and work on a healthy way of communication, this could help your spouse with relying less on alcohol and it will be extremely important for when you move to the United States because that is going to be another level of realness for your relationship (the first few-six months ain't easy). - Try Journaling - I recommend to this to every person. Write down your thoughts and feelings, especially about immigration - this could help relieve your need to have to talk to your spouse constantly about immigration and it will also be an emotional release for you. - Skype Dates - It sounds odd, but it can be fun and if you set a certain time then you have something to look forward to. Watch a movie or Netflix show together (hit play at the same time). Play a game online together. Cook a meal together in your own kitchen at the same time. - Focus on the here and now. - It is overwhelming to constantly be thinking about the months you have left. Just focus on this week. When you get to talk, what you are doing, etc. Plan time together if possible, so you have something to look forward to. - It is difficult, but every time you have a negative thought about the immigration process, the long wait, being away from your spouse, etc. Reprimand yourself by thinking about why you chose to do this, why you love your spouse, etc. Re-training your mind to be positive and release the negative thoughts. Good luck! There is a community here that will support you and we will be here to congratulate you when your long wait is over. You can do it!
  9. The fact that you're back on this topic is worrisome. After your thread from before, if you are still so hung up on the K1 to AOS and waiting for the EAD, then your only option is to pull the K1 and marry and file for the CR1.
  10. This is insane. I read this post this morning and have been thinking about it all day because it literally has astonished me and not in a good way. From a personal point of view - I understood what my husband was giving up to be able to be together in my home country. It actually came with a considerable amount of guilt even though he made his own decision and I cannot possibly understand how you could basically lead someone on for 6+ months. This was a person that you supposedly 'loved' and now you want to ship them back like a package you want to return. 1. You obviously do not know how to communicate because you lead her on for 6 months without communicating your feelings. 2. You aren't mature enough to make life decisions or make commitments. 3. You should reach out to a counselor. Do what you can to help this woman get back to Ukraine and on her feet again and take yourself to a counselor. You need to work on yourself and address what is going on inside your brain before you should ever consider applying for a K1 visa again or maybe before even being in another relationship. Stop focusing all on her and focus on yourself. This is not healthy and this should not and would not have ever happened if you had the skills to do what was right. Those skills can be learned no matter how old you are. I hope this is your wake up call.
  11. ronniebreda

    Need help with proof.

    I think what should also be noted is what consulate you are dealing with. You are going to have different experiences in the Philippines compared to lets say Morocco or Nigeria. Maybe front loading could be beneficial when you are at a difficult consulate. I don't think you have to worry as much about it in the Philippines. We front loaded our packet just for my sake of mind and we were dealing with the Netherlands. Follow the guidelines, but also do what makes you sleep easier at night. To each their own.
  12. I suggest not using sticky notes because they easily fall off. They also scan the pages and sticky notes could make a mess of that. I highlighted and wrote notes on the pages with an explanation and/or dates. My packet was accepted and approved, but if there is notice of not highlighting then maybe it is best not to.
  13. We did this a long time ago, so it is not completely fresh on the brain and it may have changed. The police certificates didn't have to be in a sealed envelope. They didn't need to be translated because they had English on the back (we believe). But we for sure did not translate the police certificates. @Little_Vixen Just went through the process and is very nice, so maybe she can reply if she has time!
  14. ronniebreda

    i751 Approval

    Congratulations!! The wait is over 👍
  15. ronniebreda

    Questions about residence together

    Relationships take sacrifice and compromise. Relationships that involve two people from different countries (with immigration thrown in) take even more sacrifice and compromise. I.E. One person moved to this country and left family, friends, career behind, so maybe the American citizen should put their career behind for a bit to be with the partner that left a lot behind? If all relationships were fair and equal, right? I think counseling is great for every couple and I think it would be great for you and your partner.