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  1. Hi, I am trying to upload civil documents in the CEAC website but every time I am getting an error message that says unable to scan file. My files meet the criteria mentioned by the ceac website. I have tried diff browsers and different operating systems including iPhone androids and pc. Is anyone having the same issue? Additionally I have another question. There is a section called photograph in the civil documents upload section. Do I have to upload the beneficiary’s passport size photograph in that section or is it something else?
  2. Hello fellow VJers, The petition for my parents got approved by USCIS. I am currently not working but my husband is working. My husband’s income meets the AOS requirements to support both my parents. We file taxes jointly as married couple. As I am the petitioner I need to file form i864. Does my husband need to file an i864a as well or is it only for household members other than spouse? I am a little confused on this part as we only have one tax return. Help please!
  3. Thank you for your reply. I got the email and paid the fees. Now waiting for the fees to be processed. In the mean time I applied for the police clearance certificate but due to a backlog the earliest date I got is Nov 15 which is a month away. Does that mean I will not be able to submit my application to NVC until I obtain the police clearance for my parents? This will significantly delay the case. Or can I submit the application package without the police clearance and later upload that?
  4. My parents’ I130 got approved today. I saw actively reviewing status and as mentioned by fellow vjers, checked the documents section and the i130 approval notices were waiting there. The notice says the nvc will contact the beneficiaries. Will they email or mail? I filed online. Initially my service center was texas but it got transferred to California.
  5. Hello fellow VJers, I filed i130 for both my parents last year September. My PD is September 18, 2021 for both the cases. Today I received an RFE to submit my foreign language birth certificate. I have an Indian birth certificate and as the official language of India is English I have a birth certificate in English. And that’s my only birth certificate. I submitted that during both my applications. Nowhere in my application did I mention that that was my translated birth certificate. The RFE that I got today asked me to submit a foreign language original birth certificate because apparently I submitted “translated birth certificate” as per USCIS. Have anyone faced a similar situation? How can I provide USCIS with something that does not exist?
  6. I applied for my parents on September 18 2021 online. My PD for both cases is Sep 18,2021. I am still waiting for an update from Texas Service Center. 🤦‍♀️
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