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  1. Is an EAD needed is you already have the green card?
  2. I made the mistake of checking the box to apply for a social security number on my husband's i-485 instead of going to our local social security office to apply. Any way, my husband's green card arrived Tuesday. How long should we wait for his social security card to arrive? Do they tend to come quickly after the green card? thanks!
  3. He must have seen the same doctor my husband went to. He was told the same thing and we assumed he meant the covid vaccine and thought he didn't need any vaccines. Now we're scrambling to get these done without paying a ton of money. At least you know now and you have plenty of time to plan for it.
  4. The civil surgeon referred me to the local health department, which is why we have to wait so long to get an appointment. The civil surgeon said after my husband gets the vaccines to come back and he'll do the paperwork for us.
  5. While working on my husband's adjustment of status papers, I discovered that he was missing a few required vaccinations. After a few weeks of phone calls, I was finally able to make him an appointment to get them. The only problem is I can't get him in until 10/13 and his 90 days is up on 10/1. Is is better to send in his application without the required vaccines or wait to send in the application until he has received the vaccinations?
  6. I'm reading instructions for the I-864. It says to include all unmarried children under 21, but "You may exclude any unmarried children under 21 years of age, if these children have reached majority under the law of their place of domicile and you do not claim them as dependents on your Federal income tax returns." My son is in college. He uses my address and lives at home during the summer. I did not claim him as a dependent on my taxes in 2020. He supports himself and my parents have been kind enough to pay for his dorm at college. He uses scholarships and loans to pay the tuition. The other issue is that he will be 21 in December and I don't see anywhere on the form that asks for names and birth dates for the children. I don't know whether to include him. Even if he's legally viewed as a dependent (which I'm unsure of after reading the instructions), he won't be in 2.5 months.
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