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  1. ashcashbananas


    Yes ma'am. Thank you so much.
  2. The Document Cover Sheet for the AOS paper has a list of documents to send. Are these documents ones that belong to the Petitioner or the Beneficiary? Like, it asks for a birth certificate. My birth certificate? Or my husband's? Or both?? Thanks in advance. Ashley
  3. ashcashbananas


    7 weeks ago I sent the IRS a packet that had a w7 form, a copy of my husband's passport, and my w2 form. I need an ITIN for my husband in order for me to file my taxes. Today I received a letter from the IRS stating "We rejected your ITIN application because you didn't include a completed and signed U.S. federal income tax return with your application." Can someone please help me? Are they asking for a 1040 for a previous year? I'm stuck. Thank you in advance.
  4. I've paid the AOS and IV fees and the AOS fee was approved a few days later. The IV fee is still processing. Does anyone have any idea how long the NVC usually takes to process that payment? The money was taken from my bank account last week.
  5. Can I send my W-2 forms for my AOS? Or do I need to get the tax transcript?
  6. ashcashbananas


    Yes I did read that, I'm talking about certified copies, not originals.
  7. ashcashbananas


    His birth certificate is in Arabic, we do plan to get it translated of course but is this what I need to do now? For the ITIN? Get his birth certificate translated? What else? I will send a certified copy of our marriage certificate translated. & a certified copy of his translated birth certificate. Anything else? Will they return these documents to me?
  8. ashcashbananas


    Thank you both!
  9. ashcashbananas


    Thank you very much. If I send all of this into the IRS Monday, 03/26, will I need to request an extension? Or no?
  10. ashcashbananas


    I submit the return, but I can't file the taxes without the ITIN. It states that they will process the return after they get the ITIN. Does this mean they will FILE the taxes?
  11. ashcashbananas


    On the IRS website, regarding Form W-7, to apply for an ITIN, it states the following: Does this mean, I will not need to FILE my taxes, because they will do it for me? Sorry if I sound crazy, but I'm just confused with this.
  12. ashcashbananas


    Wow so you were SUPER lucky it only took 11 days for you Hopefully I'm just as lucky.
  13. ashcashbananas


    Hey everyone, I received the NOA2 January 10, 2018. I just looked on www.uscis.gov to see my case status today, it says "Case was sent to The Department of State." One month later. My question is how long does it take for the case to reach the visa center from Texas Service Center? Online, it says the case was sent on February 1, 2018.
  14. Alhamdulillah! Congratulations!
  15. ashcashbananas

    w-7 form

    So can I just file married, not jointly filing??? (and add myself to my husband's bank account to show co-mingling of finances for Morocco)