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  1. Hello everyone, I just applied for I-134A travel authorization extension. How long does it take to get approved and to get a new deadline? One of my beneficiaries is getting cold feet/anxiety/ I don’t know but looks like he needs more time, his wife is already here, has a job, car, established here, so he has to come eventually.
  2. Thank you everyone for responses. My I-134 got approved on Tuesday evening, it took only a week, even with Thanksgiving, very impressed. I have question about the new rule effective in November 21 - that all U4U are now eligible to work legally as soon as they arrive. Does this mean that when they arrive, they can go right away to Social Security Administration and apply for SSN with passport & I-94 form?
  3. Thank you so much for replies, that makes sense, you are right, I gotta be patient. Beneficiary has electricity, heat, internet issues so I hope this is approved soon so they can fly here.
  4. Hey everyone. I filled out the form I-134 for my beneficiary on November 22nd, and I haven’t received confirmation yet. I already filled this before for other beneficiaries in the summer and it only took 1-3 days so I’m a little worried.
  5. I-34 was approved, and travel authorization issued. I (sponsor) live in New York City, however my beneficiary wants to fly to Florida to stay with a very generous friend there, who has more space, since I already have another Ukrainian family staying with me. My question is - is it okay for her to travel directly from Europe to Florida even though her sponsor’s address is in New York? Is there going to be an issue at the airport?
  6. Hello there, could you please share more how did you apply for SNAP and temporary benefits, what documents were needed to submit? Thank you
  7. Hello everyone. thank you for all the information here. It was very helpful. we submitted the online application on May 19th, got travel authorization on May 21st, and picked up beneficiaries from the airport on May 26th. Very fast! I just want to share more about what happens after they arrive. 1. TB blood exam within 2 weeks of arrival to USA. I found an USCIS approved civil surgeon that did this for cheap, we paid cash. Since they don’t have medical insurance yet. 2. Medical insurance. After calling many numbers, I found Russian speaking medical insurance agent that is now working to get them free medical insurance, but I will confirm once we actually receive it, fingers crossed. 3. Work permit. Fill out I-765. It’s not possible to do that online, you have to send it, together with $410 fee 4. Benefits. Like SNAP … etc. We haven’t applied for those yet, I will share once we do.
  8. Wow, congratulations and wishing your beneficiaries all the best. I just submitted forms for my beneficiaries yesterday.
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