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  1. He also just deposited $14k in my bank account will that help or hinder us? @Mike E since that’s funny to you I’m not sure why… we actually do combine our money even living so far apart. This is a very real 8 year relationship so I’m not sure why that would be surprising that we have the same credit card account and he gives me money
  2. CONGRATULATIONS THATS AMAZING 🤩!!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS! I can’t wait to be able to post the same thing!🎉💗✈️🥳🤩
  3. Oh his mother and I are very close. I often hung out with her when he and I needed time apart. We have pictures together. She’s the sweetest thing. I text her but only with gifs and pictures because we don’t share a common language. She also cannot write in her native language due to no education. I’m also very close with his father and sister. We all text on a daily basis.
  4. ok great that's the answer I needed lol. I just wanted to makes sure I could add more in later. thanks
  5. right now I have pictures with him and my children, his mom, dad, sister, brother, aunts, uncles, ramadan celebrations, birthday parties etc., 8 years of chats, 2 vacations in Colombia and 2 visits to Morocco and ill be going back for a 3rd but it will likely be after I apply. 1 visit to Morocco we lived in his sisters apartment alone for 2 months or so... should I apply now or should I get more first?
  6. such as pictures? I am very overwhelmed and anxious/nervous to apply so I need very detailed straightforward answers. I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing should I just apply and add things later? is that an option? or will they deny me and make me reapply? what exactly am I submitting? why do I feel so lost when I have a masters degree in law? ugh I am so frustrated I haven't already applied and we have been together so many years 😢😭
  7. Do I just need 1 of these or is it best to try to get more?
  8. 180 days is a LING TIME to remember. He has other major issues going on and it was an ACCIDENT why are we focusing on something that ALREADY HAPPENED THAT WE CANNOT FIX?!!!??? What’s wrong with you people?? I’m looking for a solution if your here to antagonize find something positive to do with your life. Just because YOU ARE UNHAPPY doesn’t mean you need to try to make others unhappy also! Spread love not hate - I’ll pray for you hating people when I’m praying our visa gets accepted also. Smh this is crazy
  9. You have been extremely helpful others not so much. I appreciate you taking the time to inform me about the realities of our situation and will be in touch soon. Thanks again 💞
  10. You specifically stated in teetering in a violation how does this relate??? I asked you to leave me alone since you’re not trying to actually help in anyway. You’re only harassing me at this point please stop. Thanks in advance
  11. I see that but you are not one of them so I’m not sure why you’re bothering me
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