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  1. DQ Feb 2021 ISL embassy Pakistan. No update yet. anyone else?
  2. Does anyone know what’s the status of F2A from ISL embassy? I’m DQ in Feb 2021 Thanks
  3. Not sure if ppl know you we can get free or discounted phone service under new govt program called ACP. https://acpbenefit.org if I apply and qualify, will this hurt me in near future. Such as jobs, spouse getting US passport, credit score etc
  4. Yes you are correct. Based on this post, the beneficiary seem to have issue with visa & not petitioner. let’s hope things workout.
  5. You goto Courier pick up center & mail them photos
  6. What line item is this on 1040? Idk if I have 1040, 1040A, 1040Z
  7. I’m sure this question was asked before. When completing i864 for sponsoring parents, do they look at income or adjusted gross income (AGI).
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