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  1. Yes, it’s at CSC. Not approved yet, that because visa not available yet as I’m a greencard holder where does it says, they I should update whoever has my case? and not where I originally filed (chicago address) no kids involve. I’m not interested in CR-1/IR-1 visa status as it has 1.5 yrs wait & once I become USC it won’t matter. since, I already filed I-130, after USC, will the process timeline still be 7 months or less? Thanks!
  2. I was green card holder when I filed for my wife petition i130. I want to know, after I become US citizen where do I send that letter to update i130 from F2A category to US priority list. Does it goto where I filed the petition or does it goto where I received the receipt notice of i130? Do I also need to make a phone to USCIS call center to update there in their system too? How long after I send this update, will my wife get visa? thanks in advance
  3. stech786

    Visit VISA for wife as Medical reason

    Not trying to do that at all. Plan is for her to visit 1 month & go back. No intent to apply for AOS. her other sister had similar medical situation & got visit visa. She came & went back. Never stayed in US because husband was overseas It’s for 5 yr
  4. stech786

    Visit VISA for wife as Medical reason

    Thank, visit VISA isn’t that strong as the person would have to leave the country within 6 months and visitor won’t be able to apply for SSN or driver liecense. I would think that should be enough to make someone return back home. Our plan is to go back for i130 interview as it would be in home country. Yea, but it’s pending. This kidney thing just happened today. I know after I become USC I update my i-130 to priority category. But how does AOS happens to B2? I didn’t think she would be able to change visa type from visit visa to B2 while she is here. Wouldn’t they deny it the visa type since the original it was visit visa to visit family & go back. My attention is NOT to have wife enter and submit AOS. We can wait longer for a better visa type but this kidney surgery just happened out of the plan. Thansk!
  5. I'm a greencard holder holder and have submitted an application for wife i130 as she is oversea & i'm based in USA. my dad had kidney transplant which is a big surgery as you know. The hospital doctor has given me a letter for visit VISA for my wife. Any objection that can happen, for my wife? Her plan is to visit my dad and go back in 1 month and wait for her i-130 VISA. is this possible? will they reject her visit VISA as they might think that she is trying to enter US and not come back? How can I approve thats not the plan. as you know that i-130 VISA is better than visit visa. Visit visa, she would have to leave 6-months in 5 yr and there is nothing can would be able to do here (find jobs). Just plain visit
  6. Can you please let me know what time you start checking for infopass. I have been trying for weeks, no luck.
  7. how do you know, the 120 day rule includes weekends and holidays?
  8. washington D.C. My family already got their oaths done. we all applied together
  9. I have also reached out to congress office in my local office. They said, my n400 is approved and I'm in line for oath ceremony. But that is the same status I see online in my account since interview.
  10. how do I send service request? is it through infopass? I tried infopass, never a luck getting appointment
  11. VA. There is a msg, “ taking longer than usual”
  12. my n400 was approved after I passed the Exam. I have been waiting for Oath letter since Nov 2018. How do I count 120 days, does it include weekends or holidays? Does that rule apply to me, since the decision was already made (approved)? I thought that 120 days is for those who are pending decision? thanks
  13. 120 days after interview, does it include weekends & holidays?
  14. I got married after filing for N400 last year. Everyone in my already got their passport within 9 months. We all applied at same time & location. I’m still waiting for Oath ceremony. my brother had his interview after me & got his oath already. Im thinking is that because I changed my martial status from single to married at interview. My application was approved for ceremony She is overseas, not sure how she could impact my n400