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  1. from what I know they don’t accept anything in person? I submitted my docs to CEAC in Nov 2019, so 2019 were not ready. Got DQ in Jan. I also filed for Extension in July, do I need to bring extension copy too? when did you upload your docs to CEAC? The other user uploaded in Feb 2020, so my guess was that maybe they why they asked. But my was in 2019
  2. I wanted to disagree with that Muslim country are taking longer, but after seeing European countries reopen and Pakistan isn’t, is a clear sign of racism can you believe they scheduled Argentina interviews, where cases are sky rocketed and deaths too. Pakistan has huge decline in cases & deaths. Yet no reopen I get Pakistan has no records keep process. Look at US reopen process
  3. any issues with income? did your wife file for extension? i was told 2019 won’t matter as they go off 2018 taxes & prior.
  4. Did you have past 3 yrs returns uploaded? Did you meet income requirements
  5. Allumdilllah!! wow amazing. You both seem very excited and should be!!
  6. Mashallah congrats!!! glad family is getting together!! can you please let us know, if this was expedited case?
  7. US State Department lifts global 'Do Not Travel' advisory CNN https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/06/politics/state-department-level-4-advisory-lifted/index.html
  8. Try to understand what is K1 and IR1/CR1 visa. K1 is for ppl engaged or dating etc. in your culture it may not be a popular thing. So UsCIS doesn’t think it’s a real relationship. Specially when you have 2 kids from previous marriage. Applying for CR1 is better option. A lot of K1 visa get denied. There could be other reason than him not talking to kids. (Your age vs your future husband) good luck! inshallah you will be together soon!
  9. Really?!! Why did I wait 15 yrs as I could have bought it in Pakistan!! are you kidding me? There is no such thing
  10. Yes it’s confirm. View F&S2018 profile posts & mine
  11. I’m 100% sure, this doesn’t happen in Pakistan or any other consular. It was just an example
  12. Agreed. No one likes giving bad news on the face. They will send via email
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