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  1. @ROK2USA I appreciate your clear to the point suggestions, I will definitely keep the advice in mind as I continue with my submission.
  2. It’s not my personal opinion that India is a high fraud country , there have been many reports of India being a little more difficult proving a legitimate relationship when it comes to the CR-1/IR-1/K-1 visa process. While I am more then confident in the quality of evidence I have. I was posting for suggestions as to the quantity of evidence to submit.
  3. I am in the process of compiling evidence to submit for the I-130. While I have plenty of documentation, I would just like some opinions on the amount to Include. My husband is from India and I know that can can be considered a high fraud country ,so any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. You mentioned that you have not legally adopted the child, therefore I am assuming that there would only be a birth certificate naming the child’s biological parent or parents and not a court order or adoption certificate naming you.
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