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  1. Yeah It seems so, basically after the biometrics it may take until the end of the year for another response, which may either be an approval or a NOID depending on whether they can determine with absolute certainty that this is not AWA. I was looking at a comment from a while back on this thread that is very similar to my timeline now. Her husband got the bio appt in April, the following December they got the NOID, but after providing all documents they were eventually approved. Of course I don't expect my case to go exactly like that, as all cases are different. But this just tells me that after the biometrics, next time we hear back is going to be the major decision.
  2. I have an actual update, today I received a letter in the mail from USCIS calling me in to a local office for bio-metrics in mid-april. There wasn't anything posted about it on the case status on the website though. This came a few weeks after I once again made a request for "case outside of normal processing times" earlier this month. I wonder if me doing that is basically pushing them to move along, basically like a "bump". Anyway, I hope this is a good sign. I'm actually going to go visit my fiancee again soon on April 24 so good thing this appointment is before that.
  3. A small update here, I have made 2 requests this year for "case outside processing times", first one was in July and their response was that they were waiting on background checks. I just made another request a few days ago and the response this time was just that it requires additional review before making a decision and that they cannot say how long it will take. So on the bright side it has moved forward from the background check phase, but of course we won't know how long it's going to take for them to adjudicate the case. Additionally on the bright side I was able to finally visit my fiancee for three weeks after almost two years of not being able to because of covid, and I have another trip planned for April, which I hope is not disrupted because of omicron.
  4. Well you can add us to that list, our petition was transferred there September 2020. I was just curious why k1 USED to show up when you looked at their processing times but now it only shows k3/k4.
  5. I have had my k1 application at the VSC for the past year, I had been checking the processing times there every now and then but last time I checked they are only showing k3/k4 time estimates. They used to have k1 estimates as well. I did a search here and found a comment on a thread that said VSC stopped processing k1 applications a few months ago. I tried searching and did not see any official information on this. I was on the phone with a USCIS agent earlier and they said that my case was still pending security checks at the VSC. Does anyone have this information about VSC not processing K1 applications at all? Please let me know if there is anything I should know with regards to the VSC and their processing of k1 applications.
  6. Quick update, finally after 7 months the case status has been updated once again since it was transferred to Vermont. It now says, "Correspondence Was Received And USCIS Is Reviewing It". I got in touch with my lawyer, who had sent the USCIS a legal memorandum that details my situation does not apply to the AWA guidelines. Lawyer says this is good news and that the USCIS has received the legal memorandum along with the G-28 form. My assumption is that the case Update means that someone at the service center has finally got around to looking at our case, which if true, is fantastic news. Hoping for some even better news soon.
  7. I was arrested back in highschool at age 17 in 2010 after the parents of a girl who was 14 filed a criminal complaint against me. The girl and I had sex earlier that week, it was consensual. The charge was sexual assualt of a child, I reside in the state of wisconsin where at age 17 you are technically considered an adult. It's confusing. The complaint was that it was not consensual and many of the details were falsified. The false evidence became apparent after the investigation and later they dropped the charges to nothing. What remained of course was a court disposition and police reports. I am now petitioning for a k1 visa for my fiancee and I've provided uscis with all the documents. My question is, how likely is it that I could fall under the awa category? And what advice can you give me if this is awa?
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