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  1. ashcashbananas

    can change interview date ? please help

  2. Can anyone recommend which doctor my husband should see from the list of physicians for Casablanca? His interview was scheduled today for Valentines Day 😍
  3. Marriage is definitely recognized. File for an ITIN & file married jointly.
  4. ashcashbananas


    It took us 6 months to receive NOA2.
  5. ashcashbananas

    K1 ir cr1

    I believe it's based on time of entry to the US the first time after Visa is issued. Is that incorrect?
  6. ashcashbananas

    K1 visa / Tax question please

    Please update your VisaJourney Timeline 😁
  7. ashcashbananas

    Birth Certificates at Interview

    For his own birth certificate and translation, but not for your birth certificate, right?
  8. I don't see anywhere that it is a requirement for my husband to bring my birth certificate to his interview, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever been asked for their petitioner's birth certificate during their interview?
  9. ashcashbananas

    IR1 or CR1???

  10. ashcashbananas

    IR1 or CR1???

    On February 25, 2019, we will have been married for 2 years. Right now, we are currently waiting for the email containing an interview date. I guess we will probably get it next month. Our Case Complete date is 12/12/18 & our Priority Date is 07/05/17. My question is, which day determines if my husband would qualify for an IR1 or a CR1? The date of an approved interview? Or the date of a visa issued? If his interview is 02/18 but his visa is issued 02/27 (these are only numbers I'm pulling out of a hat 😛) would he be given an IR1 or a CR1?
  11. ashcashbananas


    Thank you. He said he believes he has had some vaccines, but he's not sure where to get the record. I'll tell him to go to the doctor he usually sees and if not, just go to one of the doctors listed AFTER he gets the interview letter e-mail. thank you!!
  12. ashcashbananas

    green card fee

    Thank you!
  13. Can someone tell me if the Green Card Fee is $220 still? Thanks in advance ❤️
  14. ashcashbananas


    I have a question regarding this. Where does my husband need to go to get his vaccine record?
  15. ashcashbananas

    At NVC/Case Complete

    Thank you!!! I'll be calling them in the morning.