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  1. Our I-485 got Approved. I revoked the I-129 once my Ukranian fiancee crossed Mexico border and entered USA. Got married in couple of weeks, applied for the AOS on June-06-2022 and got approval email on March-26-2023 !! We were looking forward to the travel document to visit parents abroad, but got GC approved faster than that !
  2. I am the one who told her to add me as friend I heard from someone that no questions were asked. and the line is moving very fast. well..I will take the responsibility for this mess up. We got marred last Thursday and I will start the AOS process. Thanks for all the responses. I feel better and definitely prepare for answering that question if that comes up later.
  3. My fiancee made it through the Mexico border. At the border she gave my name and address and relationship as friend. They went verified and came back and asked her just one question "Is he really a friend?". Since she is 7 months pregnant, she said "he is father of my baby". She felt bad and wanted to say something to correct her mistake. But they just left asking her to wait. They came back few minutes later and asked many questions like how many times I have visited her, and when did she got pregnant, bunch of questions on the relationship. Since I took her to India to meet my family, they asked more question on whom all she met. After 30 minutes wait, they gave her the parole for 1 year. My question is, since she wrote that I was her friend in the first form she filled at the border, would that going to come back and haunt us at AOS, Greencard or Citizenship ? I am little worried. Appreciate any help.
  4. I am thinking to apply AOS for my current finance, who has came through the Humanitarian parole , once I get married this Thursday. Do I just follow the instruction in the this thread or need any additional steps?
  5. In an email thread I came to know a person who got his wife through the Mexico border without filing for I-130. Looks like at the border no questions are asked for ukranian passport holders. I am wondering if anyone with pending K1 approval do the same? any consequences?
  6. My fiancee is pregnant and her due date is in June. I am still waiting for response to my expedited request. Assuming that if that gets approved, do you think she can make it to the USA for the delivery? She is in Germany now and a good Samaritan couple decided to host her for now.
  7. I created an account and now I see following message in there.. What is this mean? " On March 10, 2022, we received your response to our request for additional information regarding expedite processing of your Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e), Receipt Number WACxxx. Your request has been forwarded to an officer for review. We will notify you if we need something from you. " I called on Friday (3/4) and they told me I will have response in 7 days. I did not sent anything today, not sure why it says March10th they received the response.
  8. How do I know if my expedite request accepted/denied? I called on last Friday(03/04) and I have not seen any email or text message. I am wondering if I should call again?
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