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  1. I just read your story, which is nearly identical to mine. Even the time dates are the same.  Have you heard anything back from the consulate since?  Do you have any contact information for them?  I keep getting the same email back from them every time I try contacting them. Basic information I already have. I don't know who to contact further. 

  2. our priority date is july 5, 2017. my husband's interview was finally march 5, 2019 in casablanca. he was placed in administrative processing and told he would receive an email. they kept his passport. later that day, he received the ds5535 via email and he responded to it the same day. we received an updated date on CEAC 8 times and the 9th one was today, reading "issued." Alhamdulillah!
  3. wow. not even 1 date change? that's so sad. 😭 how many updates after you sent the ds5535???
  4. yes. I've read this several times. what would signal a red flag for a guy who never travels, spends his days filming and skateboarding? i guess probably his religion, region, and name. he is from casablanca, morocco. they had terrorist bombings like in 2003 and 2 young ladies were murdered in the mountains in morocco more recently. moroccans have been getting the ds5535 like c r a z y. i don't necessarily disagree with the form being used. i just feel that our case is simple and I'm hoping it will be quickly processed.
  5. pretty sure it's because my husband is a Muslim and his name is Mohammed.
  6. we are the same age. never married before, neither have kids. we never traveled to other countries, except for me going to morocco to see him 9x. we have been married for 2 years. my husband does film making and i work in a medical facility. we met in a group on Facebook called worldwide hippies. everytime I've visited, i have stayed at his parent's home. we talk almost 24/7 and video chat most of that time. we sent several screenshots of video calls lasting 18+ hours over the years. we have the same religion. i make double the necessary amount to sponsor him alone. we never had an rfe. never had a checklist. we frontloaded our petition. he took a binder very neatly arranged with everything needed and more to his interview. i really can't see how it's not simple. but my husband's name is Mohammed. many people think this is why he got the form.
  7. wow. thanks for replying. hoping you hear good news soon. are you sure????! my husband was put in ap this month and has already had 3 updates. what country are you from?
  8. I guess it all depends on the country & case. You'd think it would be much simpler since she hasn't traveled much. Unfortunately, the country my husband is from tends to take anywhere from 3-20 months to process the DS-5535 form. 😕 It appears that it usually ends in a visa approval. Good luck to you both! I don't think Venezuela will have much of a wait time!
  9. She is most likely going to receive the DS-5535 form like my husband did. Also, we didn't have any red flags. I believe that the form is given out completely at random.
  10. for everyone who was under AP & given the DS-5535 form, i'd like to know how many times did you see an update on CEAC (the date) before you were approved? or for those who have not yet been approved, how many updates have you received total? we got 2 in the last 2 days.
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