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  1. Mine is currently Aug 3rd 2024 - Nebraska Service Center
  2. Isn’t it always at the discretion of the immigration officer at the border? I’m worried that I’ll be treated suspiciously with a pending I-751 with a divorce waiver. And when I get nervous I fumble and that would only create more suspicion…
  3. Received the 48 month green card extension today. I filed with a divorce waiver after the completion of the divorce. Anyone else traveled/plan to travel with the extension letter and this waiver? I'm nervous about traveling outside of the US with this...
  4. As of 31st of Jan, biometrics re-used. Application was received 28th Dec. LIN service center in Nebraska.
  5. Hey y'all! Here's my timeline. Sent: 12/20/2022 Received: 12/22/2022 NOA: 12/28/2022 and check cashed same day at the Nebraska service center. Good luck! Keep us posted on your progress!
  6. Apologies if this was answered before. In various posts I've seen there are I-551 stamp...a stamp on your passport to extend you GC while waiting for the I-751, correct? Is that still a thing? How do I get one?
  7. If you don't mind sharing, what was the RFE for? If I get an RFE, I'm not sure what more evidence I could provide. 😵
  8. Thank you so much for all the details. My ex was a pastor and I'm a teacher. With the teachers salary, I didn't hire an attorney either. The divorce was expensive enough. As evidence, I sent in the following in Chronological order: 1. A personal statement and declaration explaining why we divorced. 2. Photos of visits and family gatherings prior to engagement 3. Deed for the old house with ex. 4. Engagement photos 5. Wedding photos 6. Marriage Certificate 7. Joint health insurance prior to getting my own through employment. 8. Photos of our trip to South Dakota, MN North Shore to celebrate my birthday, Mexico 9. Joint Income Tax Return for 2020 10. Property Tax Statement for 2020 for both of us. 11. Deed for new house with ex. 12. Home and Boat insurance with ex. 13. Tour reservation of our trip to Iceland. 14. Photos of our trip to the UK and Iceland 15. Christmas photos and some other photos of our time together with friends and family. 16. Bills from going to couples counselling 17. Married, Filing Separately, Income Tax Return for 2021 showing that I pay taxes from my job as a teacher and from my rental property in the UK. 18. Final utility bill for ex showing residence until he moved out. 19. Dissolution of marriage certificate and other divorce documents 20. Four letters by U.S. friends and pastors attesting to our relationship, pre-martial counseling, marriage and confirming that they have met our families. I feel that I have covered all the bases. The only thing we didn't have is joint bank accounts and we don't have kids together either (and thank god for both of that!)
  9. Yes, I made sure to wait until the divorce was done and sent it all in one go. My 2 year GC expires in Feb so I had time.
  10. Hi Everyone! I just filed I-751 today with a divorce waiver. I am curious to know if anyone here has done that and how it all went. I am hopeful but also very nervous! TYIA!
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