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  1. Quick update, finally after 7 months the case status has been updated once again since it was transferred to Vermont. It now says, "Correspondence Was Received And USCIS Is Reviewing It". I got in touch with my lawyer, who had sent the USCIS a legal memorandum that details my situation does not apply to the AWA guidelines. Lawyer says this is good news and that the USCIS has received the legal memorandum along with the G-28 form. My assumption is that the case Update means that someone at the service center has finally got around to looking at our case, which if true, is fantastic news. Hoping for some even better news soon.
  2. Little update, the attorney reviewed my case, went over the police report and wanted to speak with me. Over the phone they said that my arrests will not fall under awa, and that their plan is to send the Vermont service center a legal memorandum as soon as possible so they get it before vsc decides to send a noid. According to the attorney, this should trigger them to approve the case and have it move forward. They are also going to be preparing my fiancée with a packet to bring to her interview when we get to that stage. All in all, we are ecstatic to hear this news, and hoping that we still have a chance at this.
  3. So your case got transferred nearly 15 months ago and you have not received any correspondence at all from Vermont Service Center?
  4. Got an update, I spoke on the phone with the attorney for about an hour. We're thinking we can win this one and we have many ways we can back it up. I decided to go ahead and retain them, I will be signing the contract on Monday. It's not too expensive, $3700 for the waiver, and if we have to appeal, an additional 1500-2000$. We will start early preparing the waiver so that when we receive the noid from vsc, we will be ready to respond.
  5. Appreciate your responses, very helpful. I just sent the attorney an email.
  6. what I mean by that is the possibility that the new adjudicator at vsc may determine that my crime does not fall under AWA due to certain specifics of the law. One standout being the 4 year age gap. My case was 17 v 14. We are thinking that maybe the adjudicator in California just doesn't have the experience to determine whether it is AWA, I mean they don't deal with these cases, they send them out to vsc. So we let the specialists at vsc who are more versed in the specifics of AWA determine whether my crime falls under it or not.
  7. Thanks for the info... What you two have been through is so unfair but I'm glad you're together now. I don't know if her and I can do the same. we're both almost 30, plan on having kids... We've already talked about plan B, she's a Filipino working in Qatar and I could easily move to her. But we just don't want to give up plan A until we know for sure if it's AWA.
  8. When you first heard from vsc how long was it? did they basically just say they require you to send them the documents necessary for an awa waiver?
  9. Well our case was transferred to Vermont, I am the petitioner and my background is borderline awa. The transfer notice letter gave no information other than that it was transferred as part of the normal process. My fiancée and I would like to at least know what our chances will be for approval. So we want to wait until vsc processes our case. I've look at past years processing times for vsc for the i-129f. They used to be pretty quick. I'm guessing because of covid and funding issues that they changed their processing times to 15.5-20 months. Does anyone actually think it could take that long until they process our case? Could the processing maybe go back to normal since USCIS will be increasing their fees and probably be funded through December?
  10. "your package is moving within the USPS network and will arrive on time" ...1 day later... "your package is in transit to the destination facility and will arrive on time" ...1 day later... "your package is in transit to the destination facility and will arrive on time" ...1 day later "your package is in transit to the destination facility and will arrive on time" ...1 day later "your package will be arriving late." state of USPS right now. I think it was a good idea for OP to send with UPS instead.
  11. I was arrested back in highschool at age 17 in 2010 after the parents of a girl who was 14 filed a criminal complaint against me. The girl and I had sex earlier that week, it was consensual. The charge was sexual assualt of a child, I reside in the state of wisconsin where at age 17 you are technically considered an adult. It's confusing. The complaint was that it was not consensual and many of the details were falsified. The false evidence became apparent after the investigation and later they dropped the charges to nothing. What remained of course was a court disposition and police reports. I am now petitioning for a k1 visa for my fiancee and I've provided uscis with all the documents. My question is, how likely is it that I could fall under the awa category? And what advice can you give me if this is awa?
  12. Read instructions again, then again, then again, and again. Keep reading through the instructions very carefully until you've understood them. Take it one at a time, search through the forums here, google, and uscis for help or clarifications. This petition takes time to get right, it took my fiancee and I about a month.
  13. Hey you might want to check that again yourself and maybe calm down a bit. It was a glitch it seems.
  14. The copy for your fiance is her homework, that's all.
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