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Found 18 results

  1. I made a group for those who are pending interview in Montreal Consulate for F2A visa category. My case has been Documentarily qualified/case completed April 4th, 2019.
  2. Hi, I have gained my Lawful Permanent Resident status in the US on April 2019, last year, on that time I was serving in the army under mandatory law for military service in my home country. I have been serving since November 2017 and until July 2020. I have already had flight tickets in my hands into the US that were planned for April 2020- so I shall not remain outside of the US for a period longer than 1 year. Unfortunately, Covid-19 pandemic has shown up and I could not have come to the US on times because the airline has cancelled my tickets. because of that, I have exceeded 1 year outside of US borders and now I need to apply for SB-1 Returning Resident visa in order to come back to the US. this upcoming process is exhausting and complicated in order to issue me a new immigrant visa and may hurt my naturalisation process. my green card was only issued last year and is valid until 2029, my question is if would you recommend for me to just take a flight now into the US and deal with the immigration officer at the port of entry or start this visa process with the embassy in my home country?
  3. hi everyone, so thanks for the support here ;). We have submitted the I-130 form. So now I am preparing the next step of which from what I understand, the affidavit of support seems t be the most difficult for us. Our situation: - Family of 4., 2 adults, 2 children. "Alien Dad" and the other 3 are all US Citizen. - We both have jobs abroad right now. But from what I know that doesn't count for the Affidavit of support / I864. We will quit our jobs here. Our background makes it probably not too difficult to get a job in the US quickly though. - We would theoretically have sufficient (readily available/convertible into cash) assets in order to file. - We have the support from family (grandparents) who could support us getting enough income on the affidavit. The goal: We do intend to move there all together, which means we can't get provide US-income "upfront" before filing. We would like to try to not split up our family. The questions: - What would be the best way to do this? * only use our assets? * only our family? * both combined? - Are there any conditions on who formally owns the assets (1 spouse=alien, 1=USC)? - Should We employ a lawyer to get this right? - There are different versions of the affidavit of support. I-864, I-864A, I-864EZ. Which ones do we need for which scenario from above? Thanks for all the help people here are providing!
  4. Hi there, I and my family is applicants of F4 family visa category. We received DQ email in October 2020. Recently I've logged in CEAC and noticed that my name has been removed from the applicants list while the other three family member including principal applicant remained unchanged. I thought this might be because my age is no eligible to move to USA in a F4 visa category. Therefore my question is DOES NVC REMOVE APPLICANT EVEN AFTER DQ DUE TO THE REASON I'VE STATED ABOVE? Thanks in advance.
  5. I am a citizen. I would like to apply for my sister, brother, and my mother. My Sister is 35 married and my brother is 25 yo and single. What would be the best way to apply for them ( Apply for mother and let her apply for them or I should apply for all of them ) Also Once I apply for them, can they still visit me in the USA ( My mother has a 5 years visa, and my Brother's Visa expired, and will be applying for Visa ).
  6. I have been lurking around here for a while and I am hoping the community can relate. I have been in the US since 2013, started as an F1 student from Africa on a full scholarship. I am now married , working part time and still going to school. I have a conditional Green card and I am currently removing conditions. Now the question , how much do you all help out parents, siblings, or relatives back home? I can say 90 % of all my earnings have been going home the last 3 years or so. I bought my mum a car and pay to maintain it; I was paying for both my sister and brother's college; I pay for rent every month where my siblings live which is different from where my mom live; I have been renovating my mom's house as of late so she can move in. I am not rich, I have no savings now because all the money has gone home. I haven't bought myself new things like clothes in so long. I feel I need to do this because here I have a high standard of living, and just me being able to drive everyday and enjoy things like wi-fi is good enough .I think I want to make sure their standard of living is at least close to mine. I also know this is taking a toll on the finances in my marriage. Although my husband is understanding, I don't wanna push it too far. I need to save for retirement and just stuff around the house. How do you all do it? Personally I feel I still don't do enough, and I am just trying to see what people in similar situations do. Maybe I can get different perspectives/ideas.
  7. Hi everyone 😊 COVID-19 has changed the everything, and I'm in a bit of a dilemma. My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 2 years now, and in June of 2020, he proposed. I'm a U.S. Citizen, and he's a U.K. Citizen who often visits me on an ESTA. We had plans last year to file for the K-1 Visa, but with the US Embassy in London suspending the non-emergency visa services and interviews, we decided to wait a bit to see what was going to happen. During that time, I visited his family in the U.K., and since December, he's here visiting with my family in Texas. But still, nearly a year later, there hasn't been much change. It wasn't until just recently that we had the idea, "hey, what if we just go ahead and get married?" I've seen that it's possible to file for an AOS after getting married, as long as his intent on entering the country wasn't to do so. He came here just to visit, but now, with COVID-19 still in the way, and a possibly huge backup on K-1 visas, would it be a better idea just to go for AOS? I'm honestly afraid of the risks of him getting deported if something happens with the AOS, but he has no criminal history whatsoever, we're both in our 20s, and we truly do love each other and will have plenty of evidence of that. I'd love an opinion from someone, because I feel really stuck, and time is running out. Thank you
  8. Hi there, Previously I was a F4 DQ applicant, I mean I still am, I received DOCUMENT QUALIFIED email along with my family members as at 25th November 2020. It was all fine until 11th January 2021 when I got married with a US citizen. Now I am afraid that I should let the US embassy or NVC know that I got married as I am already disqualified to immigrate with my family through F4 visa category where my mother is the primary applicant and my uncle is the petitioner. Can anyone please guide me through what should be my next step before my spouse file an application for a CR1 visa category. Thank You.
