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  1. hello,i had the same problem when I applied for my mother, the I-485 and I-130 came without an A# but I also received another notice of action for her I-485 with the instruction on how I have to create an online account and add the case to the account with an USCIS account access code on it and this one had the A#
  2. Thank you for your reply!!!we do have a lawyer and he said that uscis has authority over arriving aliens in removal proceedings,we already did the I 130 and he wants to send it the 485 as well,here is what I found under the jurisdiction on uscis: D. Jurisdiction USCIS has the legal authority to adjudicate most adjustment of status cases, including applications by noncitizens who have been placed in deportation or removal proceedings as “arriving aliens.”[18] An immigration judge (IJ) of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) has jurisdiction in all other cases where an applicant is in removal proceedings, even if the proceedings have been administratively closed or if there is a final order of deportation or removal which has not yet been executed.[19] As an exception to the general rule regarding “arriving aliens,” the IJ also has jurisdiction over an application filed by a noncitizen who has been placed in deportation or removal proceedings as an “arriving alien” when all of the following conditions apply: The adjustment application was properly filed with USCIS while the applicant was in the United States; The applicant departed from and returned to the United States based on a grant of an advance parole document to pursue the previously filed adjustment application; USCIS denied the adjustment application; DHS placed the applicant in removal proceedings as an “arriving alien” either upon return to the United States on the advance parole document or after USCIS denied the adjustment application; and The applicant is seeking to renew the previously denied application for adjustment of status in proceedings.[20]
  3. Hello everyone!!!Can an arriving alien in removal proceedings who was paroled and inspected (class of addition on I-94 is DT)adjust status directly with USCIS based on a US Citizen child who is over 21?
  4. Thank you guys !ill include the required evidence for each individual form,,,
  5. hello,i am a US citizen, filing I 485 for my wife and have included form i485,i130,i130A,i131,i765,i864,i693,is there any other forms that I did not include?and if for example two forms require the same initial evidence, should I include exact same evidence for each individual form or one copy would be enough????
  6. hello everyone ,i had my interview yesterday in Tukwila,WA I took about 1 hour for the interview not including Oath Ceremony the officer was from Los Angeles got my Naturalization Certificate 30 minutes after the interview
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