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  1. My fiancé is from the J& K area , he has been waiting since February of this year for the PCC and still no word.I would think due to the current virus situation it could end up being a lengthy wait.
  2. You can print out the completed form once you’ve typed all the correct information and then simply add with black pen “N/A”, the word “present”and whatever other info is needed. I would not suggest putting today’s date if your still working for the same employer or that will appear the job ended as of the date you add.
  3. Thanks, I didn’t want to find myself second guessing after the fact.
  4. I would like to know if it is recommended to have a signature on each supporting document that is sent with the I-129F ? My fiancé and I have a wet signature on our letters of intent as well as our document of how we met. Just wasn’t sure if I the petitioner should sign all other paperwork that would be submitted.
  5. Filing for the K1 visa, I went to the the office of vital statistics in my city to obtain a long form birth certificate, listing parents full names. Cost me about $16 and I received it the same day.
  6. I totally agree, last thing you want is be left not knowing which way to turn.
  7. I can understand about feeling overwhelmed with such a life changing event, but being concerned about divorce before even getting married is not a good sign.People in life will always have their own personal thoughts and feelings about things. Ultimately it is your decision to do what is best for you. Have you spoken to your fiancé about your concerns and what your plans are for the future, take some time to focus and try to be stay positive.
  8. Sounds to me they want the original marriage certificate along with a notarized english translation of the original marriage certificate. They want the Indian PCC to be a duplicate of the original document .
  9. He is from the Jammu area and we visited Amritsar in October of last year.
  10. @9000 thanks for the tips , I’ll definitely be looking into it.
  11. thank you , just want to make sure I don't over look anything.
  12. I understand of 2 yr meeting time frame and for clarity I was referring to the I-129 F
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