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    My last entry i had a 3 day B2 visa and overstayed for 3 years - if anyone has overstay questions do not be scared to ask!!! Especially Canadians!
    I met my husband in 2013 at a local bar:) so romantic, i know! we went camping the next weekend in san diego and the rest is history!!!!

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  1. Omfg you are fine!! I did both - overstayed and worked unauthorized and guess what? Nothing. came up at the interview bc it is a non issue!! They didn’t even ask me about my overstay or unauthorized (illegal?) work. Regardless if she had bo intention to leave it does not matter!!! If you want more info Dm me!! she 100% has an easy case - not a messy case! File the paperwork and all is well! 100% this!!
  2. Omg I have that!!! Thank you! Problem solved haha appreciate it!!
  3. I have a 10 year geeencard and it expired. I filed out the form to renew it in February but I am still waiting for the new card. I did my biometrics and eveyrhting. How can I make an appointment to get the stamp? Infopass said they will call me back but with no specific date. Is there any way around this? I tried going to the USCIS field office but they won’t let you in. My trip to Mexico is in two weeks.
  4. Fiancé visa is a waste!!! Get married and apply for sos/greencard. It’s your best option if not please update us on how the Poe goes
  5. Omg this is not a messy case!!! Don’t over think it and talk to a competent lawyer she was allowed at POE. They let her in. She overstayed people do it all the time!!! My friend overstayed 10 years! It did not come up at the interview you n ow why? Because overstaying a visitor visa and getting married is not grounds for denial!! they won’t even ask her how she is supporting herself. now is she using you for a greencard? That is a completely different story! if you love her just fill out the paperwork - all will work out!
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