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  1. **Read the RFE letter** it will say on there that you can upload it on your online account. If it does not say that, then mail it.
  2. By the way, I wanted to add a few data points for the sake of, well an AOS case data point. 1. When we filed AOS I used 2022 income which was $29k, thought that might be an issue, it wasn't. 2. We answered NO to the public charge question because as far as we understood, that is a correct answer. We never got an RFE for it, and did not upload unsolicited evidence. 3. The RFEs that was received, or that anyone receives for that matter have clear and consice instructions. It also explicitly states that the sooner the response is received, the sooner they will begin processing your case again. We did not stop each time to ask Emma or connect with a live agent to question the RFE that has clear instructions. We just did what they asked. 4. We were given the option for document uploads on the USCIS account, but chose not to due to the fact that the number of uploads is limited and you have to resort to using the unsolicited document upload option for uploading more. We sent it via USPS priority with tracking every time like we have done from the beginning. 5. Not much of a data point but the wife and I would like to suggest to a lot of you. Patience matters, it's important, it's what keeps you sane. The important thing is that you are together now, there is no more distance, just be happy and live in the moment while the processing of your case moves along. Don't go running to Emma every week asking why your case that usually has an 8 month processing time is not getting processed in 3 months.
  3. Great news today 3/6/24, Case Approved! application to adjust status I-485. This was two days after they received the RFE for sending evidence of a shared marital life. So my assumptions were correct that the RFE was a way to bypass the interview.
  4. We've already gathered the requested documents and are mailing it out today. I did a Google search and this specific RFE has been issued many times before to other people. And after they responded to the RFE, a few weeks later their cases were approved. So we'll just send this out and I'll report back when we hear from them again.
  5. If you look at my timeline we are doing AOS via K-1 Visa. I don't believe that evidence was going to be needed until after the I-485, when we need to file for removal of conditions. Unless I've been woefully uninformed this whole time, but nothing suggested shared marital life was required when adjusting from K-1.
  6. Received RFE today 2/27, they are requesting evidence of shared marital life together, basic stuff like shared property, names on lease, joint bank accounts and tax returns, photos of the marriage ceremony. I assume these are being requested as a chance to bypass the interview.
  7. You're not the only one waiting for the AOS I-485, we are at the same point in the process as well. Also if you look further you can see that only a select few here in the October filers have already received their green cards. They got lucky, it happens, no one can really explain or know what they're doing at USCIS Field offices. I don't believe in any sort of trick like sending unsolicited evidence or what have you. The AOS has never been a quick process, when we started this we always expected like anywhere between 6-14 months. We're not anywhere near outside normal processing times, so keep your head up, we're all just waiting for the processing to finish up.
  8. Yes, there's a separate form for paying with a credit card that has you fill in your CC info. You have to include that and place on top of your packet
  9. Attach any and all info you have that your case is at the embassy, with name and case number, along with the emails. They will understand what you're there for and what they need to do.
  10. That's not a "mystery email". That's your invitation from the embassy to go take your medical. Why are you saying this is dark? Print the email out, I'm sure there's your case number somewhere in the emails, print anything that has your case number, take all the obvious documents you have, schedule a medical appointment. Take the medical, then show up at the interview with medical results. Khalas.
  11. This is the correct advice, we also printed out the email, actually asked them if the email printout would be okay and they said yes. Called the clinic and scheduled an appointment.
  12. W-2s are not sufficient by themselves, he needs to send the tax transcripts of the most recent tax year and optionally of the previous two years as well. They can be accessed from the IRS website. Just Google tax transcripts IRS
  13. So they asked to send them supporting evidence for the affidavit of support form?
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