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  1. Can anyone tell me what fees need to be paid on a K1 visa after NOA2? Thanks.
  2. I'd like nothing better but there is always somebody like this guy hiding in the weeds.
  3. I never had any faith in the system to begin with. especially with the current commander in chief. Good luck to you, too.
  4. I forgot to mention one thing. My plan would require an "inactivity timeout" meaning that members would automatically be logged out after a period (maybe an hour) of inactivity on the site. Otherwise, members would (as I do) stay logged in permanently between visits.
  5. From studying the VJ flowchart there doesn't appear to be any "backup plan" if NOA2 gets lost in the mail. It appears that the next step is for the petitioner to contact NVC to verify receipt of the I-129F but that step presumes the petitioner has received NOA2. Nearly everyone around me on Igor's list has been approved including a few as much as 2 weeks further down the list. I found this https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do on the USCIS website but it appears to be nothing more than a pacifier.
  6. I don't think it matters how frequently/infrequently timeline events occur. When members log on then can be taken directly to their timeline page and a popup banner can tell them that they must update (if necessary) and click "save". Clicking save allows them to leave the page whether they have updated or not. My feeling is that if their timeline is right in front of them they will update it if necessary. Once they click "save" they are considered active again for purposes of Igor's list. Inactive members should be grayed out on Igor's list or possibly removed entirely since their inclusion in the math can only skew any conclusions. Of course, I'm looking at this from the outside and you have a much better vantage point to judge if this would accomplish its goals. I think you all have done a good job so far so I'm sure you'll make the right choice.
  7. OK, if timeline changes typically happen in less than a month (except NOA2) then is shouldn't be a burden at all to expect members to log in once a month in order to be considered "active" and remain on Igor's list. My suggestion is meant to remedy what several people have brought up (including yourself) that the percentages on Igor's list are skewed by the fact that some members fail to update their timelines in a timely manner. If inactive members could be factored out maybe members would consider the list more realistic. Personally, I think timelines are the "heartbeat" of VJ and I wouldn't mind more emphasis on keeping them updated.
  8. I've been thinking about this and there might be a way. It's not possible to force people to update their timeline but it might be possible to compel members to log into their timeline at least once a month or be suspended as "inactive". I'm thinking that if members log into their timeline page they will update the page while there. I would. Inactive members don't necessarily have to be dropped from Igor's list but they should be conspicuously identified and maybe another category added omitting inactive members from the list at the users discretion. Anybody listening??????
  9. How would you detect a failure to update???
  10. I'm very glad to hear you say that as I find myself checking it at least daily but I have listened to others bad mouth it for the same reason you mention (small data set) and failure of members to update their timeline. I think that at a glance the list is a bit intimidating as there is a lot of data available simultaneously. You might consider allowing users to make visible the months they select rather than the entire previous year. Also, I would make the bar graph bigger and add some horizontal graph lines so viewers can get a better idea of actual percentages. I think the biggest problem is one of human nature. People are looking for quick & absolute answers and Igor's list requires observation over time and displays patterns rather than answers. I haven't yet figured out a way to change human nature.
  11. You're not the first person to make these points and I will agree with you as I did with them. However, no matter how small the VJ dataset is compared to the total number of K1 applicants there's no reason to believe the smaller dataset is isolated and will behave differently than the larger dataset. There's also no reason to believe that all of the VJ members on the list suddenly and simultaneously decided to ignore their timeline updates. I've been watching the list every day for several weeks and what I noticed is that the first half of March NOA1 filers seemed to get approved at the previous rate but the last half slowed down noticeably. Only now is the last half of March starting to get worked on. Why do I care??? Well we happen to be #12 in April so I want March to fill up quickly. It does seem to me that there is little interest in Igor's list including you. Yor're the administrator, why not take it down if it has no value?
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