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  1. Did you sign your full name or your regular signature? I don't usually sign my name, I do a funny drawing 🤭 (which I did next to my picture on my certificate during the interview). But I hear that I can't draw the same on the certificate, I have to put my name instead? I haven't done anything yet.
  2. Hi guys, How did you sign your certificate of naturalization? Thank you
  3. My aunt got the covid-19 from hugging a friend who just got vaccinated. The vaccinated democrats who fled from Texas were all infected with the covid-19 (they were in a tube with their own vaccinated kind in their way to infect more people)...plenty of stories on internet from the so religious vaccinated people who became dangerous for the society. I understand, your immune system is Weak and Fragile and you need to protect yourself with a vaccine. But those who don't want the vaccine judge that they have God's powerful immune system, the one that fights disease on it own, the one people have been brainwashed to forget about. Our body is very intelligent and our mind is powerful. Diseases are manifested in the body through the mind. As you think, you become; and the vaccine might not be enough to protect the body from an insane mind. If you don't get the virus, your fear and stress about diseases and death will still make you sick from something. Sorry that you have lost all memories of your true God nature. God's Intelligence was around way before mad scientists.
  4. From what I heard and experienced myself, vaccinated people are still getting sick with covid-19 and transmitting the virus. So whatever you are trying to tell to yourself, there is a lack of logic in everything that is happening from mandates to self-religiousness and discrimination... Plus, if you are vaccinated, why do you worry about the unvaccinated? Oh the variant? What if the variant was actually created by the use of an untested vaccine? Those so called experts don't know what they are playing with. And It's either the vaccine works or it doesn't work. We need to stop pretending that it's that complicated. Please, think , don't just follow the RULES.
  5. Hi, I'm sincerely sorry for your mom. I had the same case with my mom. I'll send you a private message.
  6. Hi , Went did you apply? I'm starting an application for my mother. I'm just wondering how long it takes to be approved. Thank you
  7. Not true. He can. Please read information on the travel.State.gov Same case for my daughter.
  8. For those Who don't want to give their Original Naturalization Certificate at the post office, here is the information I found regarding the Enhanced Driver's license for WA residents: ***"The enhanced driver license (EDL) or enhanced ID card (EID) confirms your identity and U.S. citizenship. It's acceptable for re-entry into the U.S. from Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean through a land or sea border crossing. The EDL/EID is also an acceptable REAL ID document to use for air travel within the United States."*** ***You can upgrade your driver's license to an enhanced driver's license for $4 per year for the remaining time on your driver's license. Allow 2 weeks to receive your permanent EDL/EID in the mail. You'll get a temporary EDL the same day before you leave the licensing office, but you can't use it at border crossings.*** https://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/edlget.html Now the question is: did someone ever use a WA enhanced driver's license to apply for a US passport? We are going to try with my husband who is about to renew his passport. He just needs to walkin anyday. I'll update if anyone is interested.
  9. Congratulations my friend 🙏😊. I guess your next step is the passport, do you have to send the original of your certificate? Or is it possible to send the enhanced driver's license? If I understand enhanced driver's license = passport card, right? I wish I didn't have to send my Certificate, the officer told me last time that the uscis don't issues certified copies.
  10. I'm glad you finally received an appointment. I understand how it could be frustrating to be delayed, especially if you have plans. Pleased, share your experience if you don't mind. My Oath will be at the beginning of August. I'd be happy to know how it works. Thank you 🙏
  11. Don't worry, you'll get the same day Oath if that's what you want. They ask you if you want it right after your interview . My Oath was scheduled the same day after my interview and I downloaded and printed my appointment letter the same day at home. I received my physical letter last Monday. I wasn't put in the queue. Now, I'm just waiting for it. It's in the afternoon and my family will be there, exactly what I wanted. Good luck to you my friend and keep us posted!
  12. I opt for a different day. I saw people getting in and out with American flags and Envelopes with certificate. They were being asked to verify their information on the certificate. I guess they took the Allegiance before waiting back for their certificate in the waiting room. Some of them might just had appointment for the Oath of Allegiance only like it will be for me.
  13. Hi guys, Just to let you know I had my Interview in Tukwila couple days ago this week. Everything went very well, the lady was really nice. She took my Resident card, old work permit card and expired passport. She started with checking my identity and with the test. I got all my first 6 questions, so she stopped the test. My interview was early in the morning and I didn't sleep enough the night before, so I don't remember the test questions I was being asked (😅). But I do remember she went over our last 2 years tax returns (2020 and 2019) and thanks God I had 5 years of tax returns ready. I included the Record of Account pages so she could see our balance. She wanted to make sure we don't owe taxes, so the Record of Account was perfect. She aslo asked to see our leases (marriage based), our employment status and she asked If I had traveled recently or in the past (I haven't). She didn't ask anything else besides everything I mentioned above. Then she went over the yes/no questions and the Allegiance questions. The application was approved with congratulations! I didn't opt for same day oath, I wanted to have my husband and kids there with me for that ceremony, since the restrictions have been relaxed. I saw people with their family members and it felt like things are slowly getting back to normal. My oat ceremony was scheduled the same day for mid August, the letter has been mailed too. Good luck. I'll update on my oath ceremony for those who want to have an idea. I saw some people getting out of offices, waiting back in the waiting area and being called to grab envelopes. I'm not sure if that what the oath looks like (not ceremonial at all)! But anyway, I'll update if things get back to normal in August.
  14. Im personally relieved that it's in Tukwila, 10 min from home. I wasn't sure how to organized the Portland trip if that was the case. Is your in Tukwila too? Im wondering if the location explains the timeline
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