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  1. You have plenty of time for interview. It will be few months before they schedule you for interview
  2. No one knows it. I had my interview cancelled. So I’m on the top list. There will be backlog
  3. Pakistan embassy staff landed in their capital. Hopes are UP!
  4. You first need to submit doc and then wait for them to approve your doc (30 days) then you will get letter view email
  5. Yes emails goes to both, is both email addresses were entered during the petition. They also send mail letter to the beneficiary.
  6. it says certified. Maybe you need notary. I submitted my with notary
  7. you need 3 pages. Urdu, English, and translating marriage docs
  8. some embassy are reopening. Waiting in users to confirm if it’s true news.
  9. dont worry. At this point they won’t care. Once you upload your doc at CEAC before your interview, just have all 3 copies. just like @aceegreene said & do
  10. no, it can be spelled differently and they won’t care for bride father name. As long as Bride name is correct
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