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  1. Clearly you don't know anything about immigration law. No where does it say adjusting your status on a tourist visa is fraud: https://www.gardnerandmendoza.com/change-of-status-from-visitor-visa-to-green-card/
  2. Yup, you have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe read up on the law before you go accusing people of fraud: https://www.gardnerandmendoza.com/change-of-status-from-visitor-visa-to-green-card/
  3. Where in law does it say that this is fraud? My understanding is that if the parents are in the United States legally, they'd just file I-485, even if they are on tourist visas.
  4. I don't know what the procedure is so that's why I asked. So many people enter the US on a tourist visa and then switch to work visas or student visas which is all legal. The Biden administration has also allowed those that lose their jobs while on work visas to switch to tourist visas while they search for new employment which technically is considered fraudulent. There's no law that says you can't sponsor parents while they are already present in the US on tourist visas.
  5. As a USC, I wish to sponsor both my parents. They currently live outside the United States. What route would you recommend: (1) bring them here on a tourist visa, file I-130 and then I-485, or (2) have them go the consular processing route? I hear that wait times for I-130 approval are quite long (roughly 12.5 months). So does it make any sense for them to come here and go the route of I-485 when it's just going to take a really long time even getting to I-485 due to I-130 wait time? Or are they able to obtain Advanced Parole and EAD while waiting for I-130 approval? Hope someone can provide which is the best route to take. Thanks!
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