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Found 9 results

  1. Hello there. asking to file i864 and i864a I need to add to my current income, the taxable income + the non taxable VA disability compensation benefit. We r not 100% but 90% disability. 1. Is possible to add that kind of income in part6. item 7 and 2. in the part of tax returns, do i have to put the year and the taxable income without the non taxable income? how is the proper way. thx you very much. I m sponsoring my dad IR5 and i m a USC.
  2. Hi. I also received this notice stating that my income doesn’t meet the minimum requirement, but according to the Poverty guideline chart my income is adequately above the cut off value. And they are asking me to submit a joint sponsor even though my father, household member is adding his supporting income. What do I do in that case? Appreciate any input!
  3. Hi, I’m also in a similar situation. I don’t have an income and therefore I didn’t file taxes as I was a full time student financially dependent on my parents. When you submitted your documents, what did you select under the federal income tax return tab? Did you select document not available? Because next to mine it says missing and I’m unsure what to upload. My father is my household member who’s helping me meet the minimum income requirement for my husbands sponsorship. I uploaded a statement and documentation of my degree proving that I was a full time student and not earning. It says approved next to those documents, but says missing next to my Fed Inclme Tax Return. Appreciate any help!
  4. Hello, this forum has been really helpful to me and I’ve gained a lot of info regarding the whole immigration process. Any further help would be much appreciated! I am the petitioner sponsoring my husband on CR-1 visa, I have 0 income as I am a full time med student, my father is a household member who’s income we are using to meet the min requirement. My father and I are both US citizens. NVC is asking proof of relationship between my father and I as household member. What document can I submit for that? I submitted a document of my country’s (Pakistan) Identity card (NICOP) which has him listed as my father, and we had the same residence address but they rejected it. I think maybe because it wasn’t a US based document? Any guidance and help would be great!
  5. Hello fellow VJers, The petition for my parents got approved by USCIS. I am currently not working but my husband is working. My husband’s income meets the AOS requirements to support both my parents. We file taxes jointly as married couple. As I am the petitioner I need to file form i864. Does my husband need to file an i864a as well or is it only for household members other than spouse? I am a little confused on this part as we only have one tax return. Help please!
  6. My husband has his visa interview in London in a couple weeks. We want to add a joint sponsor before the interview because it was asked for at the point of our DQ. The joint sponsor is my father, but he sponsored my mother (a green card holder) decades ago. Will that be an issue? Can he sponsor again? Thanks for any guidance!
  7. Hi all, After doing some research we still had some questions on filing the Affidavits of Support. If anyone has answers to any of the questions below, it would be greatly appreciated 😊 Here's the situation: I (US spouse) live in the US with my parents as a dependent. I am the Petitioner for my German spouse. Dad is Joint Sponsor. Mom is Household Member. As I understand it, dad and I each file a Form I-864. Mom files I-864A since she filed taxes jointly with Dad. 1) Should I list future living stipends from college as income, even if it's not sufficient to sponsor my spouse (hence having the joint sponsor)? I am getting a living cost stipend and will take out student loans when I begin grad school in August 2022. I am unemployed and have no income at the moment, which is why I assume the joint sponsor and I both file I-864 as opposed to I-864A. If future living stipend + student loans do count as income, does that mean we file Form I-864A instead? (since we would be combining household incomes?) 2) On Form I-864A, Part 2, Item 1c (relationship to sponsor), does Mom answer "spouse" or "parent"? AKA is form asking about her relationship to Petitioner (me) or to Joint Sponsor (Dad)?
  8. I recently uploaded some of my documents to the NVC and had a question about the I864A. My father must file the I864A since he is a household member as I live with my parents after returning to the US, if I understand this correctly. He files his taxes jointly with my mother who has been retired for the last 4 years or so, making her individual income zero. I have seen many people say that the I864A will still be required from her due to their taxes being filed jointly even though she has no income. Reading through the I864A instructions, I have found this: I have not found anything directly stating both of my parents will need to file the I864A, just include every related W-2 and Form 1099 which would only include my father's. I have two questions related to this: 1. Will I need to include my mother in part 5-7 of the I864 which relates to household members I am combining my income with? I currently have only included my father as she has no income so I figured it would be unnecessary. 2. If it truly is necessary for me to upload an I864A for my mother as well, will I need to create another household member item in CEAC separately from the one I created for my father, or will I need to upload her I864A in the same section I have uploaded my fathers along with tax information, their marriage certificate, etc.?
  9. Hello everyone, My wife is petitioning her parents from the Philippines. She is a US citizen but her income does not meet the minimum requirement so I am a joint sponsor. My wife has to file a separate form I864 for each of her parents and for me, separate form I864A. My question is for Part 5 Intending Immigrants, should I list both her parents or should I list just only one for each form meaning I would list my father-in-law for one I864A and another one for my mother-in-law. Thanks for the help.
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