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  1. I got the same.letter from nvc. I have sent the letter to dhs in my country but yet to get a response. My interview is in a few days. What country pls?
  2. Hi..did you sign an agreement when you went for your interview?
  3. I will get a new attestation and will also go with my laminated BC. Thank you.
  4. @Loray Thomas hopefully someone will respond here. I came across this link while i was searching for answers https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/fees/reciprocity-by-country/NI.html Hope it helps.
  5. I used attestation of birth from NPC for USCIS and NVC and it was accepted. My birth cert is laminated and we didn't want to gamble. I haven't gone to the embassy yet but i guess it should be fine. My petitioner mistakenly sent the original attestation to USCIS when filing and she only discovered when sending documents to NVC. I might have to go get another one(don't know if that is possible) for my interview
  6. @wafelci think you should send by email. Sent mine on 04/12. Got a response on 05/1.
  7. My mother sent the email and it was sent to AskNVC@state.gov. I think you can send it yourself.
  8. I called to check the status of my brother's case today. Our PD is April 2011. The lady I spoke with told me his case was completed on Monday and wanted to check for an interview date for him before she realized he's not current on the bulletin yet. She told me they are currently working on Dec 2010 PD. At least now I'm sure the bulletin is back to Dec 2010. Best wishes to everyone waiting
  9. Hi Khadija. So sorry your case was dragged for this long. Hope you'll get your case sorted out soon. Stay positive. The visa bulletin will go back to Dec 2010. That part wafelc quoted was from the bottom part of the current bulletin.
  10. Thank you very much. I am not current on the visa bulletin yet. Hopefully the next bulletin will favor me. fingers crossed
  11. Thank you! The forum was very helpful. I followed the NVC wiki info to the letter and it paid off. However AOS didn't disappear or N/A as I've read. Maybe this is because my category is different. But I called NVC myself and was told my case was completed on July 27th. Thanks to everyone and I wish those waiting for their cases to be complete all the best in the coming days/wks