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  1. Wow, I can't believe it has been 10 months already...what is everyone's guess when we will hear something? At the beginning of the process I was hoping for Feb 2019 - now I am thinking more like July 2019 or later...
  2. Agreed, I-751s are just a drop in the bucket among various other petitions. It is highly unlikely that any of us - VSC or CSC - will hear anything before March/April 2019 at the earliest.
  3. My recent experiences traveling on the extension letter have been good. I flew back to the US from the middle East (Doha, Qatar Airways) & Indonesia (Garuda) respectively. The check-in agents for both airlines were unfamiliar with the extension letter, but gave me no hassle after I explained the letter extends the green card for one year. In Doha, I had to show the letter about 3 times prior to boarding, but again, no hassle. I entered the US via JFK - the border agents were their usual brisk (i.e. not the friendliest) self, but immigration took no more than 5 minutes with a quick glance at the letter & expired GC and taking finger prints and stamping my passport. I have traveled 3 times on the letter now - no issues so far. I hope it stays that way as I'll probably have more internationally travels on it before I can expect my 10 year card given all the delays in processing.
  4. Fuer meine CD hat sich niemand interessiert, die liegt nun seit Jahren in meiner Ablage.
  5. Apply once your window opens. I never received this "letter" to begin with.
  6. Sheesh, this is a place to exchange experiences, is it not? Hence travel reports from people travelling on the new 18 months letters will be of interest to the wider community.
  7. I have gotten an original 18 months extension letter - looks just like my (still valid) 12 months extension letter. I believe the courtesy copy is on of the many USCIS glitches and won't be valid for travel.
  8. Nachdem was ich in der Yahoo Gruppe lese dauert es im Moment sogar sehr viel laenger als 4 Monate.
  9. Well, I get that it shouldn't matter - but "should" doesn't really play into interactions with USCIS, CBP & airlines that well. Just wondering how clued in everyone is on the 18 month letter.
  10. Has anyone travelled with the recently introduced 18 month letter? I received mine just a couple weeks ago. My next international travel is coming up and I wonder which letter to take - 12 or 18 months, as I now have both and my 12 month letter is still valid till April 2019.
  11. This courtesy copy business for people not having filed via attorneys is rather weird. I guess USCIS is getting overwhelmed by its new 18 month extension letter process and currently experiencing errors. I got a regular extension letter about 2 weeks ago. It'll be interesting to see if filers who got the courtesy letter will actually get the real one.
  12. They have been sending out these letters to help with massive back-log. Processing time at CSC can approach 2 years these days. Your second extension letter extends the validity of the original green card by 18months, so it is not 12+18months, it is just 18months. After that you'll have to get a stamp in your passport.
  13. To be fair the previously linked ban includes absolutely no discussion relevant to this question... It might be this topic? Otherwise, I have not heard of this new policy and would also like to learn more.
  14. Yep, my 18month letter showed up today as well. More license for them to slow down...
  15. Yes you need to submit the fee. No USCIS will not refund it in case they waive your biometrics.