  9. Hi all, I'm a derivative for F4 based visa waiting for my interview in india. Here is the timeline of my case PD - jan 2005 Approval- Nov 2009 DS260 submittion - October 2019 DQ acknowledgement- November 2019( received NVC mail that the case will be sent to mumbai consulate for the interview) PD Becomes current on May 2020 CSPA age when PD becomes current - 20 Years 6 months So i was worried if im gonna lose my chance as a derivative if i age out. I submitted all the documents ( plus the fees) before my PD became current and my cspa age remained under 21 on the day visa became available to us. From what i found, the age gets locked if all these conditions are met. I want to know if im still eligible for the interview? Since the Trump's EO is valid till december 31, i know it will be a long wait..but i want to stay assured whether ill be eligible. Also what last batch of F4 interviews was mumbai consulate conducting? This shall give me an estimate how bad the backlog is. Hope to get some insights. Thanks a lot in advance!
  10. Hello everyone, my case is under F4 category. My priority date is 5 May 2005. After submitting embassy fees and all the required documents, I got mail on 4 November 2019 that my file reached at NVC and now they will schedule my interview. It's been over 11 months still I haven't recieved any letter for my interview. What should I do now.. Please if anyone can guide me about this matter..I will be very thankful to you 🙌
  11. Hi there, I am applicant of F4 category. Recently I have been mailed by the NVC that they have reviewed my documents which is in the CEAC processing. CEAC has accepted all of the documents except for the documents that is I864A of household member of the petitioner. Previously they rejected the same documents as they said that the section 5a of that form wasn't dated. However, after resubmitting the document back in first week of June they reviewed the document and said the form is expired. We have now submitted the document immediately after filling up a newly. My question is, is that very common that forms like I864A gets expired, what is the validity period of I864A? Any type of suggestion / info will be appreciated. Thanks for reading
  12. Please can we get this petition signed to lift the ban on immigration into the USA until the end of the year. It’s only June and 6 months is not a joke in waiting to join with loved ones. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/cancellation-proclamation-suspending-legal-immigration-united-states-june-22-2020
  13. Considering the hardship family members, fiancés included, have been enduring during the last months due to COVID-19, we have decided to start a petition to provide equality and solidarity to family members that haven't been considered and therefore excluded from the Coronavirus related bans. Please, sign so we can make the difference! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/process-k1-visas-immediate-family-visas-are-exempt-covid-related-travel-bans
  14. So, a relative of mine still has an Alien Receipt Registration Card or Form I-151 in the year 2020 (like the one in the attached image, i don't feel comfortable sharing the real card), I have read that this was rendered by INS invalid for proof of residence since 1996. My uncle has never encountered any problem, neither thus he use the card often. He still has a current California RealID, obtained using his unrestricted SSN and the DD Form-1173-1 Card and now we are planning to apply for naturalization for him. Do we need to renew the card first? (In that case, what form shall be used?) or can we go straight to naturalization? , also he is now 71 years old , lived in america since his late 20's, is he exempt from the civic and language test?. His last travel abroad was on March 17, 1996 to May 30, 1996 and the P.I Passport he used back then still remain unrenewed . Passport expired in February 2001, Do we need to renew that too?. I know this might take time due to the current pandemic and lockdown. TIA for any responce
  15. Hi I want to know if an illegitimate child needs parental consent or something else. The child is 4 years old and the father is not part of the picture and never has been.
  16. Hi, I'm currently applying for Adjustment of Status and my I-765 is highly overdue, and I have a job offer for a summer job that wants me to start filling out forms. Now I know I'm not allowed to work until I get my work authorization approved however I've been waiting since Late July of Last 2019, There was a bit of a hold up with one RFE that I sent in last month however I've heard nothing since. I was wondering if I was allowed to fill out the tax information like the W-4 without getting into trouble, I wouldn't start working until the 13th of June so I have a lot of time but I didn't know if that would make me ineligible if I give my to-be-employer my information to be ready by then. I think I'll get my I-765 approval by then but I don't want to jeopardize my application. Basically I'm asking weather if giving my would-be-employer the necessary information for them to be ready to employ me would harm or make me ineligible in my immigration process. Cheers, Hamish
  17. My spouse has had a conditional green card for some time now and after visiting her home country of Poland a few times, her family wants to visit us here in the US and see her world. Her family has some strong ties to Poland. They all have paid-off homes there, careers there, and some are studying there... but I continuously here it's basically impossible after someone used a B2 and ended up as an immigrant. Is there any chance at all? Besides the heartbreak at the airport, we don't have the money to throw at so many journies to the USA that immediately get turned around...
  18. I’m 22 years old. I’m a US citizen born and raised. I want to bring my older brother from Dominican Republic to the USA. What steps should I take? And is it even possible?
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