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  1. They did, but it wouldn't accept that receipt number. I did figure it out though. Thank you!
  2. So I got as far as the payment page. I entered his passport info, address, pickup location, etc. and it brought me to a payment page where it is asking for a receipt number. He paid in cash at the consulate, it won't accept the number from his receipt, and won't let me skip this page. Am I ok since I've entered all of the other information?
  3. Our K1 was approved today. The paper my fiance was given states "... please visit the Amarex office you selected to pick up your visa. Please ensure you registered at: www.ustraveldocs.com". I'm fairly certain we are not registered and I don't see where I can do this on the website. How do we register?
  4. Oh. Ok. My fiancé is referring to things that I've already sent. Someone told him that he needs to bring color copies of the pictures, boarding passes, passport stamps, etc, but I already sent color copies of all of those things. He will bring a original birth certificate, translated.
  5. My fiancé is insisting that I re-scan all of the evidence I sent with the application because someone told him he needs it in color. I already sent color scans with the application. It's my understanding that they will have this already for his interview and that he should bring different pictures to his interview. Is he correct? Do I need to re-scan all of the call logs, passport stamps, photos, receipts, etc. again so that he has a color copy?
  6. The judge ruled that refusing to do the interviews because of travel bans was unlawful and because consulates are moving forward with interviews for other types of visas, they are capable of processing the Diversity visas as well. I don't know the strategy for the K1 lawsuit but I imagine those arguments still apply.
  7. You should speak to the lawyer and go over the information with your fiancé.
  8. I'm pretty sure the consulates/ embassies were just forced by the court to interview for the Diversity Visas.
  9. If that is the case, and it was decided I'm eligible for some kind of exception, should I expect to hear from … someone, or is this something I need to chase down?
  10. Darn! I joined the lawsuit so I was kind of hoping that I was seeing some movement from that. Guess not. We will keep waiting. Thanks again!
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