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  1. Crossing my fingers for you! What points did your lawyer make in the letter? Wondering if we should do something like that.
  2. Do you normally go through together or separately? We always go as a family and use the non-citizen line. Granted, we also have small children so we prefer to go together. We have not yet travelled to the US since we submitted the I-130 but I think we would still go together, using the non-citizens line. The reasoning: some border officers may find it funny (i.e. question your partnership) if you go separately. Having the US citizen right there may alleviate some of their concerns and would also allow the border officers to ask him/her questions, should they have any. It would also allow your US citizen partner to corroborate your statements. I do not really see any downside to this approach (but maybe I have a blind spot there, if so, let me know lol). The reason we use the non-citizen line is that some border officers do no appreciate if non-citizens are in the line for citizens (since they technically should not be there), even if they are part of the family. We have experienced that and were also told the same by one or two officers. Yes, it will probably be a longer wait but it may be worth it. Some border officers in the past were appreciative that we chose the non-citizen line "even if you did not have to". Just my two cents.
  3. Great points, very interesting. Thanks for sharing! So the mystery continues:))) Hope you'll get yours approved soon!
  4. It is certainly possible. Thanks for helping to unravel the mystery:). The K3 probably did most of the work but it is possible that the other issues helped it along. We will certainly consider the K3 if nothing happens over the summer. Thanks a lot for your help! And have fun celebrating this step with your brother:)! I see you are almost through with the entire process so I hope you also do not have to wait long for the interview. Best of luck to you!!!
  5. Great point. And that probably made the difference. One thought though: I have read somewhere that it is the background checks that take such a long time and I have seen some couples with a lot of US history (lived and worked in the US for years) take longer. Obviously, that is pure speculation on my part to entertain myself while waiting lol but so my question to you, did you guys/the beneficiaries have lots of history of working and living in the US or not? Maybe you can disprove my hypothesis :).
  6. Amazing, you guys are breaking records. Congrats to your brother! Any guess what might have helped speed it up?
  7. We applied online but it took about 2 months after applying until we were actively reviewed. Some people get approved a day or week after being actively reviewed, others have to wait months...
  8. Hi EKT, Did you travel in the end? Curious because we are in a similar situation (both abroad thinking about visiting family in the US). Anyone else in this situation who travelled to the US recently? Also, while my own ties are not very strong (we moved to a third country for my wife's job; I am not allowed to work so I am running the household, volunteering), as a family we have good ties (my wife's job, daughter enrolled in school; I am on the lease; we have a car etc.). Wondering how this would be viewed by CBP. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for sharing. I really wonder why certain applications get approved a day/week after being actively reviewed and others stay in that status for months. I get that many applications do not get looked at for months because of backlogs etc. but once they are looked at/reviewed, why do some take months to be decided? In other words, assuming nothing is missing, why does an officer need months to make a decision? I know that nobody really seems to know but since there is such a long wait, it is easy to get carried away and ponder about these little details:) lol.
  10. Wow, that's fantastic!!!! Congratulations!!!! And in record time! Ours changed to being actively reviewed as of 5 March, which got us so excited, until we found out via VJ that it does not mean much and that others still had to wait weeks or months after receiving this notice lol. Fingers crossed as you said. Have a nice party tonight:)!
  11. Our receipt notice said that Texas was the processing center. But we asked a representative (via Emma) a few weeks later and they informed us that the petition was transferred from Texas to Vermont. I guess/hope that is good news though it seems that the overall speed depends more on internal workload and processing factors than which center is processing. So best of luck to you as well! CA processing times have come down considerably (based on VJ stats around 200 days, just like Vermont. Texas is at 300 days so maybe it's good your case got transferred:)).
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