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    My last entry i had a 3 day B2 visa and overstayed for 3 years - if anyone has overstay questions do not be scared to ask!!! Especially Canadians!
    I met my husband in 2013 at a local bar:) so romantic, i know! we went camping the next weekend in san diego and the rest is history!!!!

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  1. I owe the irs about 200$ but I qualify under the stimulus. I got the we can not determine email. Do you think I will receive anything?
  2. why do people think if you get a canada visa you can easily get into america?
  3. honestly, he is from a high fraud country he has no job and lives with his parents. he can apply but he has no reason to go home after so therefore, the likelihood of getting a b2 is very low. i would say impossible. unfortunately, you need to continue to visit and determine if he is the man for you. if he is, k2 or ir1. he will not get a non-immigrant visa.
  4. marriage! hence the couples on 90 day fiance! LOL! lots come here for school and then fall in love! perhaps you could do a graduate program and then you get a 1 year work permit and hopefuly in that time you find someone you love? lots i know have done it that way!
  5. Assuming she does not have a job here send her home ASAP! Immigration will not give lieniency to people who overstay due to this virus! If she overstays she will have to leave eventually and risk the chance of never getting a visa
  6. She is already in the USA! Get married and file AOS. You did not come here with the intent to marry so you will be fine! Marry asap and file asap and she should have a travel/work permit in 5-6 months. Also, you can then have a bigger wedding later (if you choose). I know so many who have done this and they did not even tell anyone they were 'married' and so most will not even know that when you have a larger wedding! People have no idea how immigration works lol You can have documents that she needs mailed to you. She will not be able to leave the country until she gets her AP/EAD but that is better then leaving and not being able to come back.
  7. Did you check “married” knowing it would increase your chance of getting a F1 visa? You aren’t the first. Unfortunately you misrepresented yourself for an immigration benefit and yes. It is in writing and you will be asked about that when you file for a K1 or CR1 visa.
  8. i waited a bit to file but everything worked out fine! i also worked and filed taxes during the 5 years i was here unauthirzed waiting for my greencard. all turned out ok:) i had a SSN and payed for taxes the entire time. maybe i was lucky though!
  9. yeah i mean the key would be to not get arrested and also not drive. i get it, it is hard! but not everyone can file in 90 days. but if you dont, of course you need to not drive because you are out of status! most people i know that have not filed in 90 days did not work, drive or leave the state.
  10. Overstay is forgiven. very unlikely to be deported out of status. it is not ideal, but i think also people are jaded by VJ. I know so many people that do it the right way through a k1 and just dont apply for the greencard in time.. guess what? eventually they get it and all is well!
  11. overstay is forgiven when married to a USC. people wait years to file paperwork! is it ok? no. but if you have no red flags and arent front a high fraud country it doesnt matter! why? because they can not deny your greencard for not applying in time. basically coming on a k1 and not filing withing the 90 days, and being out of status. it is the same as if you came on a tourist visa and overstayed! i do not judge because everyone has a reason for doing things the way that happen.
  12. as i fellow canadian, i did the same thing! you are FINE! the 90 day myth is similar to the 'invitation letter for a b2 visa' myth lol
  13. probably went to school here, had a SSN, work permit ended so checked the box for being a US Citizen.
  14. You are living in auz and doing a cr1 visa? Or are you currently in the us and doing an AOS? Regardless, Australia is a low fraud country. You basically just need to fill the paperwork out and you dont need any evidence. You will be fine!
  15. 1) Try to find someone to marry. 2) Do a graduate program in the usa. Its expensive but the few years and the 1 year working opt after will give you an option to find someone to marry and contacts to continue working in the USA. Unless you have alot - and I mean alot of experience! You wont get sponsored. Most of the h1b visas are used for the tech industry like apple and Microsoft. Maybe if you have enough publications you could get an o1?
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