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    My interests are the same as my husbands and that is how we fell in love. <3
    - Anime
    - Manga
    - Traveling
    - Video Games

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    Naturalization (pending)
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    Texas Service Center
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    Dallas TX
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    I met my Fiancé through YouTube back in November 2007 when I commented on his amazing Fullmetal Alchemist AMV (anime music video). We have been talking about anime since my comment on his video on Youtube through MSN with all our friends online (we first started as friends then became bf/gf in August 22 2008.

    We had our first physical meeting on March 3rd 2009. I went to go visit him in Tyler,Tx which I was a nervous wreck about but my fiancé made the visit very relaxing which put my mind as ease :) and since then I would visit him every 3 months even if it was just for a few days by just going to the movies or just lying down watching our fav anime series.

    On January 2013 when I went to go visit him for the 24th time since the first time lol we went out for sushi and out of nowhere he proposed to me which made me the happiest girl on earth <3 .

    After a lot of difficulties we learned about the K1 fiancé visa and as of April 2015 we are starting the process of spending the rest of our lives together <3.

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  1. Might take some time, I did mine in December 2021 and still heard nothing back
  2. Congrats on your citizenship ❤️ hopefully mine won’t be far behind
  3. Anyone else who has sent their n-400 to Dallas and still waiting ? wish their was a new update or something
  4. Congrats to getting at the end of your journey ❤️
  5. Congrats at finishing your journey and wish u all the best. an ya just wish they can just have them do it online or something. when my brother in law got his citizenship in Canada they just did it through the labtop.
  6. I am so sorry to hear that, what type of photo where they looking for? Was a passport type photo? also strange when they say 3-6 months for a oath ceremony when they say it should only take 30 days max . from past experience when they tell me many months it always ends up happening sooner, keep up posted. Welcome to the group, mine is in Texas as well and looks like our filing is close to the same. Hopefully you and I hear something soon.
  7. According to the chart it seems many people are getting interviews. I haven’t heard nothing either myself but hopefully you and me hear something soon.
  8. I am in Dallas as well, that is so lucky you got urs quick and it seems we pretty much have the same time frame. Maybe I’ll hear something from mine soon if I’m lucky ❤️
  9. Sorry you have to wait the additional month, but I think all will be ok since you did your test and since you came on a marriage it will be hard to get a denial at this point, worst case they will send and RFE to give more stuff. I will be crossing my fingers for you, you will get that approval for sure. 💕
  10. Sorry for late reply have been busy , but I did see you had your interview a few days ago Congrats!!! Hope everything went great for you ❤️
  11. Dec 19th and December 20th I got an email saying they are reusing my biometrics . I am also in Texas as well.
  12. I’m still playing the waiting game as well, I wonder why ours is taken long
  13. That is great news! hopefully the rest of us will hear something soon as well. wish you luck at the interview CONGRATS!!! we are all routing for ya ❤️
  14. Wow that was fast! wish mine was as well..still haven’t heard nothing yet 😞
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