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  1. My i-130 was approved for my CR1 2 weeks ago and I still don't have any update from the NVC. How are they supposed to contact me, via e-mail? I only ask because even though I had an USCIS account with my e-mail and I included it on my initial application everytime I called the uscis they always told me they had no recorded e-mail on record. Should I just be calling NVC to see if I have a case number or should I wait a little longer to see if they do in fact have my e-mail as I already had an account with uscis and asked the service reps to add it to my file every time I spoke with them.
  2. I got an RFE for my marriage certificate as well. I'm still not sure what was wrong with my original one as they sent it back to me about 6 months ago. However I just resubmitted an copy of my marriage certificate with a translation by mail (as they said in the RFE that I should send it back by mail with the original letter on top of all contents) I didn't want to take a chance with the online submission so I sent it by priority mail. My case was approved about a week after I sent my RFE in. It was surprisingly fast.
  3. Just got approved this morning. Pd August 30th. Finally lol
  4. Hi, I originally sent the marriage certificate that I made a copy of and had notarized in Ukraine. We got married in Ukraine. I also provided a translation from a certified translator who specified that she is capable of doing the translation along with a seal. I'm not sure why they sent me back the Marriage Certificate and now are saying they never received it when I have the letter here with me from USCIS.
  5. Hey everyone, I got the dreaded RFE. This is what they say on mine. SUBMIT MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE Submit a photocopy of the original marriage certificate for the marriage of [me] and [my wife]. The marriage certificate must be issued by an appropriate civil authority. In order for the marriage to be considered valid for immigration purposes, it must have been legally valid in the location where the marriage took place. The document must include the date of registration and signature of the registrar. I want to make sure I know what to send here. I originally sent a certified copy of my marriage certificate from the government and they sent it back a few weeks after I applied saying they no longer needed it. So now they are asking for a photocopy of the original marriage certificate? I don't need to ask the government for another copy, I can just photocopy the original one and send it to them? I luckily have it with me so it's not a problem. I just don't want to mess this up.
  6. So I got my RFE finally posted. This is kind of a crazy one. A few months back they sent me in the mail a copy of my marriage certificate and the translation saying it was not necessary for them to hold onto it. Now they are telling me that I never sent it to them. And that I have to send it by July 24th. How bizarre
  7. what does the documents tab on your online portal say? Mine was updated but said RFE today
  8. My case got updated twice today. However it's not good news after 8 months of waiting they have asked me for addition evidence but they didn't properly upload their document to the website. I asked the live chat agent about this and she said oh yea it happens you'll just have to wait a few weeks to see how it goes and if you can see the document then. This process is super annoying.
  9. Yep I feel exactly the same way. I hate to be throwing myself a pity party but I flew back at the end of February to apply for my Ukraine extension visa in New York. As I was waiting for my new passport they closed the Ukrainian embassy and cancelled all the flights. So I've been stuck living with my parents for the first time in over 10 years, away from all my stuff which is back in Ukraine and of course my wife. Then a week after all this bad news happened, I find out my wife is pregnant and I can't even watch her go through the process and being there to help with everything. It's been very frustrating to say the least.
  10. same it's like they skipped over the last half of august and all of september
  11. Seems like people who applied in October are having better luck than us who applied at the end of August/September. I wonder why that is.
  12. wow congrats, That is super fast for Nebraska! Your PD is really close to mine so I'm hoping mine gets approved in the next few weeks as well
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