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  1. Just for the waiting time. Teaching abroad contracts are only a few months to a year at a time I want to live with him and get to know him better in the waiting period
  2. I plan to go stay with him over the summer and possible for a year while I elteach abroad so I’m able to afford to be there longer. We do FaceTime daily. I understand what you’re saying I’ve already gone through these conversations with so many people it’s really something I’ve had to just put out of my mind altogether but it does still bother me of course. I guess if he does something like that it would be awful but at least he would have a better opportunity in life. I would be devestated of course but at the same time I feel like I have to always think this could be the case. I don’t see us not liking each other in person when I was there things were so much better than the online and FaceTime I just want to be there with him now and get to know him better. He can’t come here or we would’ve tried that already. I’m just hoping for the best and looking for support we aren’t getting married tomorrow.
  3. Red flag even though we’ve been online dating for 5 years? And we decided to get engaged upon our first visit?
  4. So I’m not sure if I’m being clear. He is planning to go to Korea to work and I am going to be with him and in order for me to stay there I would need an E2 visa or some sort of visa I found the teaching abroad would provide that. I guess it was an extra perk knowing that they provide these as to your children and spouse after looking into it more. It’s not the first priority just something to do in the in between time so we can be together and still be working while we wait for the immigration in the US to be processed. Would it pose any type of problem for me to do that do you think? Teaching for a year abroad in Korea and and still be able to process the CR-1?
  5. upon My reasearch if you teach abroad in Korea they provide visa to your spouse and child to stay with you. I believe it was called E2 but it maybe called something else. I meant to reply to this in my last post. Really having a hard time with this site 🤦‍♀️ Sorry
  6. I have been trying to post things here and just am having a difficult time I will check it out thank you. Do you need to add me or should I search for it?
  7. I have been reading and researching and have had 3 consultations. I understand I need to be patient but we have up once before and I don’t want to give up this time. I really would like some guidance. Even if he doesn’t make it here we decided to live either in Korea or Morocco together. I just want to start something since nothing else was started correctly with us in the past(long story mostly about me not having sufficient income to see him or get professional help or sponsor him)
  8. We are also planning on going to Korea together as a family and living there. I’m getting my TEFL currently I believe if we are married he may be eligible for an E2 at that point but I’m not sure? I think it’s probably best I start a new thread for that question but this isn’t my main plan...
  9. I understand and that we need more visits assuming we see each other more (how many more times?) I was thinking the next time I go to get married then I’m not sure what to do from there ... or is it best to continue seeing each other and try to do k-1?
  10. My fiancé and I met online five years ago and met in person for the first time about two weeks ago. He is 24 and I am 34. Neither of us have been married and I have children but he does not. We have tons and tons of FaceTime and Skype and conversation history for five years but pictures only from the one visit I did meet his family as well. I’m just wondering if the fiancée visa or the marriage visa is the best route in order for it to be approved. Also I have seen an attorney but it seems like they don’t know much about Morocco specifically. Do I need an attorney? I don’t want to mess anything up...
  11. Has anyone had any positive resolutions in this thread? This is so frustrating 😢